Ban Appeal

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Byond Username: Weirdowhale

Ban Appeal

Postby Weirdowhale » Thu Feb 04, 2021 9:06 am #589386

BYOND account: Weirdowhale

Character name: Random character name

Ban type: Server-wide

Ban length: Permanent

Admin Name: Wesoda25

Ban reason: Metacommunication

Time ban was placed:2021-02-03 07:38:26

The server you were playing on when banned: Unsure

Round ID in which ban was placed: 155651

Your side of the story: Hello to whoever is reading. The ban stated that when the player with the username Brawzki was quietly killed in the library, I had without prior context went to the said location. I had been roaming around the entire station prior to that after doing a few things in botany. As I was walking near cargo, my character was hit by another player who was most likely an antagonist that round. Being a vengeful person, I tried walking around the area to hit them back and ended up following the open doors at the library but seeing no one there had decided to leave. While being near the medical bay, I was assassinated by the antagonist and was murdered. After succumbing to my death, decided to disconnect and join another server.

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