The Owl

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The Owl.png
The Owl
Access: All
Difficulty: Very Hard
Supervisors: Justice
Duties: Capture traitors, be the last hope of the station, fight the corruption of the heads of staff, break innocent people out of jail and prison, all while remaining unseen.
Guides: No external guide
Quote: Griff bleeds across the halls, it burns from toxins, it sprays from chemistry, it stomps from robotics, and it honks in the corridors. Is griff inborn, is it learned? Griff breeds more griff: incompetent security arresting the victims, Corrupt lawyers releasing the guilty, clowns and chemists lubing the halls to frame innocent janitors, murders in the hallways without any justice done. My station screams for a hero, and am I that hero this station wants? No, I am the hero my station deserves! And from the shadowy trees of the station, I will strike the guilty. Griefers beware, I AM THE OWL!

The Feathered Knight

Eye Witness account of the Owl's Suit.

The Owl is a phantom, a menace, a savior. He is a vigilante and an avatar of justice on the station. He's the hero this station deserves needs. The Owl's head turns all the way around to watch for crime everywhere. The Owl is part raptor, they say, and he can see in the dark. The Owl and the Head of Personnel are never seen together in the same place, for reasons which are most definitely unrelated. I mean, have you ever met the HoP? That guy's a jerkass. The Owl protects the night without sleep -- and it's always night in space. Some times it is the janitor that is not seen with The Owl at any one time, so it is always a mystery.

The Owl is known for using a multitude of equipment! Here is a short list:

  • yellow boots
  • Stun guns
  • Syringe Gun
  • Stun Prod
  • Cloaking Device
  • Handcuffs
  • Pepperspray
  • Foam Grenades
  • Various other Non-lethal & Concealment equipment

In closing, to robust the owl is to robust the last hope of the station.

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