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Multi-Z Engine Design

Postby Zytolg » Mon Sep 14, 2020 4:04 am #576218

Atmospheric Techs

NanoTrasen Needs You!

Design the Engine of the Future Today!!!

Attention Atmospheric Techs, and Engineering Hands! The NanoTrasen Department of Engineering and Reliable Products (NT-DERP) Needs your Experience!

Here at the (DERP), we create and design leading formats for all of mankind, and it is our passion to work with our fellow colleagues to continue to deliver products that make the NanoTrasen Family Proud!

Today we bring with us the oppertunity to design the Engine of The Future. NanoTrasen has been experimenting with Super Duper Strong and Heavy and Dense and Funky Junky Matter and new breakthroughs mean that this tech is ready for use on a station near you!

One of you lucky few will be chosen to work with us in making that happen! You only need to design your best neutral gas reaction chambers to qualify and demostrate your expertise in quantum pneumatic networking to qualify!

Good luck!

No Syndicate Slimeballs Allowed

Designing A Multi-Z Engine

Hello Spacepeople,
While I know enough to do your basic pipestuffs, there's a lot that goes into understanding gas reactions, and much more that goes into designing a proper SM engine from scratch. There are those of you who do this on a near daily basis, and I really could use your expertise here. Anyone is of course welcome to submit designs for this.
The thing is, I can't do Multi-Z justice on GammaStation without the inclusion of a Multi-Z engine. I wanna make your engineering lives hell unique when it comes to a new station, and a new Supermatter Engine Setup is just one of the many things that will go towards accomplsihing that. This isn't just for me however, since there are other Mappers out there who may benefit from looking at your designs and utilizing them in their engineering departments. Whichever the case may be, I'm dedicating this thread to the design of Multi-Z engines, a bold and new frontier that we will hopefully be able to expand upon as Multi-Z Stations come and go. Of course, we can't have a Multi-Z Engine Thread without a few rules.

1: Unless a Single-Z Engine Setup is truly noteworthy, please refrain from posting it in here. I want this thread to focus on the generation of Viable Engines for Multi-Z Map Purposes.
2: Engines must obey by the below listed in-game mechanics (this will change as updates to how the game works are made... probably)
-----2a: Rad Collectors must be on the same Z-Level as the Supermatter Crystal.
-----2b: Only 1 Crystal (for obvious reasons).
-----2c: Emitter Entance must be on the same Z-Level as the Supermatter Crystal.
-----2d: All air must be able to be evacuated from the engine chamber via siphon systems (no loitering!)
3: There Must Be A Minimum of 3 Siphons, Air Vents, and 6 Rad Collectors must be present.
4: The New Enigne must adhere to the minimum safty standards present in the current Engine design.
5: The Supermatter Chamber must be airtight aside from vents and scrubbers and door accesses.
6: Any "Super" desings need to be able to be dumbed down by mappers to a balanced start state. I love your crazy efficient designs, but half the fun of engineering is getting it there over the course of a shift.
7: As 6 deals with "Super", the same goes to horrible designs (anything doomed to delaminate if you so much as sneeze on it). As fun as it is, it's bad for a station to have an engine destined to go "boom".
8: Please keep the footprint reasonable (the engine size should not be a prohibative factor in mapping).
9: Test your stuff, it's important to know your designs behave.
10: Have fun. This thread is here in good creative spirit for people to try things out and learn.

I'm also going to say that feedback is welcome here too, since it could lead to better iterations of solid designs. Good luck everyone!
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Re: Multi-Z Engine Design

Postby trerri » Mon Sep 14, 2020 3:28 pm #576282

The trerri SME is here!
    5x5 SM chamber!
    Two emitter entry points!
    Diagonal emitter entry points!
    Enormous emitter hallway!
    Entrance from the top for a solemn reveal!
    Shaky catwalks!
    Scrubbers, distro (you need to build the manifold yourself to avoid O2 in SM roundstart), and atmos connections!
    Filters that either filter only a coolant type or anything but! (labelled! people will definitely miss the label leading to !!FUN!!)
    Roundstart CO2 cans!
    A usage of the pretty looking external maintenance airlocks!
    Semi-built freezers!
    Asclepius cooling loop!
    Triple space injector!
    Very unfinished distro/scrubbers, APCs, etc. etc.!
    Liberal usage of meters!
    Segmentation of the three vent AND scrubber pipes for the SM chamber! Serves barely any purpose unless you're very very creative!
    Usage of digital valves, but only in places with not too much Grife potential!
    Scenic SM chamber with vista!

test pending- i dont have any more time today sowwy (will get updated with test results)

.dmm HERE:

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Re: Multi-Z Engine Design

Postby Stickymayhem » Mon Sep 14, 2020 3:55 pm #576284

If I can spartan kick people into the supermatter from a higher z level this will be a successful project


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Re: Multi-Z Engine Design

Postby Zytolg » Tue Sep 15, 2020 11:50 pm #576427

Oh very nice, I myself have been experimenting with a jettison style engine. Push the big red button and say goodbye to your problems (and power supply).

(Pictures pending, I'm still figuring out dimension issues)
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Re: Multi-Z Engine Design

Postby JusticeGoat » Sun Sep 27, 2020 8:58 pm #577460

Too bad we can't have a real nuclear reactor with control rods that make heated steam that turns couple gas turbines?

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Re: Multi-Z Engine Design

Postby FloranOtten » Thu Oct 01, 2020 9:15 am #577793

JusticeGoat wrote:Too bad we can't have a real nuclear reactor with control rods that make heated steam that turns couple gas turbines?

OOC: BeeSting12: i love you floran

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