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TGMC is a project based on the CM-SS13 codebase.

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Medical Researcher
Access: Research, Medbay
Difficulty: Medium
Rank: N/A
Class: Corporate Civilian
Supervisors: Nanotrasen
Duties: Research xenomorphs while help marines get req points. Cultivate and grow xenomorphs in the research pens.
Guides: Guide to Research, Guide to Medicine, Guide to Chemistry, Guide to Surgery, Guide to Paperwork


You have recently been contracted by TGMC to research xenomorphs so that you can pay for your college debt on xenobiology. As a Medical Researcher assigned to the TGMC by your corporate overlords at Nanotrasen, your primary job is to dissect and research things. Since you are also a medical provider and be with the marines in deployments, you are also (loosely) expected to heal marines.


The Requisition Pipeline

As a medical researcher, you have all the skills a medical doctor has, but a very different set of responsibilities. You're employed for research, not for medical work, though people will need to be healed, and if you're the only doctor onboard, you're going to have to be that doctor, one way or another. In plainer terms: if there's no other Medbay staff, do not deploy. You can still do the more significant half of your job on the ship, as long as marines are patient enough to send corpses up on the Alamo instead of using a fulton or ASRS pad, and having a competent surgeon ready to take dying patients is more important than an extra B18.

But say that you aren't the only doctor awake, and there's more than enough doctors and corpsmen to meet the medical needs of the platoon. Then, you can focus on your research. You have two tools to this end; the xenomorph analyzer (blue bonesaw) and the subterranean extractor (hand drill). Both will start in your satchel. And speaking of your unique gear, you also start with a snazzy armored labcoat that's plainly worse than a standard light vest, because it lacks a lamp and simply has less armor. Still, prioritize fashion if you want to risk it (or if you aren't deploying anyway).

Xenomorph Analysis

This is a four-step process, more thoroughly detailed in the Guide to Research, but in-depth knowledge isn't needed to do the job as efficiently as possible.

  1. Find a dead xenomorph. Most researchers accomplish this by waiting in the FOB on the ground, to head off any frontliners dragging their prize back to the ASRS pad. This is ideal, because your civilian-level combat training makes acquiring your own corpses difficult.
  2. Hit it with your science bonesaw. This takes about five seconds, and is also the only part of the process that doctor-level medical training is actually needed for. A xenomorph chunk will pop out at your feet; higher ranking xenos give better chunks.
  3. Throw the chunk in the science tube. Using the research console again will pop up a menu that will show you potential rewards and probabilities. There's nothing else to do with the xenomorph materials, so analyze away! You can unlock the console and drag it around. It's generally best to keep one in the FOB and the other on the ship, because if both get melted by acid you're out of a job.
  4. Use whatever reward you get. You'll always find credits, which can be sold through the ASRS pad or in Requisitions on the ship, but there's also a decent chance of getting unique implants with questionable combat effectiveness. Keep in mind that these implants can be pulled out by clueless Corpsmen poking around with their tweezers.

You can pretty easily double the amount of points Requisitions gets from each xeno kill by just sitting in the FOB and doing this to whatever comes through. Unfortunately, AI-controlled minions can't be dissected for research material, so you're only able to get value out of "real" xenos. This is the more significant part of your job, as the other half only gets you more material for the research console.

While you're waiting, remember that you're a perfectly capable surgeon in a reasonably safe area, and that a lot of marines will be wandering back to the FOB in hopes of finding a medevac so they can get surgery. If you're going to oblige them, remember to bring down antiseptics and anesthetic, either in pills or air tanks.

Claim Jumping

If you're not content sitting safely behind barricades, your other tool has the perfect solution for you: wander out into the darkness and die horribly to a single Young Runner because your combat skills are awful dig up your own research material!

This is much more simple than analysis. All you need to do is open up your map HUD and move to any of the pink or gold Xs marked on your (and only your) map. Once you get there, take out your extractor and press the unique action key to get digging! By default this is spacebar, but in any case it will be the same button you press to rack shotguns. You'll need to stand still for quite a while and be within three tiles of the X to dig anything up, which is difficult because you don't actually have your own map indicator (yet). Of course, you shouldn't be doing this alone, so just ask your escort to walk around until they overlap with the map icon. Pink digsites will give you four tier 1 xenomorph pieces, and gold digsites will give you four pink spheres, which can provide some very interesting implants and a lot of credits if you're lucky enough. You'll need an entire empty satchel to carry everything back at once, so carry extra storage along on the way over.

The Holy Grail

Very rarely, a sufficiently clueless hive leader or Carrier will leave a loose xeno egg lying around. If you (or anyone) is lucky enough to find one of these, it's your responsibility to get it into a research chamber on the ship and infect a monkey with it. When the monkey bursts, you and the entire marine force will be rewarded with a friendly green alien that you can communicate with! It's very rare for this to happen on a round where it'll make a difference, for various reasons, but at worst you can probably get a pet Rouny out of it, and at best you'll have a Shrike escorting you to your next digsite. You'll have to adminhelp to get the resulting xeno corrupted, so results may vary. You have five cubes total (just spray one with the fire extinguisher to get your monkey), which isn't enough for a Queen, but is more than enough for a decent fighting force. It needs to be stressed; listen to the admins when doing this, or there's a good chance either you or your xenos will end up gibbed.

Also, remind the marines that green xenos are friendly whenever this happens, because the last thing you want is your pet getting buckshotted by someone who thinks he's saving you.


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TerraGov Marines Command Captain, Field Commander, Staff Officer, Pilot Officer
Engineering and Supply Chief Ship Engineer, Requisitions Officer, Ship Technician
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Officer, Researcher
Marines Squad Leader, Squad Smartgunner, Squad Engineer, Squad Corpsman, Squad Marine
Civilians Corporate Liaison
Silicon-Based Combat robots, Synthetic, AI
Xenomorphs Tier 0 Larva, Minions
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