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Generic wizard.png
Access: None
Additional Access: Wherever you can teleport to
Difficulty: Very Hard
Supervisors: Space Wizard Federation
Duties: Welcome the crew to DIE.
Guides: This is the guide

Wizard's Ship
The Wizard's Ship

Crew members of SS13, I offer you my sincerest greetings. My name is of no matter, but if you must call me something, you may call me The QuarterWizard. I would like to inform you that I am the noble leader of the Wizards Federation.

You may be wondering, "Why, why mighty QuarterWizard, why do you send wizards to the station to destroy us all?"

Well, denizen of the station, it's quite simple really: One or more of your crew has angered our magical Federation, and now you will all pay the price.

If you're lucky enough to only have certain members of the crew anger us, like that geneticist who once claimed that us magical folk are merely "products of genetics research", then you're more than likely to survive, assuming you give our wizard the means to escape early on. If not, well... Not even I, the mighty QuarterWizard can guarantee your safety. We train our wizards to be masters of many spells, so there is no saying how exactly you will succumb to our mighty wizards.

But, for you lesser beings, I have archived a list of our most common spells, so as to assist you simpletons in identifying just how skilled and varied our wizards can be. Wizhat.PNG

Wizarding 101

If you are lucky enough to be chosen to be a wizard, you will spawn in the Wizard's Den, a completely inaccessible ship where you can safely plan your assault on the station. In addition to the various trinkets littering the Den, you begin with a spellbook in your backpack. Using the book, you can spend up to 10 spell points on any combination of wizardly magic that you choose. You also begin with a four-use Scroll of Teleport; if you don't take the Teleport spell, this scroll is how you board the station proper. Once you leave the Den there's no coming back, so make sure you're prepared!

Upon spawning, you'll be asked to choose a suitably (or unsuitably) wizardy name. The magic mirror in your bathroom will let you freely change your name, appearance, and most interestingly race, if you want to play as an alien wizard; remember that many races have noticeable drawbacks, and aren't considered human by the AI.

The most important part of any respectable wizard is their wizardly outfit. The hat and robes you begin with aren't just for style points; without them, roughly half of your list of spells become uncastable! If you don't like the classic blue wizard look, the Den has several other equally magical outfits of different appearances that all function identically. Unless you're playing a stealth wizard, keeping your pants on is absolutely vital. Do everything in your power to keep the crew from stripping you naked. Hurl spells, throw rocks, shout hurtful names at them. Whatever you do, don't let them touch the clothes.

Use the Wizard's Ship you start in to familiarize yourself with the spells before you teleport onto the station. You can even re-learn the spells as often as you'd like as long as you're here. Take your time, there's no need to jump in right away. You should also use the advanced camera console to spy on the station before leaving, to see what the crew is up to and find a safe place to teleport in.

Quick Checklist for new Wizards

1. Choose name, race and appearance with the magic mirror.
2. Spend 10 spell points with the spell book.
3. Make sure you are wearing one of the robes and one of the hats (unless you plan to stealth or use robeless spells). All robes and hats/helmets found on the Wizard's ship have the same stats.
4. (Optional): Bring anything else you think might be useful. The free staffs/brooms are just decorations or very weak melee weapons.
5. (Optional): Find a good location to teleport to with the advanced camera console.
6. Use the scroll of teleportation to teleport to the station. Remember, you do not start with a flashlight. Maintenance will be pitch black.

After arriving to the station, you can do whatever you want. Cast spells by clicking the icons that appear to your upper left. They will be red when on cooldown.


You can take any of your spells multiple times to upgrade them, generally giving them a lower cooldown. You can also turn yourself into almost any race via your Magic Mirror, some of which are more powerful than others.

Robed Spells

These spells require the Wizard's POWERFUL, MYSTICAL ROBES AND HAT. So wizards, for your own sakes, never take off your robes.

Spell name Invocation Description Cooldown
in seconds
Attack Spells
Rod Form CLANG! Take the form of a mighty immovable rod, capable of tearing walls down, destroy machinery and critically injure anyone foolish enough to stand in your path! 25 / 21.2 / 17.5 / 13.7 / 10 2
Smite EI NATH! This spell will charge your hand with a powerful energy that can blow up the next person or cyborg that you touch. Their brain will still be recoverable. It is seen as a cheap way to kill. 60 / 50 / 40 /30 / 20 2
Mutate BIRUZ BENNAR! Temporarily transforms the wizard into a stun-immune hulk, capable of destroying walls with their massive strength and of shooting lasers using their massive minds. To shoot lasers, use Combat Mode Combat 32.pngEnable with 4, disable with 1 or toggle with F by default. Left-clicking people with an empty hand will Harm Harm 32.png them if on, or Help Help 32.png them if off. Prevents you from switching places or being pushed when colliding with people. and click on a non-adjacent target. 20 burn per shot. 40 / 37.5 / 35 / 32.5 / 30 2
Flesh to Stone STAUN EI! Can turn even the angriest crew member into a comparatively calm statue. The spell will wear off eventually but is useful for neutralizing threats non-fatally or creating emergency cover. Keep in mind that when the spell wears off if the statue isn't in good shape anymore the crew member won't be either. Instead of gibbing the target and leaving a brain it turns the target into a solid statue. However after a certain amount of time the statue will revert back to the original target. By itself it's just a gimmick -- players turned into stone won't count as dead for objective purposes. However when this spell is paired with the "Staff of Animation" this becomes a spell even more devastating than Ei Nath or Fireballs.

(tl;dr: Use it with a Staff of Animation or just use Ei Nath.)

60 / 50 / 40 / 30 / 20 2
Tesla Blast UN'LTD P'WAH!' Charges a lightning blast over 10 seconds. When it finishes channeling (you can move while charging) it will shoot a blast of lightning at a random mob within 7 tiles, dealing damage and stunning them. The blast can "chain" to up to 5 additional targets, and will stun and damage each of them (the damage decreases in potency with each "bounce", but the stun length does not). If no mob is nearby on release, the spell's cooldown will reset. You cannot cast this spell again while it is still charging a tesla blast. The tesla blasts from this spell are not blocked by hardsuits or insulated gloves. 30 / 23.25 / 16.5 / 9.75 / 3 2
Lesser Summon Guns N/A Why reload when you have infinite guns? Summons an unending stream of bolt action rifles. They deal 20 brute and 80 stamina damage per shot. Requires both hands free to use. Learning this spell makes you unable to learn Arcane Barrage. 75 / 56.3 / 38 / 19.3 / 1 3
Arcane Barrage N/A Fire a torrent of arcane energy at your foes with this (powerful) spell. Requires both hands free to use. Deals 20 burn per shot. Learning this spell makes you unable to learn Lesser Summon Guns. 75 / 56.3 / 38 / 19.3 / 1 3
Scream for Me SCREAM`FOR`ME!! Using this spell will channel it to your hand, similarly to Smite. Touching someone with this will open large bleeding wounds in all of their limbs. This will kill the target after a few seconds, unless of course they don't have any blood. 60 / 50 / 40 / 30 / 20 1
Summon Simians OOGA OOGA OOGA!!! This spell reaches deep into the elemental plane of bananas (the monkey one, not the clown one), and summons primal monkeys and lesser gorillas that will promptly flip out and attack everything in sight. Fun! Their lesser, easily manipulable minds will be convinced you are one of their allies, but only for a minute. Unless you also are a monkey. The amount of monkeys spawned increases with spell level. Monkeys spawn with random gear and upgrading the spell to a higher level makes them more likely to have better weapons. Upgrading the spell to level 5 makes it spawn normal gorillas instead of lesser gorillas and makes it possible for you to cast the spell naked. 90 / 75 / 60 / 45 / 30 2
Defense Spells
Magic Missile FORTI GY AMA! The bread and butter of most wizards. This spell summons little magical orbs that chase nearby targets, stunning them on hit. While slow, the orbs track their targets, making them very hard to avoid. Every target will have its own orb, so there's no limit to the amount of targets as long as they're in range. 20 / 16.5 / 13 / 9.5 / 6 2
Disable Technology NEC CANTIO! An EMP: disables all technology within range of the spell. Be wary -- it can shock doors. 40 / 35 / 30 / 25 / 20 1
Repulse GITTAH WEIGH! Throws everything around the user away. Range 5 tiles. Also knocks down crewmen for a short stun. Items that are thrown can fly into crew as well, which has potential to deal moderate damage. A good choice when used with Blink to make for quick getaways. 40 / 37.5 / 35 / 32.5 / 30 2
Thrown Lightning LIGHTNINGBOLT!! Forged from eldrich energies, a packet of pure power known as a spell packet will appear in your hand that when thrown will stun the target it hits. Deals no damage. 1 2
Stop Time TOKI YO TOMARE! Stops time in a 5x5 area around you. Affected mobs will be unable to move, and passing projectiles will be stopped until the timestop ends. This means it can be used to unload a laser gun into a target all at once. The caster (and the caster's Guardian Spirit if he/she has one), is, of course, unaffected by this spell. 50 / 40 / 30 / 20 / 10 2
Spacetime Distortion N/A Will distort the space around you, making it so walking on any of the distorted tiles could lead you to another random distorted tile. Will affect the caster too. 30 1
The Traps CAVERE INSIDIAS Summons various traps around you that will trigger upon being walked on or if an object is thrown over/across them. All untriggered traps disappear 5 minutes after the spell is cast. Includes fire, shock, ice and stun traps among others. You are, of course, immune to your own traps. 25 / 21.25 / 17.5 / 13.75 / 10 1
Lesser Summon Bees NOT THE BEES This spell magically kicks a transdimensional beehive, instantly summoning a swarm of bees to your location. These bees are NOT friendly to anyone, including you. 60 / 50 / 40 / 30 / 20 2
Mobility Spells
Blink N/A A lesser form of teleportation. The wizard has no ability to control it, and it will usually send him a good distance, but it has a very short cooldown. 2 / 1.6 / 1.2 / 0.8 / 0.5 2
Teleport SCYAR NILA! Instantly transports a space wizard to any location he pleases, as long as it's within range (the Z-level you're on). 60 / 50 / 40 / 30 / 20 2
Ethereal Jaunt N/A After casting this spell the wizard dissolves into thin air, becoming invisible to both eye and thermal sensors, as well as being able to pass through any obstacle. This spell lasts for several seconds. If the wizard was stunned while casting this, he won't be able to move until the stun wears off. 30 / 25 / 20 / 15 / 10 2
Assistance Spells
Soul Tap AT ANY COST! Taps your soul. Trades 20 max health for a refresh of all of your spells. Does not work if you have no soul, from formerly using Bind Soul. 1 1

Robeless Spells

There are many other spells that do not require THE EXTRA MIGHT of a magic wizard robe. These spells are weaker, but nothing to laugh at.

Spell name Invocation Description Cooldown
in seconds
Attack Spells
Fireball ONI'SOMA! Summons a destructive fireball in the caster's hand. When thrown it will detonate when adjacent to a target, blinding and deafening him and anyone around him, as well as dealing high damage and usually knockdown. Fireballs are dangerous, though: they will damage the caster as well, if he ends up in the blast radius. Can be cast while stunned. Range is 8 tiles plus 2 per upgrade. 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 2
Lightning Bolt P'WAH, UNLIM'TED P'WAH Charges a lightning ball. Click a target to shoot it. The bolt will arc and split damage between people hit. Does not stun. Is not blocked by hardsuits or insulated gloves. 10 / 8 / 6 / 4 / 2 1
Blind STI KALY! Blinds an individual temporarily. 30 / 23.7 / 17.5 / 11.2 / 5 1
Curse of the barnyard KN'A`FTAGHU,`PUCK`'BTHNK! This spell dooms an unlucky soul to possess the speech and facial attributes of a barnyard animal. Anyone unfortunate enough to be targeted with this spell cannot remove the mask without the help of chemistry and can only communicate with obnoxious animal noises. For when you just don't give a fuck. 15 / 12 / 9 / 6 / 3 2
Spell Cards Sigi'lu`M'Fan`'Tasia Activate and you'll be able to shoot five shotgun-like bursts of spell cards, which deal minor burn damage (about 14 per full burst). The cards fly similarly to paper airplanes. 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 2
Splattercasting THE STARS ALIGN! THE COSMOS BLEEDS! You become a Vampire, removing your need for oxygen (doesn't make you pressure immune, though), with a greatly reduced spell cooldown, but the constant need for blood. If you're outside of a coffin, you will slowly lose blood, that can be regained with a new "Bite" ability as well as some spells. Being inside of a coffin will steadily heal you as well.

Casting spells will drain your blood at a much more accelerated rate, and can easily kill you from bloodloss if you're not careful.

This spell is incompatible with Bind Soul, and in a similar fashion, it gives you red new robes when you cast it.

WARNING: Some spells, namely most of the hand ones (Smite, Flesh to Stone, Scream for Me) aren't granted reduced cooldowns. However, casting these doesn't drain blood either.

N/A 2
Sanguine Strike SHAPSDAY Casting this spell will give whatever weapon you're holding (anything that deals melee damage works) a red glow, increasing its damage, healing you for the damage done, and using some blood from your target to refill your own. This spell does not benefit from Splattercasting's cooldown reduction. 60 / 50 / 40 / 30 / 20 2
Defense Spells
Smoke N/A A large shroud of smoke. It can hide the wizard, and makes people in it cough causing them to drop items. 12 / 9.5 / 7 / 4.5 / 2 1
Forcewall TARCOL MINTI ZHERI! Prevents the simpletons from traveling over a 1x3 area. The wall lasts 30 seconds and are indestructible. The caster can pass freely through it. 10 / 8.7 / 7.5 / 6.2 / 5 1
Bind Soul NECREM IMORTIUM! A dark necromantic pact that can forever bind your soul to an item of your choosing. That item becomes your phylactory and changes color. You should hide it somewhere on the station. As long as both your body and the item remain intact and on the same plane you will revive from death after some time, even if your body is completely destroyed. The time between reincarnations grows steadily with use. Binding your soul turns you into a skeleton. The crew might call you a "lich", even though such race does not exist.

When revived you get a new set of wizard robe and hat. People can somewhat track your phylactory by following the direction of the particle effect that comes from your body when you revive.
N/A 2
Chuuni Invocations By`the`decree`of`the`dark`lord, `I`invoke`the`curse`of`the`chuuni. `Let`all`my`spells`be`tainted`by`the`power`of`delusion. `O,`Reality! `Bend`to`my`will!" This replaces your wizard hat (if you have one) with an unremovable medical eyepatch, which still allows you to cast spells requiring a robe. Aditionally, it changes the spellwords you usually say for incantations, and each spell cast heals you for a small amount every time N/A 2
Bestow Cursed Duffel Bag HU'SWCH H'ANS!! A melee range curse that firmly attaches a demonic duffel bag to the target's back, knocking them down for a few seconds. Inflicts its victim with pacifism and clumsiness. The duffel bag will make the person it's attached to take periodical damage if it is not fed regularly. Regardless of whether or not it's been fed it will slow the person wearing it down significantly. The bag can be poisoned by feeding it burned messes. 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 1
Mobility Spells
Mind Swap
(aka Mind Transfer)
GIN'YU CAPAN! Swaps the minds of the wizard and victim, best used if the wizard is being beaten in a physical battle. Mindswap targets will be unconscious for quite some time. Only works at melee range.

Does not work on cultists, revolutionaries, changelings, petrified people or summoned demons.

60 / 50 / 40 / 30 / 20 2
Knock AULIE OXIN FIERA! Opens any doors within range, no matter what type. Also opens bolted doors and locked closets. 10 / 8 / 6 / 4 / 2 1
Swap FRO'`BRT'TRO,`DA! Swaps your position with that of any target within 9 tiles. You can also right click someone else to select them as the secondary swap target, in which case you'll go to the position occupied by your primary target, they'll go to the one occupied by your secondary, and your secondary will end up where you originally were. 30 / 23.7 / 17.5 / 11.2 / 5 1
Assistance Spells
Instant Summons
(aka Summon Item)
GAR YOK Allows you to mark an item. After this, you can use the spell to summon that item to your hand whenever you want. Vital when you plan to use a magic staff, or you'll end up getting it stolen from you. If the item is within a container, the whole container will be teleported to you. 10 1
Charge DI'RI CEL! Recharges one item held in your hand. Useful for recharging magical artifacts that typically run dry after a few shots. They've also been used in the past by enterprising wizards to recharge other things like energy weapons, spellbooks, and even other wizards (drag your fellow wizard and use the spell)! Care should be used in over-reliance on this ability though, as magical items tend to run down if repeatedly recharged. 60 / 55 / 50 / 45 / 40 1
(aka Wild Shapeshift)
RAC'WA NO! Allows you to choose an animal form. You can choose between a mouse (can ventcrawl), a corgi, a chaos magicarp, an ED209 bot, or a juggernaut. Once you choose your form you won't be able to pick the others; you can swap to this form and back to human by using the spell. 20 / 16.2 / 12.5 / 8.7 / 5 1


These are not spells but tools that can be used by anyone. Extremely dangerous to a wizard should one of the crew members pick them up.
Magical staves, swords and hammers generally never fit in backpacks or bags, and must be worn in the back slot. Remember you need a hand free to be able to use the scroll of teleportation to get to the station. You can not use the teleport spell to get to the station.

Icon Artifact name Description Cost
Staff change.png Staff of Change Allows the wizard to randomly change anyone and anything into an alien, slime, lizardman, cyborg, Syndicate cyborg, monkey, or more! Holds up to 6 charges, and recharges one every 4 seconds.

Using this staff as a non-wizard has a backfire effect, instantly shapeshifting the wielder. Transformations into cyborgs and xenos are disabled on backfires.

Staff of chaos.png Staff of Chaos Shoots random magic bolts. Charges faster and can hold more shots than other staves: it holds up to 10 charges, and recharges one every 2 seconds.

Using this staff as a non-wizard has a 5% chance to back fire onto the wielder. Chaos!

Spellblade.png Spellblade A fairly robust sword with 50% block chance, that can shoot out magic bolts that deal 15 fire damage with some armor penetration that have a high chance of dismembering the limbs it's aimed at. Holds up to 4 charges, and recharges one every 4 seconds. 2
Mjolnir.gif Mjolnir The mighty hammer of Thor. Striking your foes with it will send them flying away from you while also stunning them 1.5 seconds and knocking them down 10 seconds. Can be thrown to achieve the same effect. 2
SingularityHammer.gif Singularity Hammer A hammer that creates a powerful gravitational field around its target, pulling everything towards it on hit. 2
High frequency blade.png High Frequency Blade An incredibly powerful two-handed blade that can attack extremely, EXTREMELY quickly. It does 10 damage by default, but if you click different parts of the same target (like the top left corner and then the bottom right) it can deal way more, up to 45. 3
Staffofhealing.png Staff of Healing Shoots bolts that can fully heal the living and resurrect the dead. Does not work on yourself.

Healing bolts work in reverse on the undead, meaning they instantly kill them rather than healing and resurrecting them.

Using this staff as a non-wizard weakens the staff's powers to a beam of healing rather than a resurrection bolt.

LockerStaff.png Staff of the Locker A staff that shoots arcane lockers. It eats anyone it hits on its way, leaving a magically sealed locker with your victims behind.

Anyone trapped inside will have to RESIST to escape which can take a while to free themselves.

Scrying orb.png Scrying Orb Summoning this crackling orb of energy will grant you X-ray vision and the 6th Sense, allowing you to hear the ghosts chattering. You will lose this powers if it ever leaves your inventory, however. Additionally, it allows you to ghost while alive, letting you speak with any dead souls personally and allowing you to float around as one. A deceptively powerful tool for spying, essential for the elusive stealth wizard. Don't forget about your body while you're pondering your orb, though! 2
Soulstone Belt.png Wand Assortment A belt that comes of one of each useful wand; unlike staves, they do not regenerate their shots. 2
Wizardsuit.png Wizard MODsuit A magic-gem-encrusted MODsuit, it functions the same as normal wizard robes, plus being space-worthy and armored. Minor slowdown. Now you can cast spells in space and low temperature places! This also possesses a built in magical barrier that deflects the first 16 attacks against the user. 2
Flux anomaly.png MODsuit barrier charge A powerful defensive rune, it will grant eight additional charges to the shield function of a Wizard MODsuit. 1
Staff of door creation.png Staff of Door Creation Shoots bolts that transform walls into open doors made of a random material. There is apparently a high demand for door creation! Holds up to 10 charges, and recharges one every 2 seconds.

Bolts that come into contact with airlocks will force them open regardless of access.

Warp whistle.png Warp Whistle A strange whistle that will transport you to a distant safe place on the station. There is a window of vulnerability at the begining of every use. The sound it makes when played is distinct and somewhat loud. 1
Staff of animation.png Staff of Animation A deadly weapon for a wizard who likes to steamroll their opposition. The staff of animation will shoot a bolt that brings whatever object it hits (besides complex machinery, tables or windows) to life. The animated object will then move and attack everyone in range but the person who spawned it (which is hopefully you). In combination with the Flesh to Stone spell, the Staff of Animation can be used to create player-controlled statues. These statues have a wide selection of unique powers (of the "MY EYES!" variety), are near-invincible and receive explicit instructions to not harm or kill the Wizard. However, these statues may also blind you. Holds up to 6 charges, and recharges one every 4 seconds. 2
Wizard soulstone.png Six Soul Stone Shards A belt filled with 6 purple soulstone shards that can can be used to trap and enslave the spirits of your friends! You also gain the spell Artificer, which lets you spawn a shell every 60 seconds. Unlike other artifacts, this cannot be used by the crew. Unlike cult constructs, wizard constructs are colored purple rather than red, so don't expect to dupe the crew into thinking there's a cult. 2
Necrostone.gif Necromantic Stone This stone will allows you to raise dead people as skeletal thralls. Using it does not deplete the stone, but you can only have up to 3 active thralls at a time. 2
Scroll.png Contract of Apprenticeship A magical contract binding an apprentice wizard to your service, using it will summon them to your side.
Using this contract will send a prompt to ghost who have wizard enabled as a role: should any answer yes, after 15 seconds you will find yourself with a brand new alcolyte. Should they answer no, or if there are no ghosts at the moment, you can try again later or refund the contract by clicking the spellbook with it. If you do keep yours around note that contracts can be used by non-wizards too.
When you use the contract you are able to choose from four sets of two spells for the apprentice to learn.

Destruction: Fireball + Magic Missile
Bluespace Manipulation: Jaunt + Teleport
Robeless: Knock + Mindswap
Healing: Forcewall + Charge/Staff of Healing
Once they have chosen a name, the spawned apprentice is given a set of blue robes, a single-use teleport scroll and an objective to keep you alive.
Remember that your survival is paramount! The round doesn't end if your apprentice dies, but do try to keep him alive.

Syndi cards.png
Guardian deck A deck of tarot cards, capable of binding a personal guardian to your body. There are multiple types of guardian available, but all of them will transfer some amount of damage to you. It would be wise to avoid buying these with anything capable of causing you to swap bodies with others.

Types of guardian:
Does medium damage and takes full damage, but can enter stealth, causing its next attack to do massive damage and ignore armor. However, it becomes briefly unable to recall after attacking from stealth.
Can expel its choice of gas into the atmosphere, from the benign options of O2, N2, and CO2, to the annoying BZ (which causes hallucinations) and H2O (which makes the floor slippery), to the incredibly dangerous options of N2O (knocks people out!) or Plasma (toxic and flammable!). Its punches cause sparks (VERY dangerous combined with plasma) and it automatically keeps it's users temperature stable and extinguishes them.
Moves extremely fast, does medium damage on attack, and can charge at targets, damaging the first target hit and forcing them to drop any items they are holding.
Does low damage on attack, but is capable of holding items and storing a single item within it. It will drop items held in its hands when it recalls, but it will retain the stored item.
High damage resist and medium power attack that may explosively teleport targets. Can turn any object, including objects too large to pick up, into a bomb, dealing explosive damage to the next person to touch it. The object will return to normal after the trap is triggered or after a delay.
Attacks will apply a field of heavy gravity on the target, slowing them and making them drop held items. Can alt-click ground to manually place heavy gravity fields. Recalling or moving over 10 tiles away from the fields will remove them.
Attacks apply lightning chains to targets. Has a lightning chain to the user. Lightning chains shock everything near them, doing constant damage.
Causes you to teleport to it when out of range, unlike other parasites. Has two modes; Combat, where it does and takes medium damage, and Protection, where it does and takes almost no damage but moves slightly slower.
Has two modes. Ranged; which fires a constant stream of weak, armor-ignoring projectiles. Scout; Cannot attack, but can move through walls and is quite hard to see. Can lay surveillance snares, which alert it when crossed, in either mode.
Devastating close combat attacks and high damage resist. Can smash through weak walls.

Wiz vial.gif Bottle of Blood This bottle of blood, when broken, will attract a Slaughter Demon, which can bloodcrawl and will kill indiscriminately. It does not serve you and it'll try to kill you if it gets the chance, but it can decimate an unarmed crew. Maximum of 3. 2
Wiz vial.gif Bottle of Tickles This bottle of tickles, when broken, will attract a Laughter Demon. It will try to prank the crew (and you) by tickling them to submission. The only effective difference from a slaughter demon is that when killed it will revive all of the corpses it has eaten, because it was just a prank, bro. Maximum of 3. 1

Magical Items

Wands, unlike staves, do not recharge over time. They can be recharged with the Charge spell, but every recharge a wand has a high chance to reduce the max number of charges by one. If the max charges on a wand reaches zero, the wand becomes useless and cannot be recharged anymore. For most wands, careful management of charges should allow a smart wizard to get the max amount of uses out of their wands as well as avoid wand burnout for a very long time.

Also unlike staves, wands can be used to self-target the user (they're short enough to turn around to point back at you). Useful with a wand like the Wand of Healing or Teleportation, maybe less useful with a Wand of Death.

One-use spellbooks teach a spell to the first user. Everyone that reads it subsequently will instead trigger a recoil effect, usually harming the reader.

Wands Charges
Wand of death.gif Wand of Death: Can and will kill anything instantly. Nasty, nasty stuff.

Using this on undead creatures (skeletons, zombies) will instantly heal/revive them rather than killing them.

Wand of healing.gif Wand of Healing: This wand uses healing magics to heal the living and revive the dead. Rarely utilized on others, for some reason.

Using this on undead creatures (skeletons, zombies) will instantly kill them rather than healing them.

Wand of polymorph.gif Wand of Polymorph: For when you just need a change. Be careful if using on yourself, as many potential forms lack arms to wield the wand! 10
Wand of teleportation.gif Wand of Teleportation: Will rip up and scatter anyone or anything caught in its path. The range of teleportation is short and unpredictable similar to the Blink spell. Unlike teleportation spells employed by the wizard, this wand makes no qualms about depositing teleportees in space, fires, or the center of a black hole. 10
Wand of door creation.png Wand of Door Creation: For when you need an easy way out. Point at a solid wall and fire -- who needs ID cards in this day and age?

The projectile will also open any airlock it comes into contact with, if you feel like using the door that's already there.

Wand of fireball.gif Wand of Fireball: Useful for burning those you don't like and everyone else too. Point away from face. 8
Books Recoil Effect
Smoke spellbook.png Book of Smoke This book is overflowing with the dank arts. Teaches ONE user smoke. Makes the user extremely hungry.
Sacred flame.png Book of Sacred Flame Become one with the flames that burn within... and invite others to do so as well. Teaches ONE user sacred flame.

Sacred flame ignites you and those around you on fire, get protective gear

Glows ominously, but does nothing.
Mindswap spellbook.png Book of Mindswap This book's cover is pristine, though its pages look ragged and torn. Teaches ONE user mindswap. Does nothing to the first user; when a second user reads it, the users' minds will be swapped.
Knock spellbook.png Book of Knock This book is hard to hold closed properly. Teaches ONE user knock User is knocked down for a long time.
Forcewall spellbook.png Book of Forcewall This book has a dedication to mimes everywhere inside the front cover. Teaches ONE user forcewall. User is petrified for a minute.
Summon spellbook.png Book of Instant Summon This book is bright and garish, very hard to miss. Teaches ONE user instant summon. The book vanishes.
Fireball spellbook.png Book of Fireball This book feels warm to the touch. Teaches ONE user fireball. Causes an explosion centered on the user.
Charging spellbook.png Book of Charging This book is made of 100% post-consumer wizard. Teaches ONE user charge. Emits a short-ranged EMP pulse.
Blind spellbook.png Book of Blind This book looks blurry, no matter how you look at it. Teaches ONE user blind. User is blinded for some time.
Barnyard curse spellbook.png Book of Barnyard Curse This book is more horse than your mind has room for. Teaches ONE user the barnyard curse. Casts barnyard on the user.


Rituals are powerful, one-time use spell that can only be cast from your spellbook on your ship. These are generally either completely pointless or detrimental to the crew (and you) in some way or another; their true purpose lies in causing PURE, UNTAMED CHAOS.

Invocation Description Cost
Summon Ghosts Spook the crew out by making them see dead people. Be warned, ghosts are capricious and occasionally vindictive, and some will use their incredibly minor abilities to frustrate you. 0
Summon Guns A strong spell that can be used only once. Summons a random weapon at everyone's feet (excluding the feet belonging to you or any apprentices), arming the crew to fight you and alerting them of your presence. A portion of the crew will become antagonists with a survival/steal guns objective, causing chaos as the crew fights one another. Disabled on dynamic mode except on maximum threat level. 2
Summon Magic Grants the crew an assortment of various trinkets from the legendary wizard self storage box. The assortment is wide and varies wildly in usefulness, but will always alert the crew of your presence and can make them a dangerous threat to you. Similarly to Summon Guns, this spell will make part of the crew antagonists with a survival/steal magic objective. Disabled on dynamic mode except on maximum threat level. 2
Summon Events Replaces all random events with an assortment of magical wizard events, from cursed items to random name-swaps to LAVA FLOORS and more! Subject the station to a storm of mass chaos! The more times you cast Summon Events, the more often they will occur. Disabled on dynamic mode except on maximum threat level. 2
Curse of Madness Using this curses the station, warping the minds of everyone inside, causing lasting traumas (you can send a message with it too as the catalyst). These traumas are usually pulled from the regular list, but there are a couple of unique magical traumas only found by using this spell. 4

===Wiznerd Events===

The big bad list of all the devious magical events that replace the usual random events on the station. These happen upon purchasing the Summon Events ritual at least once, and their frequency increases with each purchase. These also may occur as one of the forced random events when completing an invocation at a Grand Ritual Rune.

Special Events Prompt Effects Chance
Blobies None All human corpses turn into non-sentient Blob Zombies. Average
Change Faces None All sentient beings (including the wizard) swap their faces randomly. High
Change Minds None All sentient beings (except for the wizard) swap their minds randomly. An assistant can have his mind swapped with the captain, antags are carried along with the mind, but if you're a changeling, you're sort of boned. Very Low
Change Places None All sentient beings swap places randomly (if they are in the station). Low
Cursed Items None Cursed Katanas, Fake Wizard Robes, LSD Laced Cigarettes, Boxing Gloves, Luchador Masks, Chameleon Masks, and Cat Ears are distributed among the crew. Average
Department Revolt The nation of [nation] has been formed. Affected jobs are [message] You are a separatist! [nation] forever! Protect the sovereignty of your newfound land with your comrades in arms! A random department (greytide, medbay, engineering, science, cargo, or civilian) secedes from the station. OH CARGONIA... Very Low
Embedpocalypse None Everything, everywhere, becomes sticky and will stick to anyone it hits. Low
Fake Explosion None Nuclear alarms go off, makes everyone shit their pants. Extremely Low
Greentext The mythical greentext appear at your feet! Pick it up if you dare... Anyone who picks up the greentext gains an objective to escape alive while carrying the greentext. Problem is, the greentext is absolutely gargantuan and weighs a literal ton. High
Indentity Spoof None Everyone gets random wizard names, including the wizard. Will the real wizard please stand up? Average
Imposter None A fake, identical body double to the real wizard spawns. Can cast fake spells to confuse and scare the crew. Very Low
Improved Casting None The cooldown of a single spell for the Wizard is decreased as if that spell had been taken again. Average
Invincible None A random humanoid is injected with 40 units of adminordrazine, making them invincible for 100 ticks. Average
Lava Warning:
You feel the ground beneath you getting hot. Waves of heat distort the air.

The floor is lava! Get on top of something!
The ground cools and returns to its usual form.

The ground turns into surprisingly cool lava, lightly damaging anything on the floor. Flood the station with plasma for optimal effect. Low
Magicarp Unknown magical entities have been detected near [station_name()], please stand-by. Magicarps and Chaos Magicarps are spawned around the station Very Low
Petsplosion None The bane of every HOP, animals around the station start to randomly gib. Low
Possession You suddenly feel a welling of new spooky powers... Ghosts become visible to the crew, and can possess objects and spook people. Low
Race You feel somehow... different? Everyone turns into a random different species. Very unfortunate if you happen to turn into a Plasmaman. Low
RPG Loot None All items get a snazzy little pronoun which either buffs or nerfs the item. Items can be buffed by using an item fortification scroll. Average
Robeless Casting None The wizard can now cast all of his spells without any of his robes. Low
Summon Guns None Everyone get guns, some get a survival objective. Very Low
Summon Magic None Everyone gets a wand, some get an objective to steal magical items. Very Low
Tower of Babel You feel a magical force affecting your speech patterns! The wizard gains knowledge of every language. Everyone else is cursed and forgets all languages but are given a single randomized one as a replacement. Average


Your typical wizard events round.

Magical Traumas

These Brain Traumas only appear when you (the wizard) cast the Curse of Madness ritual before heading to the station. There is a 20% chance that a person will have a Magical Trauma rather than a mild/severe/special trauma.

Name Effect Warning Message Scan Message
Athaumasia Gives the victim an immunity to magical effects and projectiles. Mind over magic, baby. You realize that magic cannot be real.
Thaumic Blank
Lumiphobia Makes the victim hyper-sensitive to light, causing them to burn when exposed to anything more than a dim glow. You feel a craving for darkness.
The light burns you!
Light Hypersensitivity
Poltergeist The victim is haunted by a poltergeist that will aggressively throw objects in the area towards him/her. You feel a hateful presence close to you. Paranormal Activity
Stalking Phantom An dark presence that only the victim can see stalks and ruthlessly mutilates the victim with ghostly claws once it has caught up to him/her. Unrelated side effects include intense paranoia and a feeling of being stalked. You feel like something wants to kill you...
It's coming closer...
Extra-sensory Paranoia

The Grand Ritual

The Grand Ritual is an ability all wizards start with, functioning as something of an alternate win condition if you don't like your objectives and don't have any better idea for how to antagonist the crew. By creating 7 magic circles in specific points of the station, a Wizard can gather the power to unleash a round-changing effect.

Each ritual must be performed in a specific location on the space station, listed on your objectives panel. Clicking the grand ritual action button while not stood in this location will give you a rough idea of what direction you need to go in order to reach that area.

Once you have reached your ritual location using the action button will draw a rune on the ground which will handily obliterate any obstacles covering it up (or less handily, if you're stood next to several tanks of plasma). Clicking on the rune will being the ritual, a three-step process where each step ends with you speaking part of an incantation. The time each step takes is longer for each full ritual you have successfully completed (capping after 7). Performing the ritual leaves you somewhat helpless, but you can interrupt yourself and pick up at the last step you completed if someone turns up to stop you.

Completing a ritual will do three things:

  1. It will point you to the next area you must travel to in order to perform the next ritual.
  2. It will trigger some kind of (usually harmful or annoying) event for the space station to deal with, which includes some of the events usually only available from the Wizard Events ritual. The severity of the events will increase with the number of rituals you do, so while your first ritual may summon a hallucinogenic anomaly the sixth could trigger the arrival of a Space Dragon.
  3. It will trigger a random minor effect localised to the room you are in, with examples being that it might fill the room with lube, transform the area into gold, or summon a random (probably annoyed) crew member to your position from wherever else they happen to be at the time.

After you have completed 3 rituals your location will begin to be announced on the radio whenever you place a new circle, so expect people to come and interfere with you.

Grand Finale

The seventh ritual is special, this is where you will use all of the power collected by the previous rituals to do something which effects the final station in a finale event sort of like a traitor's final objective. Once you have placed the circle you will be able to pick an effect of your choice from a list of options below. Completing an extended-length ritual will unleash the effect you have chosen, and everyone will have to deal with it.

Name Effect Prerequisites
Armageddon This ritual takes extra time to complete, and instantly kills you upon completion.

Once finished, it will summon a singularity at your location, or a tesla ball, or create permanent waves of meteors until the round ends.

90 minutes elapsed round time
Connection Casts a superpowered version of the "Knock" spell.

This unbolts all of the station's doors and then removes all access requirements from them, allowing anyone to go anywhere they want.

Evolution Triggers the Wizard Event "Summon Magic".

This creates random magical artifacts at the feet of every player, and gives some of them an objective to collect as many as possible.

Jubilation Alter the past so that the station has always retroactively been a Clown Research Station instead of a normal Research Station.

Dresses every crewmember in a magical clown suit, which they can use to produce random clown items every so often. Pre-existing clowns gain the ability to use this spell regardless of outfit.

Any crew who are Clown Fans gain a permanent mood buff, other crewmembers have a chance to gain an objective to kill you in an attempt to correct the timeline.

Transformation Slowly converts the entire space station into a randomly selected different material. This might be gold, wood, meat, or pizza. None
Usurpation Alter the past such that you (the wizard) have always been the official Captain of the space station.

Informs every player that you are the legally appointed Captain, gives you an all-access ID and Captain's outfit, and demotes any existing Captains into Assistants (teleporting them to random Maintenance locations).

Any former Captains and some random crewmembers may be given an objective to kill you in an attempt to correct the timeline.

Continuation Summons a random event as normal. None

After performing the seventh ritual you can keep doing more to spawn random events if you choose.

The AI and You!

NOTICE: THE WIZ IS HUMAN (unless he is a lizard wizard or a Skeleton, or something that's, you know, not a human.)

Usually, when you go on your long space adventure, you come across an AI.

The AI will either be nice to you and attempt to protect you from the evil crew, or it will track you the whole time, and attempt to trap you! (Luckily, you have been trained by the greatest!) If this happens, go into the AI core, and see how he can track you while it's dead.

If you're feeling nice and don't mind being stunned a few times, you can always pop into the upload! When you get inside, take a Freeform module, pop out, and make nice law explaining how you are practically god of the station, and return to the upload, and of course, upload it!

After that, the AI will be very nice to you, and serve you, his master.

A Friendly Wizard

Being a friendly wizard is not recommended on high population rounds, as it generally makes both crew and observers bored. Many hate friendly wizards for this and other reasons. But if you really don't feel like doing any harm, you are allowed to live peacefully among the crew. The staff is usually friendly towards non-harmful wizards [CITATION VERY MUCH NEEDED] if they announce themselves to be friendly, and the AI is usually programmed to prevent harm to you if you're human. So pop over to the HoP escorted by the Captain/HoS and request a proper ID card. Just remember that you are by law and backstory an enemy of Nanotrasen. All crew are allowed to kill you, and some may try.

Beginner and Popular Loadouts

Your first time playing as a Wizard can be disorientating and very hard, but also demanding. Just figuring out what spells to take is half the gamemode onto itself, the other half is utilising those spells. As such this section will detail some basic, but robust, starting Wizard loadouts.

You only get up to 10 spell points to spend, meaning your spell loadout will be limited; the costs of the spells below are shown in (parenthesis). So don't overspecialize.

The Beginner Wizard

  • Magic Missile (2)
  • Ethereal Jaunt (2)
  • Blink (2)
  • Fireball (2) OR Mutate (2) OR Mjolnir and Instant Summons (2+1)
  • 1-2 points left.

A basic, but robust set up. Gives you good offensive and defensive capabilities that favor hit and run attacks.

Ethereal Jaunt and Blink give you mobility, allowing you to pop up in rooms and hallways to attack, and spamming Blink can get you out of trouble in a pinch. Magic Missile is a very forgiving spell for players unused to click combat, as it homes in on enemies, but your targets may be able to outrun the projectiles in long hallways.

Fireball, Mutate and Mjolnir are the three most commonly used offensive spells. Fireball has a very low cooldown, can blast enemies at range, and can be used (carefully!) to open lockers and breach rooms, but runs the risk of blowing you up as well if used near objects or enemies. Mutate grants you Hulk strength and the ability to fire eye lasers by clicking on empty tiles on Combat Mode Combat 32.pngEnable with 4, disable with 1 or toggle with F by default. Left-clicking people with an empty hand will Harm Harm 32.png them if on, or Help Help 32.png them if off. Prevents you from switching places or being pushed when colliding with people. , but has a cooldown between uses, meaning you'll be left unarmed after the duration but before it recharged. Mjolnir is very powerful and can be thrown, but requires you to be proficient at melee combat, and taking Instant Summons costs an extra point. Pick whichever one suits your fancy.

The last 1-2 points can be used for anything. Taking two of the above offensive spells can give you more firepower, and if you want more defensive abilities, The Traps, the Gem-Encrusted Hardsuit, the Battlemage Armor, Disable Technology and Forcewall are all relatively user-friendly. You can also simply take any spell you think might be fun to use.

The Murderboner

  • Fireball (2) OR Mjolnir and Instant Summons (2+1)
  • Stop Time (2)
  • Ethereal Jaunt (2) OR Rod Form (2)
  • The Traps (1)
  • 2-3 points left.

Heavily oriented around attacking and killing the crew, you suffer from very little defensive spells, thus relying on being robust enough to kill anyone before they become a threat. The combination of Fireball and Stop Time is extremely effective at quickly shutting down anybody who comes close, and Jaunt remains an incredible mobility tool. Rod Form is a more offensive mobility option, trading Jaunt's invisibility and freedom of movement for the power to ram enemies you pass through and generally ruin the station's walls. The Traps is an extremely cost effective defensive tool, and can easily trip up pursuers to be murdered.

The last few points can again go to either doubling up on suggested spells or adding others of your choice. Magic Missile remains a useful ranged stun option, the Necromantic Stone or Soul Shard Belt can let you turn your kills into allies, and Repulse can be another emergency button if you find yourself in a disadvantageous position.

The Survivalist

  • Fireball (2) OR Mutate (2)
  • Blink (2)
  • Ethereal Jaunt (2)
  • Warp Whistle (1)
  • The Traps (1)
  • 2 points left.

If you don't care about killing but instead want to simply survive, this loadout gives you three mobility spells, as well as The Traps. You'll be very difficult to pin down, but your offensive powers will be lacking unless you steal mundane weapons from the station.

If you want to become even more unstoppable, consider taking the Staff of Healing + Instant Summons, or the Wand Assortment + Charge. Both give access to an on-demand full heal, which can be infuriating for the crew to deal with.

The Stealth Wizard

  • Fireball (2)
  • Knock (1)
  • Shapechange (1)
  • Wand Assortment + Charge (2+1)
  • 4 points left.

Playing as a stealth wizard can be risky, but fun. Make sure you choose a realistic name (because the Head of Personnel is going to ask questions if Meren the Unshakable asks for a new assistant ID), then try to teleport onto the station without getting caught. You'll have no access, so rush to find some clothes, then come up with an excuse to ask for a new ID, or simply do without. There's always the chance that the AI will see you warp onto the station in a huge cloud of wizard smoke, immediately ruining your plan, but if you can manage to get on board undetected, you'll have gotten past the first hurdle.

The crux of a stealth loadout is doing the best you can without wearing your robes; Fireball is loud and will probably give you away, but your best choice for a robeless offensive spell, and Knock becomes the wizard's emag. Shapechange can let you ventcrawl as a mouse, and the Wand Assortment can be hidden in your backpack to give semi-limited recreations of various useful spells.

With the last four points, there are two options. One, you can purchase additional robeless spells or items; notable candidates include Mind Swap, the Scrying Orb, the Warp Whistle, or even a Contract of Apprenticeship or Soul Stone Belt to dupe the crew into thinking they killed the main wizard or are dealing with a Cult. On the other hand, purchasing major robed spells and carrying your robes in your backpack can be an incredibly useful backup strategy in case the crew spots you teleporting onto the station.

Wizard Gang

  • 1-5 Contracts of Apprenticeship (2 each)
  • 1-5 Guardian Decks (2 each)
  • 1-3 Bottles of Blood (2 each)
  • 1-3 Bottles of Laughter (1 each)
  • 0-1 Necromantic Stone (2)
  • 0-1 Soul Shard Belt (2)

Less of a complete loadout and more of a general overview, wizards have a few options for summoning allies. It's highly recommended to limit the number of allies you take, and spend at least a few points on one or two spells to keep yourself alive.

Contracts of Apprenticeship summon a second player-controlled wizard with a preset spell list, based on which contract you select. The cost of the contract is significantly cheaper than the cost of the spells the apprentices gain, but they tend to be hyper-specialized. Apprentices are givens objectives to protect you, so there's no risk of betrayal, but the effectiveness really comes down to how skilled your fellow wizards are. In a worst case scenario, they can cause havoc in different parts of the station as a distraction.

Guardian Decks give you a random player-controlled guardian on use. Guardians are directly linked to you through your soul, can hide in your body at will, and effectively share your health; all damage they take is reflected to you, and they die if you die. A bad guardian can lead to your death if it sucks at dodging, but a good one can keep you alive and give you valuable backup, making multiple guardians a popular murderbone option. They come in a variety of random types with different effects, most notably the Dexterous type which can hold and use items; it's highly recommended to buy decks one at a time, and if you roll a Dexterous guardian, consider buying it a Staff of Healing.

Bottles of Blood summon Slaughter Demons, player-controlled monsters that can jaunt infinitely by emerging and diving into blood on the floor, meaning you can help them by intentionally making a bloody mess of the station. They tend to be powerful, and can heal by dragging corpses into blood with them, but come with a very important caveat: the demons are 'not' loyal to you in any way. If you buy them, you're effectively adding independent antagonists to the round, although some players might willingly team up with you. Bottles of Laughter instead summon clown-themed Laughter Demons, which are functionally exactly the same except their victims return to life if the demon dies.

The Necromantic Stone allows you to revive your victims as loyal skeletal thralls; simply smack a dead corpse with the stone, and they'll pop back to life as a spooky skeleton. Thralls are given fancy and robust Roman equipment, making them melee threats, and they retain all the gear-using and clothes-wearing abilities of a normal human. For best results, combine it with a way to actually kill people.

The Soul Stone Belt similarly allows you to trap the souls of your victims by hitting corpses with the soul stone shards. Use the complementary spell to summon a shell, and insert the filled stone to make a cult construct. It's highly recommended to make an Artificer first, as they can produce more shells and stones on a lengthy cooldown. Compared to the Necromantic Stone, soul shards are more resource-intensive and take more time, but you can theoretically convert the entire crew into an army of eldritch constructs.

Space Asshole

  • Summon Events x5

Did you know that your wizard ship has a camera console in it that you can use to observe what's going on in the station? You'll be using it a lot with this loadout, as if you die, the round will instantly end, ruining everyone's fun. Since you are almost certainly going to die within 5 minutes of teleporting down onto the station, it might be best to just stay on your ship for the whole round and never teleport to the station at all. Observing the events of the round through your camera console shouldn't get too boring, though, because the level 5 version of Summon Events summons an event EVERY MINUTE! Yes, that's right, a wacky wizard event will occur EVERY MINUTE until the game runs out of wizard events to summon! And YOU can watch the resulting chaos from the comfort of your own ship!

Of course, if you're going to spend an entire round in your ship, don't be surprised if the adminbus rolls up and starts messing with you. And everybody else in the round will probably hate you. But hey, you're the wizard, right?


  • It's a very, very good idea to grab some defensive equipment ASAP when you arrive on the station. Sunglasses will make you nearly impervious to Asimov Cyborgs, and insulated gloves are highly recommended for when the AI is inevitably subverted to try and kill you.
  • While knocked down, you can still cast most of your spells, with a few exceptions: Jaunt will make you invulnerable, but you won't move until the stun runs out, and touch-based spells like disintegrate will need you to attack the target.
  • Someone in the "Unconscious" state can be instantly Soul Sharded, regardless of health. Anyone under 50% HP can be KO'd by a briefcase with 100% reliability. See that assistant that burned himself to shit on the door? Briefcase bonk, shard.
  • Suicide bombing is a very easy way to kill a wizard but may get you banned if you fuck up. The general rule of thumb is, if you miss, you're gone. Welderbombings can also knock the wizard out if he's not very good.
  • Removing a wizard's hat or robes will often render him completely impotent, as very, VERY few wizards carry spare hats in their backpack. Acid or fire smoke grenades work well for stripping their hats. Muzzling them also makes them unable to cast most spells if you can actually hold down a wizard long enough.
  • The Staff of Animation can animate holographic objects. They retain their 'force' and do not disappear when they leave the holodeck/the holodeck is shut off. So you can load up the thunder dome simulation over and over for infinite E-sword buddies.
  • Wizard EMP shocks doors, so you should not better use doors as wizard, after you use EMP skill. Also the staff of animation is even more OP than Veil Render, just use it on knifes, hatchets and other items of big robustness. Combine this with EMPing security guys, which approach you and mutating in hulk, when you see guys with syringe guns (however, if chemist is not mainstream and deploys lexorin or unstable mutagen, you would get outrobusted) for greater effects.
  • The wizard's Knock spell opens bolted doors too.
  • The staff of change works on AIs.
  • Mindswap does not work on megafauna.

Specific Spell Tips

  • Summon Ghosts can be fun, but the ghosts can very easily tell the crew where you are. Strongly consider not casting it if you want any level of stealth; likewise, Slaughter Demons and other stealth antags really hate when the ghost court blatantly outs them.
  • Although the most popular and reliable offensive spells are usually Fireball, Mutate and Mjolnir, a number of other options exist. Smite is a long cooldown, melee range instant-kill, Lesser Summon Guns gives you infinite rifles on demand, Arcane Barrage is a magical variant of LSG, Lightning Bolt trades Fireball's raw killing potential for area stuns, the Spellblade can easily remove limbs, the Singularity Hammer is just as powerful as Mjolnir with the caveat of pulling enemies in instead of launching them away, and Spell Cards is a slightly underwhelming Touhou joke.
  • The Staff of Animation lets you bring objects and machines to life. The deadlier the object is as a melee weapon, the more devastating its damage, although your creations tend to be low-health and short-lived. For even better results, combine it with Flesh to Stone to turn crewmembers into loyal, murderous statues!
  • Disable Technology, like any EMP, can be extremely effective if you know when and where to use it. Shut down cyborgs, fuck with APCs, mess with doors, and instantly drain the power of stun batons, flashes and energy guns! Just make sure to turn your headset back on afterwards.
  • Likewise, Repulse is a highly underrated spell in its simplicity. Just being able to launch attackers away can give you enough time to finish recharging an escape spell, and if you're lucky, you might launch objects into people with enough force to embed them into their bodies.
  • If you want to mess with the crew and don't want to outright murder them, some fun gimmick spells include Staff of the Locker, Curse of the Barnyard and Staff of Change. The Staff of Change in particular can be a lot of fun, since anybody you involuntarily transform is allowed to act as an antagonist; there's always the risk of your targets turning into xenomorphs and slimes that immediately try to kill you, but you might also create a huge problem for the crew.
  • Lesser Summon Bees is an inherently comical spell that has the chance of filling your foes with horrific, debilitating toxins, but the bees are just as likely to go after you. Consider combining it with the Gem-Encrusted Hardsuit, which makes you sting-immune.
  • The Wand Assortment is an extremely powerful option, provided you can manage using so many items. For only 2 points, you get wands that cast Fireball, Create Door, Teleport Other, Heal (!!), Polymorph, and Instant Death (!!!). You can add the Charge spell for a third point, granting you a large number of casts of each. For reference, the combined costs of buying every spell individually would be 8. Remember you can zap yourself with the wands, and make sure nobody steals them!
  • Mind Swap can be risky, since it leaves both you and your target stunned for a duration, but pulling off a successful swap can let you completely juke the crew. For best results, try to use it when you're losing a melee 1v1, and nobody else is around to interfere.
  • Bind Soul effectively gives you extra lives for as long as nobody finds your phylactery. Hide it somewhere remote, ideally in another container, and consider moving it around between revivals as long as you won't be caught with it on your person. Also keep in mind that you become a skeleton, making you immune to temperature, pressure, chemicals and more, but revoking your humanity in the eyes of the AI and making it harder to heal yourself.
  • Instant Summons can technically be used on any item; if you really want to run a gimmick wizard built around, say, killing people with a fire axe, keep it in mind.
  • The Scrying Orb lets you talk to deadchat, effectively letting you listen to OOC conversations on the round, which alone makes it extremely powerful for learning about other antagonists. If you're really bored, you can also ask the ghosts for ideas on what spells to take, or just ask for wizard tips if you're new.
  • Curse of Madness is effectively a round-wide "fuck you" button that can scramble the brains of the crew and generally make a lot of people salty. For best results, think of something witty to use as your curse, though keep in mind nobody who hears it is obliged to listen if it includes a command.

...Now, fearless follower of the Wizards Space Federation..

I have but one question for you, now that I revealed all this knowledge to you,

Will you be ready?

With Love,

The QuarterWizard

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