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Note: This page is moderated and can be referenced in OOC issues, such as ban appeals, complaints, reports, etc. This may not apply to the pages this page links to.

Conduct we expect from admins acting in an official capacity both in and out of the servers. If you have concerns with an admin violating any of these, make a complaint or PM a Head Admin.


General Admin Conduct, Rules, and Expectations

Admin Rules

  • Headmins will often write directives that admins should follow. These are found here viewtopic.php?f=29&t=9987.
  • Be in IRC or Discord if you are adminning on the servers.
  • Don't cheat. Do not use admin powers for your own benefit. Don't use your powers to abuse other players.
  • Don't handle an adminhelp that involves you. Admins can't involve themselves as both an admin and player in a matter. This also means adminhelping like any other player would if you want to report an issue. Another admin will be needed to help you.
  • Don't interfere with another admin's ban or adminhelp unless requested. Feel free to point out important missed details or useful information however. Higher-ranked admins are encouraged to advise and guide other admins, but overruling someone else's ban falls to the headmins.
  • Privacy is expected by the players. Do not publicize IP(s) and computer IDs (cids) anywhere in game or outside.
  • Don't be a hypocrite. If you're doing something you'd normally ban someone for doing, you're breaking this.
  • Don't spam sounds and events. If you're queuing sounds one after the other, or if you're running an event every day, you're doing it too often.

Rule 9 Bans, Evidence, and Conduct

  • Do not apply underage bans on a suspicion. Concrete, ethically-obtained evidence sourced from the person being banned is what constitutes acceptable proof.
  • Under no circumstance is it acceptable to seek out a player's age beyond asking them. Seeking out their age/info through external sources such as other websites, communities, and people is strictly prohibited.
    • Exception: It is acceptable ban players who have admitted to or have been banned for being underage in other SS13 communities.
      • If the ban is from another SS13 community, the ban's evidence must be: legitimate, readily available, reviewed by the banning admin, and not acquired through external sources (as previously mentioned). In other words, the evidence for this ban must be very strong and fit the standards for what we'd ban for on /tg/. Few things besides admission from the person banned qualifies for this.
  • If a player's age is brought to the administration's attention by a third party, this information should not be acted upon. This is to discourage people seeking out each others' information, as this has historically lead to really bad situations.
    • Exception: Third parties reporting someone admitting to being underage is acceptable ONLY if reported privately with 24 hours. The admission MUST be within an official /tg/Station13 channel (the official Discord server, forums, OOC chat, etc.).

General Admin Guidelines

  • If you're unsure about something, ask your fellow admins for opinions in game and on adminbus. If there is lots of disagreement over an issue, ask a Head Admin for clarification.
  • Maintain professional conduct both in game and outside of the game. It is expected that you take the position seriously. This doesn't mean you can't talk casually to the playerbase, but remain professional on the forums, as well as on other Space Station 13 communities.
  • Please be careful if you choose to ‘test’ something you have little idea about. If someone asks something like “How much damage does a stunbaton do”, that can be checked easily, but more outlandish questions, like pertaining to var editing, should be investigated on your own local server and not the thunderdome, as you risk crashing the server.
  • Unless you're the only admin online, you're expected to de-admin while playing a sensitive role like security, the Captain, or the AI. You get to avoid the barrage of metainfo, and we can avoid player suspicions of admins cheating (Yes, we've had this real issue before). You also won't have to take a break from the action to answer adminhelps (and players won't become frustrated because you're too busy playing to help them).

Event and Badminning Guidelines

  • Carefully consider factors like the current server population, time of round, how many afk people there are, how many dead people there are, whether people are enjoying the round already or busy with projects, etc. before you start pressing buttons.
  • Do not interfere or try to add your own spice to events run by other admins.
  • If you need someone to fill a role in-game, such as an event character or someone who is AFK, prioritize players over admins. We're here to create fun for them, not for ourselves. If you are killing or otherwise acting as an antag as an event character yourself, think twice.
  • Do not stack sound files, or split long songs into smaller parts in order to play them. This creates a lot of slowdowns to the players especially in foreign countries, and those with bad internet connection.
  • A good litmus test for whether the event/badminning you're doing is appropriate or not, is to think about whether you would have found it appropriate as a player or not.
  • Above all, you're here to keep the game fun and fair for the players.