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Re: Vekter

I was already checking the logs this morning, so I took the liberty of pulling them for that incident. It looks like the clown did indeed smack you with the crowbar all of once, possibly a misclick, to be honest. "YEAH I MEAN THIS HERE IS PROOF HE COMMITTED A CRIME BUT I WASN'T THERE SO I'M GO...
by Supaiku
Thu Jan 01, 2015 11:02 pm
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Topic: Vekter
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Re: Little things you do in-game while bored

Ricotez wrote:I pretend to go afk, and when someone walks up to me or tries to break into whichever place I am I scare the bajeezus out of them by suddenly turning around and yelling WHATDOYOUTHINKYERDOING

So your solution to boredom is standing in one place silent and motionless for upwards of 15 minutes?
by Supaiku
Thu Jan 01, 2015 10:57 pm
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Little things you do in-game while bored
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