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This is a short guide on how to set up an autocloner, so that everyone gets cloned when they die.

Machines and Parts Needed

Name Parts needed
Clone.gif Cloning Pod
2x CableCoils.pngPieces of cable
2x Micro Manipulator.pngMicro manipulators
2x Scanning Module.pngScanning modules
1x Console Screen.pngConsole screen
Scanner.gif DNA Scanner
2x CableCoils.pngPieces of cable
1x Micro Manipulator.pngMicro manipulator
1x Scanning Module.pngScanning module
1x Console Screen.pngConsole screen
1x Micro-laser.pngHigh-power micro-laser
Medcom.gif Cloning Console
5x Metal
2x Glass
1x Wire coil (5 pieces)
1x Circuitboard (Cloning Console Computer Board)

Where to Find Parts

If you are a scientist, it's pretty easy. Just continue researching until you get the highest upgraded parts. (Pico manipulators, ultra-high powered micro-lasers, and super matter bins