Which Maps have the best "Secret Areas"?

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Which Maps have the best "Secret Areas"?

Post by Helios » #701935

I know there are many secret uniforms and items the players can collect behind iron walls and in secret caverns across various stations. What are your personal favorites?
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Re: Which Maps have the best "Secret Areas"?

Post by warbluke » #701995

I like the secret mechbay on delta. The meta one is cool too but a bit smaller.
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Re: Which Maps have the best "Secret Areas"?

Post by Boot » #702059

I am a really big fan of Northstar's maint. The fact that so many normally super secure areas are just one reinforced wall away typically to a very low traffic area due to how squished in everything has to be is a really cool interaction. Everything from most head lockers to the bridge being one thermite away from having a hole leading to maint is cool.
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Re: Which Maps have the best "Secret Areas"?

Post by tritium334 » #708600

deltastation probably, there are so many little hideout throughout maints like the one south of sec, another one north of cargo, and one next to viro
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Re: Which Maps have the best "Secret Areas"?

Post by sinfulbliss » #708735

Definitely Northstar, it's just too big not to win here. Tram is probably second, because it has some extremely strange Z level maints.
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Re: Which Maps have the best "Secret Areas"?

Post by MooCow12 » #710203

the icebox woodcabin to the east of the ai sat along with a hidden tunnel under it in sci maint that connects it to the station, its one of my favorite places to build a base just because its cool, the only issue is you have to run alot of cable to get it powered and also fix the atmos in there and doing all of that is a big waste of time/too far out of the way to be really useful other than as a super secret hidden base that many people can easily get in and out of.

abandoned robotics on delta is a no brainer for me to build most of my bases in

northstar has a lot of "hidden" rooms that arnt actually hidden its just that the map is pretty large and nobody bothers going to those areas, my main issue with northstar maint is that you dont even get access to your own maintenance tunnels so you cant even really explore it without hacking or breaking so there is a very large opportunity cost when it comes to time to explore or make use of anything.

metastation abandoned medbay in sci maint used to be my favorite room but it got target nerfed over the span of multiple prs making it a pretty bad place to even be around now that atmos techs are allowed to flood it along with the janitor's closet with rads.

icebox has a nice area to the north of library that comes with several sets of blast doors, its a really nice place to fortify if it wasnt for the lack of reinforced walls limiting the usefulness of the blast doors.

tram station is unique in that you can dig out your own secret rooms without spending too much time, something that made me love the map and became more symbolic to me than the tram itself.

kilostation asteroid sat north east of sci was a wonderful place to try to expand the station with, provided that the round is long enough to the point where having to deal with all of the bs mobs isnt too big of an issue.

birdstation TRIES to have nice hidden areas off the beaten path but almost all of them are too far away from anything useful, the asteroid area north of dorms/near gateway / grav gen is decent but if i recall correctly it has a decently strong mob to have to deal with.

also the value of hidden loot on birdstation is inflated by the lack of resources that other maps have access to, eva storage has no stacks of iron or glass or any plasteel at all for example so you are forced to go looking for it.

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Re: Which Maps have the best "Secret Areas"?

Post by san7890 » #714591

yea i like tram and icebox for the reasons that it's easier to do your own thing without needing a space suit
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