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Prisoner basic.png Prisoner action.png
Access: None
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: You are above the law Warden
Duties: Break windows to space and hide in cargo for the rest of the round, defending your freedom. Do whatever you can in permabrig.
Guides: This is the guide
Quote: "What are you in for?"

Important: Just becuase you are in perma DOES NOT mean you are an antagonist. You are still bound by rule 1.

For some god forsaken reason, in a Space Station literally filled to the brim with opportunities, you've chosen to become the single job which has a severely constrained pool of options. Well, good for you! In fact, the Prisoner is one of the few roles which can actually work as intended for both new players and veterans, whilst still providing options for conflict.

Bare minimum requirements: Have enough common sense and basic morality in your head to not wordlessly shank the Warden to death with spears when they come to deposit a prisoner
Basic skills: Roleplay a bit, make up a backstory, converse with your fellow prisoner.
Advanced skills: Spark up a bit of action and conflict while you're at it! Keep Security on their toes.

Welcome to the Permabrig


This will probably be your home for most of the shift. You spawn in here with one other prisoner, without any backstory. There is a bareboned garden, a basketball hoop, a small laundromat, and some sanitary facilities. There is some food, along with a Microwave, but don't expect Nanotrasen to provide much for you. After all, you ARE a criminal. Besides that, there's an arcade machine, two decks of cards, and a bag of dice to keep yourself somewhat entertained. Within this picture, there are all the materials for crafting a Spear and conducting a jailbreak without dying. But, I ain't telling you.

Ideally, since you are the single job without any duties or obligations, you should be making a backstory for yourself to keep yourself sane. Do note that late-joins cannot be Prisoners, so if only a single prisoner happens to spawn, well, no luck in that guy having much fun.

The Case for New Players

Regardless of anything, however, a very strong case can be made for the Prisoner being the single most friendly job for a new player, even above Assistant.

  1. The role isn't timelocked, so you can just jump right in.
  2. Like an Assistant, you have zero responsibilities whatsoever.
  3. There's a good chance that your companion prisoner is experienced, and with nothing to do, they're usually open to showing you the ropes. As a plus, Prisoners actually can't be selected to become an Antagonist roundstart, and therefore you can put your trust into the other prisoner, without much fear of them stabbing you in the back.
  4. By being in the Permabrig, you're actually protected from the outside station by the rest of the security department. Whilst wandering around as an Assistant, there's a chance that you're going to get shot or stabbed by a friendly roaming Traitor or converted into a Cultist or Revolutionary, which can be disorientating. In the permabrig, you have all the time in the world to learn the controls and the sort.
  5. Security, by knowing that you can't be an Antagonist, usually leave you reasonably alone. If they're super bored, they might poke you every so often, but you are OOC protected from getting your shit kicked in without reason. If you don't spark shit, Security has their hands tied in terms of tormenting you.
  6. As an Assistant, in the mayhem and chaos, you often forget that SS13 is actually a roleplaying game. By being chained in a room, roleplay actually ends up being one of the first things that you learn, which is great!

Finally, it isn't like the Prisoner role is devoid of action. You can, along with your fellow prisoner, engineer a jailbreak for example. Or, perhaps a virus happens to bolt open the permabrig for you. Or you can negotiate with a passing engineer through the medium of paper and pen to disassemble your cell windows. Or well, if Security has fallen to the cult or revolutionaries, you might be freed and converted. If this has happened, the station's probably fucked either way, so there's no fear of you being a liability.

Things to Do

  • Play cards.
  • Mock the AI through the security cameras with a piece of paper.
  • Watch as the AI hopelessly screeches at you through the Holopad.
  • Grow plants.
  • Dye your clothes so that you look like a hippie.
  • Draw shitty drawings.
  • I haven't gotten around to adding more, too busy escaping into Cargo.
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