What is expected Of the admins

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What is expected Of the admins

Unread postby Sometinyprick » Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:56 pm #84949


Be in IRC if you're going to admin on the servers. - Edit by CitrusGender 1:51 PM 3/31/2018. Admins are no longer required to be in IRC and, if they are not in IRC, must be in discord.

Privacy is expected by the players. Do not publicize IP(s) and computer IDs (cids) anywhere in game or outside.

Trial Admins are expected to follow the instructions of Game Admins. If you have a problem with what a Game Admin is telling you, ask the adminbus for more opinions.

Don't cheat. Never use admin powers on yourself if you are playing or planning on playing the round. Do not use your admin verbs to gain yourself an IC advantage.

Don't be a hypocrite. If you're doing something you'd normally ban someone for doing, you're breaking this.

Don't handle adminhelps involving your own character. A simple "valid" for someone adminhelping about you, an antag, killing them, is fine, but don't debate your side of something with someone over admin PM's, the player can PM a headmin with the round number and info or have another admin online at the time handle it.

If you have a complaint against a player while you're playing yourself, adminhelp it like a player would. Let the admin handling your complaint deal with it impartially and don't demand or pressure them to rule in your favor. If you don't like their judgement then come talk to a Head Admin. Do not attempt to handle your own complaint.

Do not touch another admin's ban without prior permission / talking to them. Exception to this being if the ban was placed by a Trial Admin or Admin Candidate. If you do take over another admin's ban, be sure to provide explicit reasons why you have done so. In the event that a ban issued by Game Admin is brought up and the issuing admin is no longer present it will be handled by a Head Admin.

If you are playing the game at all, you're expected to only use the admin panels when absolutely necessary. There's no reason to go and check the round type and the antag list the moment the round starts.

Don't spam sounds and events. If you're queuing sounds one after the other, or if you're running an event every day, you're doing it too often.
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Re: What is Expected Of The Admins

Unread postby CitrusGender » Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:53 am #395897

Addendum: What is expected of admins

1. No Attacks/harassment towards players
2. No threats of banning specific players in public channels.
3. All posts by admins in FNR should be meaningful and contribute to the discussion.

Admins should never make continued unwanted and annoying actions towards players for the purpose of personal malice or some type of prejudice. This includes statements that are outwardly hostile to specific players and/or may be a defamation of that player's character. Admins are in a position of power and should never use their position in power to strong arm players and talk badly about them while they have no form of recourse. Only severe and/or continuous cases will be considered to be a break of this expectation, but I want to outline that a continuous harassment of players after being told to stop will not be allowed and will be met with warnings and/or demerits depending on the severity.
Any declaration and intention to ban someone for something related to a player's actions in-game or outside of space station 13 should not be done in public channels that can be seen by any party. For the purpose of this expectation, a public channel is any channel that can be seen by anyone on a server who is not an admin. For example, we would consider the #tg-station-general, all channels on the unofficial /tg/ discord, and OOC chat in both servers to be a public channel (this is not an exhaustive list though). This will be met with a warning or more corrective action depending on the severity of the incident.

Edit: Additionally, I see the need to state that this refers to specific players and not a group of players. To single out a player is not acceptable but to call out a group of people who are doing something is acceptable.
I understand completely that this rule has a subjective aspect to it. However, I want to make it clear that each forum has a specific purpose and should be used for the specific purpose that it was intended. There are already outlines about only how only parties involved in bans should post in ban threads and the same with admin complaints (though the an0n3 amendment is in effect for ban appeals.) I want to make it clear that admin feedback should be used for specific feedback on that admins conduct INGAME and all activities related to their post as an admin in the community. However, an admin is allowed to post in there own thread to discuss criticism given to them granted that their response is meaningful and contributes to the discussion. Failure to follow these rules will put you on post approval.

For the purposes of this list, admins are also considered to be players.
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