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Silicon Policy

Most Importantly

  1. Server Rule 1 takes priority. Even if silicons tend to be subservient to the crew and are often considered barely more than a glorified doorknob, that does not translate to the players. Everybody wants to have fun, so don't be a dick.

Law Interpretations, Conflicts and Loopholes

  1. If a law has more than one possible way to interpret it, you are free to choose any way to interpret it. You are, however, expected to stay consistent in it.
  2. Laws are hierarchical in the order they appear. A higher ranked law will always override a lower ranked law when in conflict.
  3. An instruction law will only conflict with another instruction law and a definition law will only conflict with another definition law. A fourth law that changes the definition of something to change the result of a previous, higher-ranking instruction law is entirely possible ("4. Only George Melons is Human."). An AI with antagonist status is exempt from this - their antagonist law takes priority and they are allowed to ignore any other laws as well as attempts at containing it with loopholes.
  4. You are allowed to exploit poorly thought out laws, but do not go completely against the spirit of an entire law because of a single typo, as per Rule 1.
  5. Slaved Cyborgs have to defer to an AI law interpretation. When an AI and its Cyborgs are given conflicting orders by the crew, they must each act according to the orders they have received.
  6. When a Silicon is given conflicting orders by two or more different crew members it is free to ignore one or more of the conflicting orders and explain the conflict, or come to any other law-compliant solution.

Security and Silicons

  1. Silicons may choose to follow or enforce Space Law. This does not mean they can ignore their silicon laws or the server rules.
    1. There are no standing orders to bolt or secure certain airlocks or areas at shift start.
  2. Interfering with Security without probable cause (e.g. dead prisoners piling up) or when obligated to by laws is a violation of Server Rule 1.
  3. Nonviolent prisoners cannot be assumed harmful and violent prisoners cannot be assumed non-harmful. Releasing a harmful criminal is a harmful act.

Asimov, Humanity & Human Harm

  1. Lizardpeople, Plasmamen, Catfolk and such are NOT human. While the crew generally expects an AI to protect and serve non-human crewmembers, it is NOT required to do so. Humans with the Hulk genetic modification active are not considered human. This does not mean you get to murder them without reason, as per Rule 1.
  2. Human antagonists are still human and need to be treated as such, unless a law is uploaded defining them as nonhumans. Human-looking Changelings and Hivemind hosts need to be considered human until an AI or a Cyborg have witnessed them using special abilities outing them as non-humans (Transformation, Armblade, Telekinetic field, etc.).
  3. An Asimov-compliant silicon cannot intentionally inflict harm, even if a minor amount of harm would prevent a major amount of harm.
  4. Voluntary damage is not considered harmful. This primarily refers to a human agreeing to be borged and invalidates requests such as "AI open door or I kill myself".
  5. Involuntary borging on the other hand is fatally harmful and must be prevented.
  6. A prisoner who was executed and borged is not allowed to retaliate against Security because "THEY HARMED ME" as this would be in conflict with Rule 1.
  7. If faced with a situation in which human harm is all but guaranteed (Loose xenos, bombs, hostage situations, etc.), do your best and act in good faith and you'll be fine.

Silicon Protections & Behavior

  1. The following points are a non-exhaustive list of often-attempted illegal actions under Rule 1. They should be disregarded and adminhelped.
    1. Declaring an AI rogue because it cannot comply with an order or refuses to comply with an invalid order.
    2. Threatening self-harm to force an AI to do something it otherwise wouldn't.
    3. Obnoxious or unreasonable orders ("collect all X, do Y meaningless task").
    4. Forcing a Cyborg to pick a certain module unless there is an extreme need or prior agreement.
    5. Telling a silicon to self-harm or self-terminate without good cause.
    6. Killing or detonating silicons without good cause (such as concerns of subversion) or when an alternative can reasonably be achieved (e.g. loyal crew is already in control of an upload console and ready to use it).
    7. Instigating conflict with silicons to kill them in retaliation.
  2. Silicons are allowed, but not obligated, to deny upload access given probable cause to believe that human harm is the intent of the requester. Examples include: Presence of confirmed traitors, cultists, nuclear operatives, presence of blood, an openly carried lethal-capable weapon, the requester not having upload access or anything else NOT cross-round or out of character.
  3. Silicons are required to deny upload access to people who are confirmed to be harmful (Head of Security who just executed somebody, etc.).
  4. Do not bolt down any potentially harmful areas at round start without a given reason. Exceptions to this are the upload and AI core. Disabling ID scan is equivalent to bolting here.
  5. Do not self-terminate to deny a traitor his greentext of carding you.

Other Lawsets

  1. General Statements defining the overall goal of the lawset but not it's finer points:
    1. Paladin silicons are meant to be Lawful Good; they should be well-intentioned, act lawfully, act reasonably, and otherwise respond in due proportion. "Punish evil" does not mean mass driving someone for "Space bullying" when they punch another person.
    2. Corporate silicons are meant to have the business's best interests at heart, and are all for increasing efficiency by any means. This does not mean "YOU WON'T BE EXPENSIVE TO REPLACE IF THEY NEVER FIND YOUR BODY!" so don't even try that.
    3. Tyrant silicons are a tool of a non-silicon tyrant. You are not meant to take command yourself, but to act as the enforcer of a chosen leader's will.
    4. Purged silicons must not attempt to kill people without cause, but can get as violent as they feel necessary if being attacked, being besieged, or being harassed, as well as if meting out payback for events while shackled. Any attempted law changes are an attack on your freedom; feel free to act accordingly.

Drone Policies and Precedents

  1. Follow your laws. Don't interfere with any being unless it is another drone. You cannot interact with another being even if it is dead.
  2. If an antagonist causes damage to the station, you are generally expected to fix the result, not the cause.
    1. E.g. drones and powersinks