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[necromanceranne]theunlovedrock - Posted by Cobby

Postby Cobby » Sat Feb 08, 2020 1:16 am #540667

BYOND account: theunlovedrock
Character name: not sure, they were the janitor
Ban type: server
Ban length: 3 days from 2020-02-05
Ban reason: (MANUEL)In a petty dispute over a stolen janicart, got a security officer involved in arresting the person they were having an argument with and then cut of the persons limbs with a chainsaw while they were arrested. Seemed to believe this was equal punishment despite the fact that they had cleaned up the persons floor art several times with the cart. They also cut off extra limbs because the person was defending themselves from having their limbs cut off. Your behaviour is dreadful. Don't thing this will fly on Manuel.
Time ban was placed: 2020-02-05 23:47:18
Server you were playing on when banned: Manuel
Round ID in which ban was placed: 129698
Your side of the story: I wasn't there but it went roughly like: Passive-Aggressive Cleaning Kat's Drawings, Kat steals cart, loved goes to security, Kat refuses to reveal cart location, threatens with chainsaw, "what are you gonna do, stab me", "stabs" them, gets yeeted.
Why you think you should be unbanned:

I don't think he should be unbanned, I think his time should be lowered (which would practically be an unban by this point).

I think what he did was wrong but I also think the unwillingness from the other party to abide by the threat purely on the notion that they'd have admin backing should have SOMEWHAT permitted the action because it's grounded fully outside of OOC rationale as much as "I can cut off her arms for something minor cause this is a game". Neither party was acting in good faith in the spirit of manuel and since we don't retroactively ban/note/warn people (nor is this a request to do so), I'd like unloved's ban lowered to compensate.

Did he go through the right channels prior to this? Yes (allegedly). That alone should make this not a 3 day ban and show SOME good faith within the framework of the rules+manuel rules. At the very least give him some "rp credit" for trying to handle it within the IC world instead of falling to OOC protections.

If I recall correctly there was also pressure from other admins on top of time constraints of the banning admin so I think this should at least be reviewed in a more objective light now that everyone has cooled down and the banning admin isn't as pressured. Unfortunately no one else wanted to contest the ban (even unloved) but I think it needs to at least be toned down given the circumstances and needs to be reviewed through a more official channel.

I won't reply since it's otherwise a peanut post unless it's to clarify things i've said in the appeal, hopefully unloved can be a good boy in here as well as in the game when he gets back (hopefully soon).
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Re: [necromanceranne]theunlovedrock - Posted by Cobby

Postby NecromancerAnne » Sat Feb 08, 2020 2:04 am #540690

Unless I see rock himself say he wants to see this appealed I don't think this is going to achieve much. I was under some pressure at the time of the ban so admittedly I do agree there is room for further discussion. And while the ban is about to elapse, there still exists a note that could be appealed.

But that's on theunlovedrock himself coming here and talking about the situation. When I discussed the matter with him it felt like he was really unable to convince me his actions weren't entirely in bad faith and his behaviour a convenient excuse to carve someone up that mildly inconvinced him and I did take the majority of the time trying to ask questions about the situation between all the affected parties. If he could spin a better excuse than what he gave me, maybe this would have remained an IC issue.

Additionally the situation was partially discussed already in adminbus by PAS who had already come to a decision and left me with the responsibility of finishing the ban. I ended up going with a much nore lenient punishment than what I was told they felt was appropriate, but I also felt some punishment was warranted. Three days felt like a good cooling off period. Maybe a dayban would have sufficed. Tragically since rock himself never appealed it that is entirely to be left to speculation.

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Re: [necromanceranne]theunlovedrock - Posted by Cobby

Postby Cobby » Sat Feb 08, 2020 2:14 am #540692

This can be resolved on my end if it gets to the point where it becomes note appeal territory, I don't think there's anything wrong with the note and I agree it's worth noting.
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Re: [necromanceranne]theunlovedrock - Posted by Cobby

Postby confused rock » Sat Feb 08, 2020 4:23 am #540741

wait FUCK this is open again I just rewrote it as me uhhhh

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Re: [necromanceranne]theunlovedrock - Posted by Cobby

Postby PKPenguin321 » Sat Feb 08, 2020 4:59 am #540747

Going to trash this for the one made by the appealer
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