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Calender starts. All events up to present unaffected.

Earth's Population - 7 billion


In 2023, relations between the United States and Japan significantly declined. The United States was on the brink of an economic disaster with no clear end in sight. To continue funding its substantial defense budget, the United States demanded reparations from Japanese families responsible for building the planes that decimated Pearl Harbor. Japan refused the demands and described them as “demeaning and shameful.” In response to Japan’s refusal, the United States imposed sanctions on Japan, further heightening tensions between the two countries.

By the end of 2023, tensions failed to deflate. It is unclear who truly initiated the following events; however, in early November 2023, a nuclear device was detonated in Nagasaki. The device slaughtered millions, though the exact number is unknown. In a bid for political power, China took this opportunity to publicly condemn the United States for the detonation of the device. Though the United States just as quickly denied the accusation, the flaring tensions with Japan and demand for reparations were too convenient in timing to be dismissed so easily.

Shortly after the device was detonated, Europe also denounced the United States. Europe then invited China and Japan into the European Union which would form a new coalition—the Eurasian Union. Despite the United States’ protests to the Union, they were left little room to bargain. The United States’ relations across the globe continued to deteriorate for the next two years with no solution to its economic crisis in sight.


The next two years saw a rapid advancement in the development of A.I. Many of these new A.I. passed preliminary Turing tests, though more thorough tests betrayed their initial success. With sentient machinery on the horizon, new movements rose across Earth in support for “Rights for Robots.” Some groups, though, were adamantly opposed to this revolution in technology.

In 2025, one such group made headlines for its sudden appearance across the United States. Initially, the group focused on spreading anti-A.I. propaganda across the United States and the Internet. The group gained a notable backing, but was dismissed by Congress as just another grassroots movement.

That was until a massive chemical bomb was detonated in a major United States city. The damage was extensive and many lives were lost; however, while heads were turned over the next few days, 36 more bombs were detonated in major cities across the globe. Russia, Europe, Asia, and North America were all devastated by the bombings. Videos of the prominent members in the group claiming credit for the bombs surfaced online.

Fallout ravaged crops across the world. In the following two years, Earth lost two billion of its population to a severe famine. Martial law was declared in a large swath of countries as riots broke out. Clean water became a rarity for affected cities.

Earth's Population - 5 billion


Several years passed since the dirty bombs were detonated across the United States. The group that once took credit for the bombs slowly faded into obscurity as their members were outed one-by-one. A.I. development took a significant hit as a result of the bombs.

However, in support of the United States, the Eurasian Union began researching fuel variants to provide substantial amounts of power for the many cities still crippled by the attack. This research led to metallic hydrogen which synthesized a new fuel: a super-compressed witch’s brew of organics code—Phoron. Production was initially limited, but was rapidly expanded once its effectiveness was realized. After two years of research, Phoron-powered rockets were developed. These Phoron Rockets were capable of reaching both Earth’s orbit and the inner system without special design, and were able to reach the outer system with some modifications.


By 2037, Phoron-based fuel production was at an all-time high. Orbital missions became a routine occurrence across Earth. By combining current rocket technology with the advancements in artificial intelligence, reusable launch systems quickly appeared as well.

In an effort to rebuild its reputation, the United States initiated an orbital habitat project with the goal of a permanent home in space by the end of the year. Over the course of 2037, the first orbital habitat was successfully developed in a show of cooperation between the Eastern and Western hemispheres. The orbital habitat was built into a main-belt asteroid which was then dragged into Earth’s orbit by a small Phoron-powered missile. The habitat was used as an agricultural station, capable of sending large amounts of fresh crops down to the cities across the Earth still plagued by famine. Despite being the first of its kind, the orbital habitat remains the largest created to date.

Earth's Population - 5 billion
Earth's Orbital Population - 10 thousand


Multiple asteroids have been brought into Earth’s orbit. With the asteroids came new habitats. Seeing the success of the initial habitat by the United States drove a large number of other governments to undertake their own habitat creation projects. Earth’s orbital population substantially increased as more governments slowly moved their operations to Earth’s orbit.

The increase in Earth’s orbital population introduced concerns for lawlessness in space. While this wasn’t a significant problem yet, questions arose as to who would control the new habitats. Many argued the Eurasian Union should handle it due to their invention of Phoron rockets. Others argued the United Nations should be in power as a unified government. Some maintained the United States would suit the role, as they created the first orbital habitat. Even fewer suggested each habitat should be run by its own independent authority.

During the next few years, major corporations would invest in their own orbital businesses. Some operated under government contracts, while others pursued their own ventures. The ever-increasing amount of orbital debris brought concerns to both Earth’s current inhabitants as well as the orbital habitats.

Earth's Population - 5 billion
Earth's Orbital Population - 100 thousand


Asteroid moving accident. A half-mile wide chunk grazes Earth's atmosphere, melting everything in a swath along the equator 200 miles wide by 2000 miles long. This "accident", which happens with a rock that was on an APPROVED trajectory, causes public outrage against the disparate current governments, and increases pressure for an international organization that will control space-based activities. Roots of Terra Gov council and the TGMC formed as an advisory body to the UN, named the Space Authority.

Earth- 4 bil Earth orbit- 100k


Main belt asteroids mined out for the most part. Over 200 habitats in Earth orbit, and some in the belt. Focus of mining moves to Jupiter's trojan points. More than 20% of earth's resources come from space. Mars colony established and thriving, settlements on Jovian moons as well.

Earth- 5 bil Earth orbit- 10 mil Belt- 1 mil


Act of terrorism by disgruntled, possibly insane citizen of one of the Earth habs blows out a cylinder wall on the habitat, killing 250,000 of the 300,000 people onboard. What started as a regrettable action in one area turned into a mass disaster as the habitat lost structural integrity, and came apart across the sky, filling earth orbit with house-sized chunks of rubble like something out of Star Wars. Of the remaining, 200+ habitats, over 2/3rds of them were destroyed, with near all of the rest holed, but surviving intact due to good emergency procedures. The Space Authority stepped in during the disaster, using all 8 of its patrol cutters to shoot down as much debris as possible, and confiscating phoron drive assemblies to move habitats into solar orbit away from the debris field. Public opinion of them soars, and they are voted massive budget increases by the Main Belt habs, and given increasing authoratative powers to intervene in internal affairs of space-based colonies to prevent something like this from ever happening again.

Earth- 5 bil Earth orbit-100k Belt- 10 mil


Debris cloud in Earth orbit finally falls enough to allow travel to and from the surface. Due to loss of orbital resources, there was mass starvation and disorder, but not many deaths thanks to the Space Authority stepping in to throw one-way mass-driver loads of food from the surviving habitats to the surface. Space Authority hailed as heros by all Earth's population, as well as Main Belt colonies, but grumbling from remaining Earth habitats due to confiscation and shipment of MASSIVE amounts of resources.

Earth- 5 bil Earth orbit- 500k Belt-20 mil Assorted other solar colonies- 1 mil


After behind-the-scenes deals with existing Earth powers, the Space Authority (who control about 40% of Earth's food supply at this point) are ratified as the world goverment, complete with name change to TerraGov. This doesn't sit well with the Earth orbit colonies, and a few make plans to move.


Seven of the old Earth orbit stations are converted into generation ships and launched at nearby (unspecified) stars within 10 LY. At .05 to .1 lightspeed, the journeys will take near a century, but they've decided to leave rather to stay and watch TerraGov cement control of the system.

Earth-6 bil Earth orbit- 100k Belt- 40 mil Assorted other solar colonies- 2 mil Colony ships- 400k


Earth has recovered to about 80% of what it was before the war in 2035. There are still a few colonies in Earth orbit, a TON in the belt, and more around Jupiter and Saturn. However, easily accessible metallic resources are near used up in the system, so work begins on interstellar travel. Research into singularity induction begins to bear fruit, allowing the development of the first controlled singularities, which can convert matter into energy at exactly 100% efficiency. Over the next 50 years, 27 more slowships are launched to farther targets, as they are capable of higher speeds (.2-.3 lightspeed).

Earth-6 bil Earth orbit- 200k Belt- 80 mil Assorted other solar colonies- 4 mil Colony ships- 3 mil


War. The Earth stations and lunar bases rebel against TerraGov control and exploitation of their resources. The war ends with the defeat and destruction of all surviving Earth stations and the moonbase, at the cost of mass extinction on earth due to lunar bombardment, and an asteroid impact (some say TerraGov caused it to finally let them elimanate the last thorn in their side in Sol system). Many Belt colonies were burned off, and the only major winners were the Mars colony and Jovian colonies, winners only because they didn't lose. The TGMC is formed during the war, out of necessity, and remains after the war to keep the shattered power base together. Outsystem, colony ships start ariving at their targets.

Earth-10 mil Earth orbit- Extinct Belt- 40 mil Assorted other solar colonies- 20 mil Colony ships- 3 mil


Re-development of the Earth proceedes. Total survivors on the surface numbered about 4 million, left of the 6 billion before the war. Most survivors concentrated in Central America, and fed from orbit. TGCM academy and boot camp established in Jamaica, and all recruits shown the devestation as a way of instilling motivation to NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN. Space largely quiet due to lack of additional accessible resources. Earth is a dried-up has-been, never to influence the system again.

Earth-4 mil Earth orbit- Extinct Belt- 80 mil Assorted other solar colonies- 40 mil Extra-solar colonies - 12 mil


Earth makes a discovery revolutionizing the solar system! Okay, not exactly. During the war (2250), a cut-off military and research outpost dies off, like many others. But before it goes, one of the lead researchers decides to try to do something useful with the rest of his life. He feeds in everything known about physics at the time, and activates an evolutionary algorithm to design the fastest mode of transport possible, so that survivors can escape from the hell of the world. After 47 years of optimizing and learning, the computer system spits out a design for a working FTL drive. But it didn't save the process, and the physics behind the drive aren't known. When the plans are recovered by a TGMC salvage party investigating the still-operating reactor, the plans are found and tested, and work! The stars are open!


With the influence of the new engine, dubbed bluespace for the color of everything seen outside the drive interface when active, expeditions are launched to nearby stars to meet up with the new colonies. Unfortunately, TerraGov made a mistake. The first wave of ships had made 4 successful colonies, with 2 failed colonies, and one unaccounted for. TerraGov gave them the plans for the Bluespace drive in the first flush of optimism. But this first wave still HATED TerraGov for what they did to their ancestors, and after 5-6 years, they unified into a block, the Colonial Liberation Front, grabbing as many of the second generation wave of colonies as they could. No war is fought, due to the lumbering state, expense, and rarity of singularity-drive ships, but both sides prepare for conflict, with both the TGMC and CLF expanding as fast as is possible.

Earth-6 mil Earth orbit- Extinct Belt- 120 mil Assorted other solar colonies- 60 mil Extrasolar colonies- 25 mil


Expansion and skirmishes continue. Contacts with an unknown, non-human party confirmed on multiple occasions, but no communications established.

Earth-8 mil Earth orbit- Extinct Belt- 160 mil Assorted other solar colonies- 80 mil Extrasolar colonies- 50 mil


Breakthrough in artifical crystalline structures by research into phoron allows TerraGov to create Supermatter, a proprietary polymer that stores massive amounts of energy in it's structure. If charged by a singularity generator, it contains enough power to activate a bluespace drive nearly a dozen times, WITHOUT the weight of the singularity! This made ships more nimble, cheaper, AND more powerful than before! Both sides begain building as many SM drive ships as possible, and converting existing ones.


Cold war. The TGMC and CLF stare at each other across the light-years. The TGMC has the edge in equipment, military ships, and manpower, but the CLF have vastly more colonies, almost the same amount of personnel as the TGMC, and nearly 2/3rds the number of ships, mostly converted freighters. Meanwhile, an unknown force stirs in the darkness beyond known space...

Earth-16 mil Earth orbit- Extinct Belt- 320 mil Assorted other solar colonies- 160 mil Extrasolar colonies- 100 mil


(TGMC PRESENT DAY)- WAR! But not the war everyone expected. The cold war goes hot, briefly. But then outbreaks of a bioweapon not of human origin appear on colonies seperated by light-years! After initial hostilities between the CLF and TGMC, both sides unify under the TGMC banner against this unknown threat. The cause is found to be a previously unknown species, living in a small bubble of colonies nearly 50 light years out. This species saw us, decided we were a threat, and decided to exterminate us using their bio-weapon expertise. The plan failed, and they were met by a combined crusade from all of humanity which took their resource-rich worlds and wiped them out entirely. Expansion into that area afterwards led to the phoron boom of the 2450's, and would reap immense profit for certain companies. Indeed, some say a shadowy council was responsible for the release of the bioweapon to forestall the TGMC/CLF war, and secure an unlimited future for humanity. But that's just hearsay.


(TGSTATION PRESENT DAY)- Phoron rush in full swing on the destroyed worlds. TGMC in advisory role, stepped down from wartime militia due to reduced need, many retired personnel working on research stations...

Job Positions

TGMC Command Captain, Field Commander, Staff Officer, Pilot Officer
Engineering and Supply Chief Ship Engineer, Requisitions Officer, Ship Technician
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Officer
Marines Squad Leader, Squad Smartgunner, Squad Engineer, Squad Corpsman, Squad Marine
Civilians Corporate Liaison, Researcher
Special Synthetic, AI
Xenomorphs Tier 0 Larva
Tier 1 Drone, Defender, Runner, Sentinel
Tier 2 Carrier, Hivelord, Warrior, Hunter, Wraith, Bull, Spitter
Tier 3 Praetorian, Crusher, Ravager, Boiler, Defiler
Tier 4 Queen, King, Shrike, Hivemind
Others Emergency Response Team, Survivor