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So you want to contribute to the wiki, eh? Welcome to our humble, outdated, broken and mostly coblled together wiki of the TerraGov Marine Corps fork of CM. Whether you're only wanting to do a few sections here and there or (dare I say) become a full on wiki maintainer, this guide will hopefully give you a general idea of how wreched eldrich abomination wikicode works.

Before that there are a few rules to keep in mind about Wikicode:

  1. Things will sometimes break for no reason.
  2. Some edits will take time and break the whole page or more. (See later on)
  3. Anything advanced WILL require workarounds.
  4. Wikicode is the BYOND of web development.

Now with that acknowledged, here's how to start:

First, you will need to link your byond account to your forum account to be able to edit the wiki. Instructions are on the forum. (This is due to us, you know, using their wiki as a base.)
In summary:

  1. Create a Byond account (what are you even doing here).
  2. Join our very cool shitposting den Discord server to keep up to date and argue with people over trivial stuff.
  3. Create a tgstation13 forum account.
  4. Link those accounts. Linking can be done in-game by clicking the OOC tab and "Link Forum Account", or with the link .
  5. You should now be able to see "edit" buttons on the wiki.


Can my poor single-cell organism of a brain comprahend Wikicode? - If you know a bit of basic HTML and CSS you should be more than ready to go. Even if you have no prior experience some guy in his last summer break/holiday was able to learn it before becoming offically unemployed.
Does contributing to the wiki requires constant, long term dedication? - Pff, as if. People will be greatful if you get anything done, plus once the wiki gets to a usable state it's likely that most work will be just changing icons for updated gun designs and whatnot, with the rare addition here and there. CIMEX IS NOT REAL, CIMEX DOES NOT EXIST


Wikicode is the secret language of uber nerds who create and contribute to wikipedias acrros the ultraweb. TG's nerds made an internal guide to wikicode that can be found here, or if you're feeling intellectual you can read the proper official documentation on with more example and greater detail here.
Don't want to spend ages learning all the stuff? Neither do I that's why the common stuff will be detailed below.

What needs doing?

New pages

New content is constantly being added to TGMC (and we're behind as is) which needs tutorials and such. Before you start to write a page, search for it and if you can't find it, start one yourself. We trust that all edits are in good faith and you don't wish to get booted off the site. It's a good idea to work in your sandbox before adding sections, let alone a new page. The sandbox, as the name implies, is your own page where you can work on whatever without the worry of destroying an entire site's formatting becouse you forgot to close a bracket.

To add a new page just type in a url for a page that does not exist yet, for example would lead you to an empty page, that once you edit would be possible to link to, simple as that.

Before going ahead with any edit, new page or old, it's a good idea to use the 'Show Preview' button to see what your spaghetti code resulted in.

Updating, correcting existing pages

A list of pages which need revisions can be found here. Kinda, but nobody remembers to mark pages as in need of revisions as they are so frequent.
After much debate, shouting or just because a coder feels like it, stuff will be modified for the sake of balance. Or just get guns replaced becuase they weren't cool enough. Updating pages is the majority of the work done by a contributor.

Difference between regular edit and minor edit

You may notice that you can designate a your edit a 'Minor edit' or just as a regular edit. Difference between the two is regular edits show in the edit history of a page, whereas minor edits do not.
Minor edits should only be used, as the name suggests, minor edits. This includes typos of fixing formatting errors, for almost anything else you want to leave it as a regular edit so others can see what you've done and even rollback to a previous version incase something goes whack.


Uploading new images

To add new images go the the image upload space, before adding anything new make sure it doesn't already exist; uploaded images and ours are shared with TG's so there's quite a few of em. Make sure that you are using a .png or .gif file with preferably in a transparent background. The file name should be TGMC_yourfilename
The easiest way to add images of items is to download the code from github using the official GitHub client to automatically get the thing updated or GitKraken if you want an actually usable GUI, open the icons .dmi files and export images as .gif's or .png's from there.

Then upload them here:

Updating existing images

It's rather common for guns and items to be reworked with new sprites to either make them fit more or to get further from their CM origin. To update an image first either click on it on a page, or search of for it in the list of files open up its info page and clikc 'Upload a new version of this file'. You can also just upload a file with a name that already exists, in which case it will get flagged up and you can choose to overwrite/update the existing file with yours or abort it and upload it under a different name.
The file name should be TGMC_yourfilename
All depreciated versions of the image will remaing in the File's history page for posterity.
IMPORTANT: Images can only be updated with files of the same format: .png images cannot be updated to .gif, and viceversa. This is because files are saved on a page which include their format in its name.

Actula guide to wikicode

Here are some of the essential and most basic functions in wikicode, it's a good way to get started but not everything is here. If you wan't to do something that isn't listed here, make sure you take a look at the wikicode documentation, it's really well formatted and easy to search.


Wikicode uses a mix of HTML and CSS style formatting, but not everything so make sure to check the official documentation.
There are usually multiple ways to format something, for example: <b>Bold text</b> and '''Bold text''' prduced the same result, ei. Bold text.

Text in tables and other places can also be formatted via the style function. To format text just: | style='example;" make sure that you put a ';' to the end of each _, for example style="background-color:red; text-align:left;"


Tables are one of the best ways to keep a page organised the legible when a lot of information is presented. Not to mention no special formatting is needed for scaling and it's just generally neat. Try and put most pages into tables, but only if it's logical.

Basic tables

Table coulumbs can be created via the following code:
{| border=2 class="mw-wikitable;"
<- class="mw-wikitable;" is mandatory for the creation of table elements; 'border=2' gives the table a border with a thickness of 2, NOT NEEDED
! Coulumb 1
<- the '!' creates coulumbs
! Coulumb 2
<- Creates a row for following cells of the table
| Row 1, cell 1
<- Cell
| Row 1, cell 2
<- You can add cells below each other, it will automatically push it to the next coulumb
| Row 1, cell 3
<- If there are not enough coulumbs it will extend outside the table
| Row 2, cell 1 || Row 2, cell 2 || Row 2, cell 3
<-Alternative way to do it, no real difference between the two methods, this can be cleaner if there is little formatting done to the cells

Don't forget to close a table via a } otherwise it will mess up page formatting.


Coulumb 1 Coulumb 2
Row 1 Row 2 Row 3
Row 2, cell 1 Row 1, cell 2 Row 1, cell 3


Any page can have tabs added to it through the <tabs> function, with tabs added via the <tab name="Tabname"> .
<tab name="Tab 1">
Tab 1 Content
<tab name="Tab 2">
Tab 2 Content

</tabs> </code>

Looks like this:

| Tab 1 Content

| Tab 2 Content

Marking for revision and deletion

If a page is up to date when you read it, please put the following tag at it's top (with the correct date):

{{Lastrevision | date = 15. 1. 2012}}

If a page is out of date or doesn't have a reason for existing, add one of the following tags to the top of the page:

{{Needs revision}}
{{Needs revision | reason = Out of date.}}


Some pages are intended to be entertaining but when writing guides, remember that a newbie might not realize something is a joke or sarcasm, even if it's blatantly obvious to the rest of us. Think where jokes fit and where they don't. Also, if you're updating someone else's joke, think whether yours is actually funnier.

Guide to Writing and Revising a Guide

Always keep in mind what these guides are for; they're so newbies can quickly skim across them so they can have half an idea what they've just been selected for.

A good guide needs, by order:

  • A brief one-two paragraph description of what the mode is.
  • A bullet point list of short to the point key points of key mechanics, these should be no longer than two sentences each. And remember: key points means the important shit you need to know to atleast bumble fuck your way around at round start, you should be able to read and understand it within 5 minutes.
  • A more meaty section detailing the game mechanics in depth (this is where you explain what all runes and talismans do, including the ones that are barely used), it should still be clear and concise.
  • A summary of the key points, yes - one at the start and one at the end. Reiteration helps to hammer things home. This one will more or less be simple list to remind the reader of things, it wont explain them.
  • Further reading - this is where you link to the pages that detail advanced strategies for fighting for and against the cult. No you don't put them on the main page because that will clutter it.
  • Links! Remember to add links to game modes, antagonist roles, jobs, items and guides you mention! Simply do it when you re-read your content before submitting.

A bad guide is one that's a giant wall of text that's overly fluffed up and full of opinionated bullshit.
A newbie is going to take one glance at it and shit their pants out of fright, and advanced player is just going to go "Yeah.... I'm not reading someone's sperg page".

[At the moment][Citation needed] Security's guides are good. Space Law is unfluffed and tells plainly the basics of what a security officer needs to know to start patrolling and robusting greyshirts. The Guide to security is more fleshed out and explains things more in depth and lists strategies to counter antags.
Cult, Malf, and Traitor are bad because they're giant imposing walls of text that reads like a newspaper: squished up text that obscures the facts with needless opinions and blurbs that you don't need to know off the bat.

So remember:

  • Facts good, opinions bad.
  • Keep your facts clear of irrelevant fluff and other bullshit.
  • Keep the basic guide basic, keep the advanced stuff on a separate page.
  • Important stuff first, depth and explanation and unimportant things second.
  • White space, tables, sections, and formatting are essential for ease of reading. We're not print media, space isn't at a premium so use it freely.
  • Links!
  • I just used the above template to write this guide.

Useful pages

Categories: Used, unused and wanted

Templates: Used, unused and wanted

Files: All, unused and wanted

All pages: All existing pages and Wanted pages

/tg/station wiki specific markup

To create a BYOND hyperlink, use the <byond> tags. The specific syntax is <byond port=4000>Link text here</byond>.

The wiki also supports the features of the ParserFunctions extension.

Contribution guides
General Hosting a server, Setting up git, Guide to working with tgstation as an upstream repository, Downloading the source code, Guide to contributing to the game, Reporting issues, Game resources category, Guide to changelogs
Database (MySQL) Setting up the database, MySQL
Coding Coding standards, Understanding SS13 code, SS13 for experienced programmers, Binary flags‎, Getting Your Pull Accepted, Text Formatting
Mapping Guide to mapping, Map merger
Spriting Guide to spriting
Wiki Guide to contributing to the wiki, Wikicode

Cimex strains

TGMC fix.png Name: Chrager

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris molestie ante vel urna ultrices, sit amet aliquet ex sodales. Nunc fringilla neque sit amet urna tempus, quis porttitor justo tincidunt. Phasellus lacinia viverra cursus. Sed ultricies placerat eleifend. Vestibulum velit dui, consectetur sed ultrices non, lacinia ut eros. Nulla sit amet sem nec ligula fermentum tristique id sit amet ipsum. Fusce ut elementum tellus, eget imperdiet arcu. Praesent ac tristique nisi. Maecenas auctor elit enim, eget sodales lorem molestie vestibulum. Nullam congue tortor ut tellus gravida, non facilisis nisl pharetra. Nunc tincidunt massa quis justo pretium, vitae dignissim erat viverra.

Health: 100
Armor: 100
Melee damadge: 100
TGMC Missing.png
Generic Cimex
Health: 100
Armor:Hover here
Slashes to gib a muhreen: One
Jiheisho's wet dream? Yes
Uuuuuuuh its a cimex bug thingy
Totally not stolen from EDF with Natural selection 2
and Zerg combined.

Copy paste field


Gun Template

Weapon: Description:

T-12 assault rifle

The T-12 assault rifle used to be the TerraGov Marine Corps standard issue rifle before the T-18 carbine replaced it. It's however still used widely despite that. The gun itself is very good at being used in most situations however it suffers in engagements at close quarters and is relatively hard to shoulder than some others.

T12AR mag.png

T-12 assault rifle magazine

Holds fifty(50) 10x24mm caseless rifle rounds.

TGMC fix.png

Gun name

Looks like someone failed to write a description

TGMC fix.png


Holds X number of boolets, make you go 'Ow'.

Meaning of Parameters

image is the icon for the gun
image_size is the size of the gun icon, 128px by default
name name of the weaon
anchor anchor point for linking
desc description for the weapon
mag_image icon the for magainze
mag_image_size icon size for the magainze, 64px by default
mag_name name for the magazine
mag_anchor anchor for the mag mag_desc description for the magazine

Xeno evolution

0 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Larva _ _ _ _ _
v . v . . v . . . v . . v
1 v . Drone - -| Defender . Panther <-
Runner . . Sentinel
v / v \ | v . v x v . . v
2 v v Hivelord Carrier | Warrior . Bull . Hunter . . Spitter
v v v v | v . / . v . / v
3 v Shrike Defiler <-/ | Crusher <-/ . . Ravager . Praetorian Boiler
4 Queen <-/ Hivemind


TGMC logo.png
Xenomorph Guides
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Important Links
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Icons fro main

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