A "Daily" server config for Event Hall 2

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A "Daily" server config for Event Hall 2

Postby RaveRadbury » Fri Nov 22, 2019 6:54 am #525110

Proposal: Daily server configs (game mode and/or map) on Event Hall 2

Purpose: Provide opportunities for players to practice game modes and maps in consecutive rounds, provide novelty through the shift in meta that a guaranteed game mode provides

- Assign a station in rotation to a set day of the week. New stations can be set for Saturday or Sunday, the remaining day can be random/vote.
- Compile a list of acceptable game modes. A good place to start is with secret, sans extended: Traitor, Changeling, Nuke Ops, Revs, Cult, Wizard. We can cycle these 6 modes against the first 6 days of the week and have a weekend day open for off-beat modes/extended/adminry. There is over a month's worth of combinations between map and mode.
- At 00:00 UTC or whatever arbitrary time set the next day's config. Do this every day.
- That's it.


Q: Isn't knowing the game mode counter to the spirit of the game itself?
A: Yes, which is why I'm suggesting that this be contained on a side server.

Q: This sounds like something I'd get bored with after a few rounds.
A: Like a daily challenge in other games, this is meant more to be something unusual to stimulate your neurons rather than something that you'd want to spend your whole day on. Unless you really want to practice a game mode or map.

Q: Stabilizing the map and mode is too much, how about either or?
A: That sounds fine.

Q: Who's going to run it?
A: I don't know at this point. Anyone who's interested and can.

Q: What about when a real event needs to be ran?
A: Then just run the event. That's like interrupting regularly schedule programming for a parade.

Q:But why should we do this?
A: It's low effort and low risk with a good chance of high yield. It will stimulate the neurons and make the brain release the G O O D C H E M I C A L S.
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Re: A "Daily" server config for Event Hall 2

Postby ATHATH » Wed Nov 27, 2019 6:05 am #526181

Some antag types rely on people not knowing what antags the round has in order to function well, and I don't think that they'd work well with this idea (which is a shame, since cult is one of our more complex antag types).

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