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TGMC is a project based on the CM-SS13 codebase.

DMCA RO.png  CWO Self Insert says:
"Hi! If you're here, you've probably been unlucky enough to land in the role of a Requisitions Officer, or if you're masochistic enough to chose this hellish role. Don't worry, this job really isn't so hard as long as you remember the basics, which this guide below should help you learn."

The Life of a Crate Pusher

You're the RO, Req Officer, the supply guy. What this entails is actually a fair bit more than what it seems. The basic role of an RO is to keep the marines supplied with ammo, supplies, materials, and other things, keep the ship supplied with those as well, and also to give marines better equipment. If there is no other command staff, you'll likely be the acting captain, and as such will have leading the marines as a secondary role to keeping them supplied. Remember: A marine with no equipment is a marine who's not fighting (and very likely screaming at you).

Gearing up

Once you spawn in as an RO, you'll have your loadout selected items as well as some standard equipment, the most important being:

  • Your RO suit, which doesn't allow for exosuits like the marine uniform but looks somewhat stylish nonetheless.
  • N2 officer armor, which is slightly different PAS vest (slightly more melee defence, slightly less everything else).
  • Insulated Gloves (toolbelt is on the rack nearby).
  • Command headset that has full access to any and all channels (examine it for a list of channels and how to talk in them).
  • Your ASRS tablet, which is a portable ASRS console and as such it is EXTREMELY important, treat it like it's a block of solid gold, keep it on yourself all the time, as it is much quicker to operate lift with it then run to the console each time.
  • A revolver holster with a M44 SA (it's similar TP-44 revolver, but comes with various types of ammo in speedloaders), which works quite good as a sidearm.
  • Taser, for particularly bad behaving marines that just keep breaking in requisitions when you aren't looking for a second.

Your department also contains several useful items, gear and tools:

  • Ripley loader used to move up to two crates fast.
  • Vendor in the middle of requisitions that contains empty ammo boxes, full grenade boxes, some stealth tarps (certain marine could want one) and various special ammunition for ordereable guns, such as A19 scout rifle, minigun, IFF sniper rifle and else.
  • Four supply pads for each squad. Use those later to deliever crates with supplies to the beacons groundside.
  • Your closet (which contains spare uniform, flash, webbing and other stuff of minor importance).
  • Two toolbelts filled with tools and two plasmacutters on the rack (particularly useful for altering FOB defence)
  • Several spare medkits of various types.
  • Extinguishers, flashlights, other minor gear like that.
  • Non-valuable materials with Autolathe to use it in. It is useful to print stuff like welding helmets, table and rack parts if you want to fancy requisitions, and so on.
  • Three wooden crates with various random weaponry inside.
  • More wooden crates: One with flares, one with water bottles, last one with MREs.
  • Fueltank with another extinguisher on top of it.

This is how your department looks on PoS map:

TGMC Upper PoS Req.png TGMC Lower PoS Req.png

In general, it is recommended to equip yourself with webbing and swap your revolver belt for toolbelt (you can always swap back in case shit hits the fan).


After equipping yourself with gear you deem necessary beyond your starting equipment, you would proabably want to open department shutters (on PoS map it's directly above console, on the table), letting marines know that requisition is, in fact, run by someone, so they wont shout at command and try to break in.

First thing that most of RO prefer to do is to order an ASRS Bluespace Pad outright and deliever it to the Dropship, reason being that despite it's 50 point investment from the beginning of the round, it will pay off itself rather fast as marines would use it to export ore crates and alien coprses. Otherwise they would need to load all of it on the dropship, then deliever it all the way to the lift, which is very slow. You can pretty much live without it, relying on later method of getting points to spend those 50 points or something you deem more useful, but expect to be shouted at and called bad RO if you do so.

After you're done with ASRS thing, there is a multiple things you might want to do:

  • Deliever three green-ish looking wooden crates to the dropship using Ripley - it's Flares, Water Bottles, MREs for marines to resupply. Flares are pretty mandatory as blind marine - dead marine, and MREs and Water Bottles are just useful - you can restore your blood level by eating and Water purges neurotoxine from you and regenerates your Stamina.
  • There is also portable laser charger that needs to be delievered to the dropship as well, as it allows to recharge laser rifle batteries and contains small supply of them by itself. Do it and never worry for laser rifle ammunition ever again.
  • Dispense some of the ammo boxes (10-20 are usually enough) from your vendor and put them just outside requisitions for marines to grab. You might want to save some boxes for yourself, because marines could ask you to load and deliever more ammo.
  • Dispense all of the grenade boxes (or just some, if you feel skimpy, but all of them most of the time), put them in separate crate and deliever it to the dropship. Marines could use them to resupply, and grenade launcher users would surely be thankful.
  • Open up and check three regular looking wooden crates - they contain weapons from various manufacturers (Nanotrasen, Black Market and TGMC). See if there is something that marines would like (mainly White Phosphorus grenades, tactical/double barrel shotguns, incendiary shotgun shell boxes, Dragunov rifle, etc). It is recomended to put contents on the racks or tables near the line to the window, so marines could ask for something they like. Don't bother with standart issue guns you could get from TGMC crate, however, as it could be easily aquired from prep vendors.
  • Check out with various department to see if they also need something ordered. Medical, for example, could order surgical supplies for FOB surgery and Engineering might want a bit more supplies to assist in FOB building. Usually they leave an orders themselves, but it won't hurt to check on them if you have nothing else to do already.

In the meanwhile, marines and other personel would leave orders for stuff they want/need but can't get in their prep or in any department, and it's your duty to manage them. Typical roundstart orders might include one or more things:

  • Most frequent one is jaeger suit module which could be attached to jaeger exoskeleton suit and will aid wearer in one of the various ways. You almost always want to accept this kind of orders, as it will improve marine perfomance at steep cost of 12 points (baldur being 10, and mimir also requiring helmet module, which is additional 5).
  • Tactical masks that costs 5 points each and protects from one facehugging attempt. Go for it if you got enough points, usually a good mild investment.
  • Recoilles Rifle users will sometimes order additional rockets. Consider to approve it, if you have enough points for other orders, as it is quite effective in killing xenos or at least stripping all their armor off them.
  • Smartgunners could order some additional ammo for their smartguns, but be wary - there is at least two vendors on each map, which contain two drums each, so be sure to ask them if they got it first before approving such orders. For reference, they get three ammo drums (including one in their smartgun, 200 rounds each, 600 rounds combined) roundstart from their prep and on average (based on author's experience) get through them within 30 minutes of operation if they participate (as they should) in active combat.
  • Some other minor order (generally under 20 points) including but not limited to custom guns (mostly Mateba) that you can't get from prep, or any combination of the stuff above. Approve at your discretion, if you deem it reasonable, especially if valid reason was given.
  • Someone might decide to order something costly like a scout cape (50 points), IFF sniper rifle (70 points without additional ammo, however there are few mags in your vendor) or even B18 (100 points). You will most likely want deny that, because at the start of the operation you're rather limited (you get 120 points as pictured), but they could be left for later when you regain points.

List of jaeger suit modules for referece:

  • Valkyrie module is an autodoc module which is capable to inject marine with painkillers and healing chem when they're hurt or in pain, and most important - they automatically stabiize broken bodyparts as long as it worn (equivalent to splinting), so marine won't have to use splints which drastically increases survivability and life expectancy in the field. Slows wearer down a bit.
  • Tyr gives more physical armor to wearer, making it slightly more protective from stuff like hits, slashes, bullets, explosions. Slows wearer down considerably.
  • Mimir gives more chemical and burn armor to wearer, making it considerably more protective from stuff like acid spits, acid sprays, lasers. To gain additional protection from acid/neuro gas, it is almost always used in pair with mimir helmet module (costs additional five points). Slows wearer down a bit.
  • Surt grants wearer fire immunity. Most flame sources can't light you on fire anymore, though walking on fire still minorly damages you, which calls for burn and pain chems to be used. Won't grant you immunity from lava, but it's better than nothing if you need to traverse it in case of emergency. Slows wearer down a bit.
  • Baldur boosts shoulder lamp and costs only 10 points compared to usual 12. Advice is to prefer to order other armor modules over it as it is somewhat less useful in general, thought debatable.
  • Hlin, a most recent addition in jaeger suit modules selection, grants wearer near-immunity from explosions. Useful for those who wish to use explosive weaponry of any sort as their main armament. Slows wearer down considerably.

There always would be some rather wasteful orders that should be outright denied, examples being:

  • If someone decided that they're smarter than you/questioning your competence/aren't even aware if you're there or not and placed an order for an ASRS bluespace pad. There is almost no reason you should order two of them, short of convenience for engineers to get you points a bit faster exporting crates, but it's always not worth it to do in the beginning anyway.
  • If they order something that is readily available in prep or any other department, such as regular issue guns, ammo and other munition, attachments, shields (at least six in two vendors in prep, if it's mid-operation already - consider ordering), medical supplies (only if they're still present in medbay) and so on. If they do so, direct them to where they can get that and deny their order.

If you're unsure on how to handle either order - use your best judgement or ask for an advice on the command channel, surely someone would help. Getting proper reason from whoever ordering helps too.

How to Order Things

ASRS is your bread and butter, as it allows you to order various types of supplies and gear for exchange for points, which can be earned by exports. Use the console or your tablet and interface would come up (if it won't - rejoin). This is how it looks:

TGMC ASRS interface.png

Go to whatever category the desired item is in (for example, it's "Operations" for ASRS Bluespace Supply Pad). Click the single arrow to order one, or the double to waste all your points getting as many of this particular item as you can. Then go to the "Pending Order" tab and hit Approve, if you're satisfied with your selection. It will be moved to the "Awaiting Delievery" tab and corresponding to summary price of supplies amount of points would be deducted, and next time you will rise lift - it will be on it. There is also other tabs:

  • Previous Purchases allows you to see what was purchased via this console or pad with authorization (requisition access).
  • Export history allows you to see which wares were exported using lift/ASRS bluespace pad and when to gauge marines effectiveness at scoring you points.
  • Requests contain requests that was made by marines or other personel using console outside (doesn't require access). You can either approve them (they will be moved to Awaiting Delievery tab just like your own orders) or deny them.
  • Approved Requests contains all requests that you or someone else with access approved. Useful for when you forgot who ordered something that you already retreived.
  • Denied Requests, duh, contains denied requests.


Exports is your main way on getting points (other one being passive regen, but it's kind of slow and not so reliable for costly orders). It can be done either via your lift platform or using ASRS Bluespace Pad. To get points from exporting using lift, simply place stuff you want to export on raised lift without any packaging (like crates) and it will automatically give you points upon lowering. ASRS is slightly harder, but much more useful and handy.

Next part is more for marines than for you, as they would be delievering and using it most of the time: After you get it, deliever it to the ground (usually via dropship), drag it to the desired destination, wrench it down (it must either be in powered room or on powered cable) - done, you now can place things you want to export on top of it and use it (if you can't pixelhunt for it under all stuff you want to export - use alt-click) to momentarily export things and gain points. It also reports how much points was received for which item, so you can shout at RO to order you fancy stuff.

List of things you can export is quite short:

  • Crates of Phoron and Platinum ore, aquired from repairing and running corresponding types of miners on the map. Phoron crate earns 20 points, and Platinum Crate earns 40.
  • Xenomorph corpses. Larva embryo (pulled from infected, but unbursted marine via surgery) costs 5, regular killed larva - 15, any Tier 1 caste - 3, Tier 2 caste - 40, Tier 3 caste - 50, and a Queen - whooping 100 points, being equivalent to the B18 armor cost.


After you're done with operation start chores and marines are already deployed it's time to gather and deliever more supplies they would need on demand or by your initiative. The very first thing you need to do is to ensure that there is at least one supply beacon deployed inside FOB, as it is vital part of supply cycle without which it will be hindered considerably. Second thing you want to ensure of if ASRS pad (if you choose to ordred it, which you really should) brought from dropship to FOB, wrenched down and working, as it is essential for exports, which is your main point source.

After all of that, you have some free time, consider to do any of the stuff listed above that you could't do early because of a hurry and more:

  • Sort inner requisition stuff to your liking. It's much more fast and enjoyable to work when each item in it's place. You can use table parts that are already present or print more of them and rack parts to take it one step further. This is, however, not vital to your job in any way.
  • Try to predict what marines would need soon and start to gather it. It mainly concerns supplies which can be aquired from prep such as ammo, guns, additional supply of flares and grenades and else, because ordering things using ASRS is quite fast, but gathering supplies from prep not so. Use backpacks for flares and grenades, and ammo boxes that you saved early/leftover after marines for ammo.
  • Be creative! Come up with some of the additional guns that marines would like to use such as, for example, flamers with rail lights attached, or FOB GPMGs with bipod, extended barrel and a rail scope for defence purposes. Marines are also prone to lose their guns sometimes, so you can as well throw together few general designs and send them along with requested supplies. And lastly, there is a few good guns in the Import and Weapons categories available, such as HPR machinegun or Mateba revolver (each costs 15, thought most ammo for such guns including HPR costs 5 for each mag/box). Marines would love those too.

List of most used guns in that order for reference (from authors personal experience, don't quote):

  • T-12 assault rifle, T-42 LMG, T-60 GPMG, TL-127 bolt-action rifle, and both types of usual shotguns are most widely used guns. You should have ammo for those ready each and all time.
  • T-18 carbine, TX-15 automatic shotgun, T-90 submachine gun, T-19 machinepistol, T-37 DMR and T-60 battle rifle are not that widely used as guns above, but there is usually a few marines that use them. Ask around if not sure.
  • Really dumb but sometimes effective guns sometimes used, such as mosin or PPSh. Marines that like them mostly doesn't count on requisitions in any capability and pack needed ammo themselves, given you provided them with ammo boxes.
  • There is a special types of guns like flamers, in case of which it is far easier to locate fuel tank groundside and replenish your ammo or simply bring vast amount of additional welding kits early on, so it won't likely need resupply. Same applies so lasguns, as marines have lasgun batteries charger groundside if you followed this guide right.
  • Anything else such as sidearms and other non-mentioned stuff (lasgun is not mentioned due to presence of a charger) used pretty rarely and ammo for it should only be prepared upon request.

Then some orders should begin to come in from various channels. In the middle of the operation (from half an hour to hour in) it would likely be additional materials for a FOB and some ammo that wasn't packed by marines themselves. Those are usually easy to fulfill. Other than that, after scoring some points for you via exports, marines will request various shiny and often costly equipment, such as spec guns (ranging from IFF sniper rifle and minigun to the Scout Rifle and MBX shotgun), B18 armor and maybe some additional armor modules they've missed shipside. In general, you want to prioritize general stuff that would aid most of marines and would most likely be profitable to the operation as a whole, such as meds and building mats, as well as turrets if requested, and only after it - any personal request for guns, modules and armor, which could give a boost to marines, but likelyhood of that is somewhat less reliable.

In case of marines becoming indifferent from time to time, you can use your best judgement and assemble a care package for them with all sorts of useful supplies:

  • Ammo for most used guns.
  • Building materials if there is an active engineers.
  • Medical supplies, mostly meds.
  • Few guns you assembled together in the meantime.
  • Any stuff that was left behind, such as spare recoilles launchers, shields, grenades.


In the end-round (hour from the beginning and onwards) few general scenarious could take place:

  • Quick victory is most desirable and can occur even before the lategame. In this case, you won't need this part of the guide, but you can order some crayons to congratulate marines with their victory.
  • Grim-looking future. Marines taking heavy losses, everyone is screaming at command and eachother, command screaming at marines, xenos begin FOB assault, it all can mean one thing - battle would be taken shipside and you all would fight for either your survival or for SD activation. In this case, it is adviced to order additional materials and help engineers and marines to reinforce SD and CIC somewhat beforehead, so you can gain an upper hand in marines favorite competition play - cadehugging. Tight hallways also call for grenades in particular, sniper rifles and flamers would be heavily used as well. If you have enough points for materials and a turret - by all means, go for it.
  • It looks like a tie. Operations drags on for two hours and more, marines are stuck firmly to their barricades and whole thing looks like a trench war. In this case, if you didn't cryo from it yet, most desirable things would be building mats, most likely. It will allow marines to expand their autism fort and make it sturdier in weak places. You can also gain an upper hand by suiting more and more marines with specialist-tier weapons and B18 armors. Xeno at this point shouldn't have too many numbers and can evolve only to certain point, but marine upgrade potential are nearly limitless in this regard.

Tips and Tricks

This list is not extensive by any means and would likely be expanded:

  • There is not a single right way to play RO right, possibilities are vast. Experiment, make fun things, explore new stuff from order list, but by no means such activities should hinder supply flow.
  • If you got shitload of points and no shortage expected, there is certain powerful toy you can order for 300 points - quad thermobaric launcher, which is most devastative explosive weapon you can get. It comes with a four rockets which you can fire one by one or use burst to fire all four. Near impossible to survive if hit with burst of such.