Runechat Feedback Thread

For feedback on the game code and design. Feedback on server rules and playstyle belong in Policy Discussion.
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Re: Runechat Feedback Thread

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Bottom post of the previous page:

I've played with it for 2 days now and I like it, however, how the heck can you call it RUNECHAT if its not YELLOW?
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Re: Runechat Feedback Thread

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Holoparasite battlecry is kinda spammy.
It's tolerable but slightly annoying.
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Re: Runechat Feedback Thread

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This is three-months-late feedback, but runechat should probably have some indicator of who's speaking for deaf people. Without runechat every speech has a speechbubble, so even if you're deaf you can see who's speaking in a crowd. With runechat, if you're deaf and someone speaks you only get the chat message with their name, so it can be hard to identify who's talking.
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