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Reproductive extracts are a sort of condensed version of normal Xenobiology.

They can be fed Monkey Cubes either by hand or with a biobag, and produce 1-4 normal extracts of their color!

If you're making a lot of crossbreeds of one type, making these is really convenient.

Burning extracts are similar to normal extracts, but are primarily offensive in nature.

In order to activate one, you must fill it with 10u plasma dust, and then click it in your hand.

  • Grey - Produces a hungry, faster slime that will follow your orders.
  • Orange - Makes a burst of pepper spray smoke. Careful, or you'll also be affected.
  • Purple - Creates an injector of regenerative jelly and methamphetamine.
  • Blue - Briefly freezes the flooring in a large radius, and decreases the body temperature of everyone in that radius but the user.
  • Metal - Instantly destroys walls that are next to the user.
  • Yellow - Electrocutes nearby creatures, except the user.
  • Dark Purple - Makes a burst of plasma gas.
  • Dark Blue - Creates a puff of frost oil smoke, chilling everything touched by it. Gives the user cryoxadone, as well!
  • Bluespace - Teleports anyone directly next to you as if they were hit with a bluespace crystal.
  • Silver - Spawns foods that have slime jelly in them. Only half of the foods have a tell for it, until eaten.
  • Sepia - Creates a Sepia-Tinted Camera, a special, one-use camera that stops time for 5 seconds where it takes a picture.
  • Cerulean - Creates an extract duplication potion, which copies a normal extract, as well as its extra uses.
  • Pyrite - Overloads and shatters all lights in the room, as if the lighting was overridden in the APC.
  • Red - Akin to the normal red extract, but also makes those slimes hostile to their friends.
  • Green - You grow a slightly lower damage armblade in the hand you used the extract in.
  • Pink - Makes a small beaker with 5 units of synthpax in it, for manual application.
  • Gold - Creates a number of hostile creatures that will not attack the user.
  • Oil - Explodes after a few seconds. It has the same radius as normal, but does more damage.
  • Black - Temporarily transforms you into a slime, with the ability to transform back at will once.
  • Light pink - Gives everyone in sight a bit of Pax, bringing combat to a halt for a few moments.
  • Adamantine - Creates the Adamantine Shield, a large shield that blocks most attacks, but makes you much slower, and takes both hands.
  • Rainbow - Creates the Rainbow Knife, a transparent, rainbow-glowing kitchen knife that does a completely random type of damage per attack.

Regenerative extracts act like the legion soul item that one can get on lavaland, but with no time limit on use.

In addition, they also provide a different effect depending on the color.

  • Grey - Has no additional effect - simply fully heals the user.
  • Orange - Makes a small ring of fire around the user for only a moment, which does not harm them.
  • Purple - Also supplies some regenerative jelly, keeping the user healed for a bit afterward.
  • Blue - Wets the floor below the user.
  • Metal - Encases the user in a locker, though it is not welded.
  • Yellow - Recharges a random, battery-equipped device on the user's person to full.
  • Dark Purple - Provides a set of purple clothing to the user if any clothing is missing. Useful for cloning!
  • Dark Blue - Fireproofs the user's suit and helmet, if available.
  • Silver - Feeds the user more than fully healing normally does.
  • Bluespace - Teleports the user to where the extract was created.
  • Sepia - Also stops time around the user briefly.
  • Cerulean - Spawns a secondary, effect-less regenerative core afterwards.
  • Pyrite - Randomly colors the user, as if they ate a crayon.
  • Red - Adds some ephedrine to the user, speeding them up slightly.
  • Green - If used on a slimeperson or a xenobio slime, they change subspecies or color, respectively.
  • Pink - Gives a small dose of Krokodil afterwards, to make the person a bit happier.
  • Gold - Produces a random coin!
  • Oil - Flashes everyone in sight when used, like a flashbang without the bang.
  • Black - Spawns a duplicate of the user, who immediately drops dead. Fake your own death!
  • Light pink - If used on another person, also heals the person holding it.
  • Adamantine - Briefly boosts your armor.
  • Rainbow - Temporarily makes the user immortal, but also pacifistic.

Stabilized extracts do not require any reagents or special activation technique.

Instead, they provide a unique, passive effect to whoever holds them, as long as it is on their person or in their backpack.

  • Grey - Automatically makes slimes friends with you if you are next to them, making it safe to interact with them.
  • Orange - Passively tries to increase or reduce your body temperature to a normal level.
  • Purple - Provides a very slow regeneration effect.
  • Blue - Makes you immune to slipping on water or soap. Space lube is still too slippery, though!
  • Metal - Every 30 seconds, adds a sheet of material to a random stack in your inventory.
  • Yellow - Every 10 seconds, recharges a random device on your person by about 10%.
  • Dark Purple - Gives you burning fingertips, automatically cooking any food you hold, and igniting flammable items!
  • Dark Blue - Attempts to extinguish you slowly if you are on fire, and automatically wets any items you are holding.
  • Silver - Slows the rate at which you lose nutrition.
  • Bluespace - On a two minute cooldown, teleports you somewhere safe for humans when you take enough damage.
  • Sepia - Randomly adjusts your speed.
  • Cerulean - Spawns a duplicate of yourself. If you die while holding the extract, you will automatically take control of the duplicate, if it's still alive!
  • Pyrite - Randomly colors you every few seconds. Become a disco ball!
  • Red - You are no longer affected by slows from equipment.
  • Green - While held, randomizes your name and appearance. When dropped, restores your original appearance and name. Mulligan!
  • Pink - As long as no creature in sight is injured in your presence, they will not attack you. If the peace is broken, takes two minutes to restore.
  • Gold - Summons a pet companion when held. If it dies, summons a new one!
  • Oil - If you die while holding this extract, you will violently explode.
  • Black - While strangling someone, your hands melt around their neck, draining their life in exchange for food and healing.
  • Light pink - You move faster, and anyone in critical condition around you is stabilized. You are now an ambulance.
  • Adamantine - You gain 5% damage resistance to all types.
  • Rainbow - Accepts a regenerative extract. If you enter critical condition, it will automatically use the extract on you.

Industrial extracts can be filled with plasma dust. They will slowly absorb it, and use it to produce items.

The extract is not used up in this reaction, so a clever player can make factories with them.

  • Grey - Produces 5 monkey cubes per 2 units of plasma.
  • Orange - Produces a fancy slime zippo lighter for 6 units of plasma.
  • Purple - Produces an injector of regenerative jelly for 4 units of plasma.
  • Blue - Produces a full fire extinguisher for 10 units of plasma.
  • Metal - Produces 10 metal sheets for 3 units of plasma.
  • Yellow - Produces a high-capacity power cell with anywhere between 0 and 1/2 its charge for 5 units of plasma.
  • Dark Purple - Produces a sheet of plasma for 10 units of plasma, doubling your input.
  • Dark Blue - Produces a one-use fireproofing potion for 6 units of plasma.
  • Silver - Produces a random food or drink item per 1 unit of plasma.
  • Bluespace - Produces a synthetic bluespace crystal for 7 units of plasma.
  • Sepia - Produces a camera for 2 units of plasma.
  • Cerulean - Produces a normal extract enhancer for 5 units of plasma.
  • Pyrite - Produces a can of spraypaint for 2 units of plasma.
  • Red - Produces an orb of 50 units of blood for 5 units of plasma, so you can finally stop using your own in extract activation without sacrificing speed.
  • Green - Produces a self-use-only injector of slime jelly for 7 units plasma. Really only useful for slimepeople.
  • Pink - Produces an injector of synthpax and space drugs for 6 units plasma.
  • Gold - Produces a random coin for 10 units of plasma.
  • Oil - Produces an IED for 4 units of plasma
  • Black - Produces a fancy pack of regenerative, slime-brand cigarettes for 6 units of plasma.
  • Light pink - Produces a heart-shaped box of candies for 3 units of plasma. D'aww.
  • Adamantine - Produces one sheet of adamantium for 10 units of plasma.
  • Rainbow - Produces a random slime extract for 5 units of plasma.

Activated in the same way as Burning extracts, these extracts tend to be similar to normal ones, but with roughly doubled effectiveness.

  • Grey - Produces a slime revival potion, bringing a slime back from the dead. Useful for storing slime colors without worrying about feeding them.
  • Orange - Makes a large burst of flame for a brief moment.
  • Purple - Creates a packet of 15 units of omnizine, rather than regenerative jelly.
  • Blue - Creates a potion that instantly neuters the mutation chance for a slime, making it always produce the same color for that generation.
  • Metal - Spawns 25 sheets of metal and 10 sheets of plasteel.
  • Yellow - Creates a charged slime cell with twice the capacity, and it auto-recharges 1.5 times faster.
  • Dark Purple - Spawns 10 sheets of plasma.
  • Dark Blue - Creates a two-use pressure-shielding potion, making a suit and helmet spaceworthy.
  • Silver - Spawns a slime cake and 10 random drinks. Enough for a party!
  • Bluespace - Spawns 5 sheets of bluespace polycrystal.
  • Sepia - Creates a camera obscura. Marginally less useless!
  • Cerulean - Creates an extract maximizer, instantly boosting the uses of a normal extract to 5.
  • Pyrite - Spawns 5 sheets of bananium. Oh god.
  • Red - Creates a three-use lavaproofing potion, rendering items immune to burning in lava, and a suit and helmet able to protect the wearer from it.
  • Green - Lets you pick which slime subspecies you want to turn into, rather than a random selection.
  • Pink - Love potion. When fed to a creature or human, gives them your faction, making simple animals friendly to you and anyone else you fed this potion to.
  • Gold - Spawns 10 hostile mobs, at a slow rate.
  • Oil - Produces a smaller explosion, but it is extremely devastating, ripping a hole in the station.
  • Black - Randomizes the user's species! Careful, you can end up as a plasma person with this.
  • Light pink - Produces a pacification potion, which will pacify simple animals, and give humans the pacifism trauma.
  • Adamantine - Spawns a completed adamantium golem shell. 11 sheets worth of adamantium!
  • Rainbow - Spawns 3 living slimes of random colors.

The Self-Sustaining crossbreed actually produces four extracts, which can be activated in your hand to select which activation to use, removing the need for reagents.

Convenient for when carrying around beakers of reagents or using your own blood is inconvenient, or with extracts like Rainbow, which use rarer reagents.

Chilling extracts work like normal extracts, but with primarily defensive uses.

In order to activate one, you must fill it with 10u plasma dust, and activate it in hand.

  • Grey - Creates a few barrier cubes. When used, they grow into somewhat weak slimy riot barriers!
  • Orange - Makes a ring of fire in a two space radius around you - keep your allies close, and they won't get burned!
  • Purple - Gives a bit of regenerative jelly to everyone in the area. Won't work outside!
  • Blue - Creates a breath mask which doesn't need a tank, and works no matter what air you breathe!
  • Metal - Temporarily surrounds you in unbreakable walls, for when you need a quick breather.
  • Yellow - Recharges the room's APC by 50%. Useful when you can't hack the thing open!
  • Dark Purple - Removes all plasma gas in the room. Doesn't work outside!
  • Dark Blue - Seals you in a protective block of ice, which can either be destroyed, or you can resist to break out of it.
  • Silver - Creates several ration packs. While they aren't particularly tasty, they will never get you fat!
  • Bluespace - Touching it to someone else adds them to a list. Activating the extract will try to summon everyone on the list to you! They can resist out of it.
  • Sepia - Touching it to someone else adds them to a list. Activating the extract stops time for a while, and anyone on the list is immune! Make sure to tap yourself!
  • Cerulean - Creates a duplicate of you, that you control! However, it slowly falls apart. When it enters critical condition, you go back to your original body.
  • Pyrite - Creates a pair of Prism Glasses, which let you place colored light crystals at will.
  • Red - The inverse of normal red slimes - it pacifies every slime on the screen completely!
  • Green - Melts your skin and hollows out your bone into a gun that chills your blood into a slowing gel! Finally, you can be Lovecraftian Megaman.
  • Pink - Creates a pink slime corgi puppy. What does this have to do with defense?
  • Gold - Produces a golden capture device. You can use it on a simple, neutral creature to store it, and use it in hand to release it.
  • Oil - Makes a relatively large, but extremely light explosion.
  • Black - Transforms you into a completely random type of golem.
  • Light pink - Creates a "Heroine Bud" - a special flower that pacifies whoever wears it. Be careful; it's addictive, so it can't be taken off by the wearer!
  • Adamantine - Solidifies into a set of adamantine armor. Extremely slow, but defensive. It resists any attempt to speed it up.
  • Rainbow - Makes an unpassable wall at every door in the area for ten seconds. Halt the tides!

Consuming extracts eat lots of food, and produce specialty slime cookies, which feed you and give you a special effect.

  • Grey - More filling than other cookies.
  • Orange - Heats you up, and grants immunity to the cold for 10 seconds.
  • Purple - Heals 5 points of every type of damage!
  • Blue - Grants immunity to water-based slipping, and wets the floor around you for 10 seconds.
  • Metal - Increases resistance to brute damage for 10 seconds.
  • Yellow - Grants immunity to electricity for 30 seconds.
  • Dark Purple - Makes you treat toxin damage as toxin healing, and toxin healing as toxin damage, for one minute.
  • Dark Blue - Cools you down, immediately extinguishes you if you are on fire.
  • Silver - Will not get you fat!
  • Bluespace - Teleports you to a random place in the current area! Careful when using these in a large space.
  • Sepia - Increases the speed at which you perform actions that have progress bars by a little bit for a minute.
  • Cerulean - Has a 50% chance of spawning another cookie when eaten. Tasty!
  • Pyrite - Randomly colors you, as if you ate a crayon.
  • Red - Makes a splat of blood on the floor, and restores your blood by a little bit. Perfect for blood drives, or vampires!
  • Green - Absolutely disgusting, making you vomit when eaten. However, it also completely removes any reagents from you when you do!
  • Pink - You hug people at random for 30 seconds.
  • Gold - Has a golden coin inside!
  • Oil - Slows anyone nearby you for 10 seconds.
  • Black - Makes you look like a spooky skeleton for 30 seconds.
  • Light pink - Makes you, and anyone near you, unable to attack for 10 seconds.
  • Adamantine - Increases your resistance to burn damage for 10 seconds.
  • Rainbow - Has the effects of a random cookie!

This extract type is not in the game yet. It will be added soon.

This extract type is not in the game yet. It will be added soon.

Recurring extracts act like a normal extract, but gain an extra use every few seconds, as long as you don't use it up!

Prismatic extracts work like infinite-use paintbrushes, letting you dye tiles a new color.

Rainbow prismatic extracts are special, and let you choose what color you use!

This extract type is not in the game yet. It will be added soon.

This extract type is not in the game yet. It will be added soon.

This extract type is not in the game yet. It will be added soon.

This extract type is not in the game yet. It will be added soon.

This extract type is not in the game yet. It will be added soon.

This extract type is not in the game yet. It will be added soon.

This extract type is not in the game yet. It will be added soon.

This extract type is not in the game yet. It will be added soon.

This extract type is not in the game yet. It will be added soon.