[Arianya] Arathian Kebabopoulos - 14 days server ban

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[Arianya] Arathian Kebabopoulos - 14 days server ban

Postby Arathian » Sun Feb 09, 2020 1:12 am #540948

BYOND account: Arathian

Character name: Random ashlizard name, fuck if I remember

Ban type:server ban, role ban

Ban length: 14 days server ban, 4 fucking week lavaland roles

Ban reason: As a ghost, scouted out path to station and local area for ashlizard spawn, then discussed with another player in ghost chat about optimizing their gameplay to get to station quickly. On spawn immediately spouted "BRUDAS TIS TIME TO BANGA BANGA DA SPACEWALKAS" without even the faintest pretense of roleplay. Then proceeded to beeline to the station with their pre-determined path. Consider this your rule 0 ban for powergaming.

Time ban was placed: 2020-02-09

Server you were playing on when banned: Terry

Round ID in which ban was placed: 129891

Your side of the story: Apparently "rule 0 ban" means "he didn't break a rule". Also powerfuckinggaming?

We literally. Literally. Literally just had a poll about this. The poll was clear. Ashlizards can invade the station provided they don't use mass murder techniques. Terry is not fucking MRP, not even server is manuel. I don't have to RP a reason why an antag ghost role wants to kill people. If you also check my logs (right before the ban, incidentally) I also told the ashlizards that we won't stay on the station but we will abduct some crew members to sacrifice. You know, the exact fucking reason raids are supposed to happen. To add to that, we also fucking killed the miner before going on the station, so we didn't even abandon the tendril.

Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I didn't break any fucking rule. Powergaming is not a rule. "Didn't rp being an antag on LRP" is not a rule. I didn't murderbone. I didn't leave the tendril undefended. I did nothing wrong.

Arianya, what the actual fuck dude. You come in 3 in the morning terry and just randomly ban people for "rule 0 powergaming" for 14 days like I fucking plasmaflooded the station because I didn't rp being an antag?

Fucking shame on you.

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Re: [Arianya] Arathian Kebabopoulos - 14 days server ban

Postby Arianya » Sun Feb 09, 2020 1:15 am #540950

I'm not going to respond to this tonight, partially as a courtesy to you since the ban appeal seems pretty irate. I would suggest taking 5 to cool off and revising, though I can't require it of you.

To clarify - the issue at hand here isn't the invasion itself, but rather the actions taken in pursuit of invasion. I'll go into more detail tomorrow when I respond fully.
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Re: [Arianya] Arathian Kebabopoulos - 14 days server ban

Postby Hulkamania » Sun Feb 09, 2020 1:23 am #540951

This is an ongoing round.

"Fucking shame on you"

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