Exile13 - Running discord-based PBP campaign.

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Exile13 - Running discord-based PBP campaign.

Postby nullbear » Wed Mar 13, 2019 7:21 pm #483046

Tl;Dr: Based loosely on SS13. You and a motley crew of others are hired by some literal who company outsourced by NT to work on a planet colony / research expedition. Shit goes bad, and you're effectively "lost in space." Makes a couple important exertions on supermatter/ftl lore and how it works. Bit of time-travel shit. Focus on X-Com style base-building, rationing, and survival. Not combat focused, but plenty of monsters a-la-forgotten-beast-dwarf-fortress style. (As in each one is a unique challenge meant to take preparation and planning to defeat.) Fairly dense lore, but loosely forced. IE. if you ask you shall receive, and having an understanding of the lore will be beneficial.

Using homebrew ruleset similar to "Mothership". Three core classes:
Science (Focus on exploration + tech advancement | Think of a cross between R&D and Mining),
Medical(Focus on Healing + crew buffs | Think of a cross between Doctor and Genetics/Virology),
Technical(Focus on base-building + tech operation | Think of a cross between Roboticist and Engineer.)

Running it as a hybrid PBP/Live-chat style. 1-3 Posts daily, +2-4 hour live play sessions on saturdays. HMU on discord if you wanna join: Exile13#6704

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