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I will admit I was laughing pretty hard during your skit in the boxing ring. - seagrimr

Playing on the server isn't something you're entitled to. There's an extremely small level of responsibiliy on your part to play hhundreds of hours of a free game run by fuckheads. - Stickymayhem

A retards guide on how to make a maxcap bomb in toxins.
You`ll need:
1-6 Plasma tanks 1-6 Oxygen tanks
1-6 tank transfer valve
2 Plasma canister
2 Oxygen canister
1 Yellow (empty) canister
Toxins lab access
Science testing lab access

Grab a oxygen tank and a plasma tank and bring them to the testing lab.
Super cool the Oxygen and superheat the Plasma.

Clean out the oxygen and plasma tanks with a filter/pump.

Then you wrench and unwrench the plasma and oxygen tanks in toxins. It`s important tha you do it one at a time. Try to get a 85%plasma and 15% oxygen mix.

Once you have a good burn mix, pump the mix into the burn chamber and light it on fire. Wait 10 seconds for it to heat up and pump it into a yellow (empty) canister.

Quickly set the kpa output to 163 kpa and fill the tanks with the burn mix.

Take the oxygen tanks and fill it up with a 613kpa worth of oxygen FIRST then fill the rest with plasma, you should get well over 2000kpa in the end.

With the new atmos system you should wait 5-10 minutes for you tanks to bake.

Take a tank transfer valve, add a oxygen tank and a plasma tank to it. You should have a maxcap bomb. Have fun blowing up the station mining!