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Farquaar's Quest

  • To upload as many pretty pictures on the wiki as possible
  • To help newbies avoid pitfalls caused by lack of good information
  • To add more of the game's quirks so people don't have to spend hours reading this thread: [1]
  • Give some more love to the civilian and service jobs. You're more than an assistant with a funny costume!

You can help too!

In-Game Sprites

  • Step 1: Find an article that needs in-game sprites
  • Step 2: Go to the /tg/station github [2]
  • Step 3: Go to tgstation/icons/obj directory
  • Step 4: Open the raw .dmi file that contains the sprite you want (You may need to search the item name in the repository to find where it's located)
  • Step 5: Single-click on the sprite in the .dmi file and copy-paste it to your image editor of choice (I use GIMP)
  • Step 6: Create a 32x32 image with a transparent background for your sprite
  • Step 7: Upload the file to the wiki. Try to name it after its name in the raws if it makes sense. Avoid abbreviating names too much, or else people won't be able to search for the image when they need it for another article.
  • Step 8: Add your awesome sprite to the page!

In-Game Screenshots

  • Step 1: Find an article that lacks images, or that has ones that are out of date
  • Step 2: Play the game or run your own private server to get some good images
  • Step 3: Screenshot it, trim it to look nice (along the tile borders is best)
  • Step 4: Plop it down in the article where it belongs! If you're replacing an old image, give it the same name so the file gets updated.

Items and Gameplay

  • Step 1: Search the name of an item or gameplay feature that you found in-game.
  • Step 2: If info isn't available, add it! If it is, then skip to next step.
  • Step 3: If it doesn't redirect you to an article, make an anchor and redirect for it!

Current Project

  • Add tabs for PubbyStation locations

Future projects

  • Add more screenshots to the religion page
  • Make a guide to cleaning for the janitor and people who find themselves in filthy stations
  • Update old map images