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Access: Wherever your job has access to
Additional Access: Wherever you can break into or teleport to.
Difficulty: HARD
Supervisors: Forgotten Gods
Duties: Find influences, notice they all have been taken. Sacrifice people and ascend as a vessel of your god
Guides: This is the guide.

"Forgotten, devoured, gutted. Humanity has forgotten the eldritch forces of decay, but the mansus veil has weakened. We will make them taste fear again..."

So you're a heretic? Well, get ready for some magic and battle. Grab those influences, make some sacrifices, and ascend to godhood.


You are a nasty little bookworm in search of truth and power, and you have arrived on a station ripe with opportunities. You can increase your power in two ways: harvest magic energies from the eldritch influences around the station, or by sacrifing any crewmember your dark patrons may hunger for.

You start off with 2 items : Codex Cicatrix Heretic forbidden book.png and Living Heart Heart.png.

Codex CicatrixHeretic forbidden book.png

Your most important possession. Use this item to research skills, collect influences, draw runes, remove runes.

  • To research skills, use the book in your hand. There you go, you can learn any dark abilities you have access to. You start with 1 point, to invest in a path and determine which kind of heretic you will be, but more on that later.
  • To collect the influences Reality fracture.gif around the station, click on them with the book in your hand. The influences are invisible to all but heretics before harvest, but each one you collect becomes visible to everybody. Don't look too hard into them either, they can cause brain damage.
  • To draw a transmutation rune click a on a turf (ground tile) with your book to select the center square and start drawing. The rune is 3x3 so remember to have enough space!
  • To remove runes click on one with the book while standing on it. (the rune actually resides in the center, but can be interacted with from all 9 tiles the sprite covers).

Living HeartHeart.png

Your most important organ. Assigns you a target for sacrifice, granting your Codex a charge on ritual completion. To obtain a target, drop the heart on a rune drawn by Codex Cicatrix. Activate the rune by clicking on it with your empty hand while standing on it, that is, be on one of the rune's nine tiles. You have now received a target. Kill them and bring the body back to the rune. Activate the rune again, and if you did everything right, the body disintegrates and your book obtained a charge.

Important!: For all living heart rituals, make sure the heart is on the rune, and that you are carrying your Codex Cicatrix on your person.

You can create more Living hearts by transmuting a normal heart Heart.png, a poppy (Poppy.png) and a pool of blood. To transmute items for your rituals, simply place them on the rune, then activate it. In this case, drop a heart and a poppy on the rune, and if no blood is present... produce some.

Mansus Grasp Mansus grasp.gif

Mansus grasp is a modular ability you start with as heretic. Activating the ability empowers your active hand with eldritch energies: by default, it causes a 5 second knockdown, some stamina damage and 10 burn damage to any person you touch with your hand. It will be empowered with more abilities as your knowledge of the ancients increases. 15 seconds cooldown after each use.


There are different aspects of the arcane to which you can devote yourself. While all rituals and spells can be learned, your first and most important choice will decide how your weapon Heretic blade.png and grasp Mansus grasp.gif will evolve, and how your final ascension will transform you.

Path Name Description
Path of Ash Nightwatcher's secret Easiest path. The main abilities of ash are about fire. Ash is also about mobility, crowd control and being a sneaky fucker that can jaunt while handcuffed. Ash abilities are all about that. If you are starting out i strongly recommend taking this path, as it is by far the easiest to be on. It doesn't have the most powerful abilities until the later game, but it is still enjoyable.
Path of Rust Blacksmith's Tale Rust is about healing, corruption and brute forcing through all obstacles. Stealth isn't one of your strengths. Rust gives you abilities that can one shot silicons, fry any electronics, destroy any turfs and take down any non-living being. Abilities on this path allow you to heal while on rusted tiles, and you get access to some pretty powerful spells. Second Easiest Path.
Path of Flesh Principle of Hunger Hardest Path by far, but the most enjoyable. You get to become &*@#^&@^#&@^# during your ascension. Flesh is about resurrection and summonings. You don't get ANY offensive spells, NO defensive spells. Just summonings and necromancy. Slow to start snowballing but VERY powerful late game. Watch out for stolen bodies.


Your final goal as a heretic is to go down to the last ability of your path and ascend. The ascension will give you powers akin to a wizard. Ash will grant you powers having to do with fire, Rust will grant you brute force and healing abilities, and Flesh will give you the ability to shed your skin into a more powerful form.


Below is a table with all your abilities. You start at the top, selecting your path with your initial point. After choosing your starting path, upgrading your mansus grasp (hand ability), and choosing your first ability, you can research any ability on the chart adjacent to what you already posses: for example, if you are a rust cultist and want ashen shift, you can learn priest's ritual, and then ashen shift. You can however only have one mark and one blade ability. If you reach the bottom, you can unlock the ascension corresponding to your path.

In essence:

  • Pick your starting path at the top; This decides how your blade is made, and which ascension will be available if you reach the bottom.
  • Pick your mansus grasp ability (obligatory), directly below your starting choice.
  • Pick the first ability that is your same color (obligatory), directly below your grasp ability.
  • You can now unlock whatever is adjacent (left, right, below) to what you picked BUT
  • You may only pick ONE of the mark abilities, and after that only ONE of the blade enhancements. These must not be the same as your path. These cost two points each.
  • If you manage to reach the end, you can unlock your ascension for three points.

Path of Ash Path of Flesh Path of Rust

Locksmith's Secret Principle of Hunger Blacksmith's Tale

Ash blade.png
Follow the ashen path.
Transmute a knife with a match for an ashen blade.
Flesh blade.png
Follow the flesh path.
Transmute a knife and a pool of blood into a flesh blade.
Rust blade.png
Follow the rust path.
Transmute a knife and a trash item into a rusty blade.

Grasp of Ash Grasp of Flesh Grasp of Rust

Mansus grasp.gif
Your mansus grasp now flings opponents away from you.
Mansus grasp.gif
Your mansus grasp now raises dead players into ghouls, ONCE per player. They look like husks and have 25 HP.
Mansus grasp.gif
Your mansus grasp now deal 500 damage to inorganic matter. Rusts any surface it's used on, and destroys any surface that is already rusty.

Priest's Ritual Ashen Shift Ashen Eyes Imperfect Ritual Armorer’s ritual Leeching Walk Priest's Ritual

Heretic flask.png
Transmute a tank of water into a flask(50u) of eldritch water. Heals a bit of everything, harms others a bit in everything.
Ashen shift.gif
A jaunt spell that makes you immaterial and pass through walls.
Very short duration, you will only manage 5-6 tiles in a straight line.
Heretic medallion.png
Transmute a shard of glass with eyes organ to produce an amulet of heatvision.
You can see better in the dark, and can see living beings through walls.
Transmute a corpse and a poppy into a voiceless death: mute ghouls with 50hp, but no voice.
Limit of 2 at a time.
Heretic armor.gif
Transmute a table (built) and a gasmask to create a suit of armor. The suit more or less halves damage received.
You slowly heal while standing on rusted tiles. Heretic flask.png
Transmute a tank of water into a flask(50u) of eldritch water. Heals a bit of everything, harms others a bit in everything.

Mark of Ash Mark of Flesh Mark of Rust

Ash blade.png
Your blade applies ash marks on hit. Touch a marked person with your grasp to deal stamina damage and burning.
The burning spreads to other people, becoming a bit stronger each time.
Flesh blade.png
Your blade applies flesh marks on hit. Touch a marked person with your grasp to make them bleed profusely.
Rust blade.png
Your blade applies rust marks on hit. Touch a marked person with your grasp to deal 0-200 damage to items they are carrying.

Curse of Corrosion Curse of Blindness Curse of Paralysis Raw Ritual Blood Siphon Aggressive Spread Curse of Corrosion

Decal bio.png
Transmute a knife, a spill of blood, a heart, left and right arm, and an item that the victim touched to curse them for 2 minutes of vomiting and slight organ damage.
Transmute a pair of eyes, a knife and a pool of blood with an object that the victim has touched to curse them with 2 minutes of complete blindness.
Transmute a knife, pool of blood, left and right leg, a hatchet and an item that the victim touched to curse them for 5 minutes of leg paralysis.
Raw prophet.png
Transmute eyes, a left arm, right arm and a pool of blood into a Raw Prophet. Raw prophets have increased seeing range, as well as Xray. But are very fragile and weak.
Blood siphon.gif
A touch spell that steals a bit of life from others to heal you.
Spreads rust to nearby turfs. Destroys already rusted walls.
Decal bio.png
Transmute a knife, a spill of blood, a heart, left and right arm, and an item that the victim touched to them for 2 minutes of vomiting and slight organ damage.

Fiery Blade Bleeding Steel Toxic Blade

Ash blade.png
Your blade adds firestacks to those you attack.
Flesh blade.png
Your blade causes additional bleeding to those you attacks.
Rust blade.png
Your blade causes toxic damage to those you attack.
Cleave Fiery Rebirth Ashen Ritual Lonely Ritual Rusted Ritual Wave of Rust Cleave

A ranged spell that gives bleeding wounds to the target and those around them.
Drains nearby alive people that are engulfed in flames. It heals 10 of each damage type per person. If a person is in critical condition it finishes them off.
Transmute a pile of ash, a head and a book to summon an ashman. Ashmen have ashen shift, and a spell that lets them send off a great wave of fire.
Transmute a knife, a flower, a pen and a piece of paper to summon a Stalker. Stalkers can shapeshift into different creatures to blend in, inheriting their stats.
Rust walker.png
Transmute a vomit pool, a head and a book to summon a Rust Walker. Rust walkers can walk around and shoot waves of rust.
Rust wave.gif
A spell that sends off a harmless projectile which rusts and damages the terrain.
A ranged spell that gives bleeding wounds to the target and those around them.

Ashlord's Rite Priest’s Final Hymn Rustbringer’s Oath

Heretic rune.png Decal fire.png
Transmute 3 corpses to ascend and become immune to fire/cold and space. You gain two spells: to surround yourself with fire for a minute, and to send off a massive fire wave like ashmen.
Heretic rune.png Terror of the night armsy.png
Transmute 3 corpses to ascend as Lord of the night or summon a terror of the night.
Heretic rune.png Transmute 3 corpses to ascend. While on rust tiles, your healing is tripled. Rust also spreads from the ritual's rune. Heretic rune.png
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Command Captain, Head of Personnel
Security Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective
Engineering Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
Science Research Director, Geneticist, Scientist, Roboticist
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Service Janitor, Bartender, Cook, Botanist, Clown, Mime, Chaplain, Curator
Civilian Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner, Assistant, Lawyer, Psychologist, Prisoner
Non-human AI, Cyborg, Positronic Brain, Drone, Personal AI, Construct, Imaginary Friend, Split Personality, Ghost
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Special CentCom Official, Death Squad Officer, Emergency Response Officer, Chrono Legionnaire, Highlander, Ian, Lavaland Role
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