[fatalx1] stanalbatross - afk? not an excuse

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[fatalx1] stanalbatross - afk? not an excuse

Postby stan_albatross » Tue Mar 24, 2020 9:35 pm #551225

BYOND account: <stanalbatross>
Character name: <Karl Karlsson / n/a >
Ban type: <server>
Ban length: <5 minutes>
Ban reason: <https://imgur.com/wQ20ynK "when I ask you not to use zalgo text in ooc, that means don't do it>
Time ban was placed: <Tuesday 3rd March 2020, 9:04pm >
Server you were playing on when banned: <Event Hall>
Round ID in which ban was placed: <132996>
Your side of the story: <I join a round in progress and say something in chinese on the comms. someone immediately repeats it in OOC. I continue to talk in chinese until I go AFK to eat dinner. Then I get back to my computer and have been disconnected for AFK. I do not see any admin messages etc in the message panel, and do not scroll up. after all, why should I? I join as assistant but the round crashes shortly after. After the next round starts, I begin speaking chinese in OOC again. The game shows the standard disconnected message and I get annoyed at my failing wifi and try to reconnect, then find out that I have been banned for breaking some instant ruling that I did not see. >
Why you think you should be unbanned: <To start, I was not writing in zalgo text, I was writing in chinese. Zalgo looks like this : a̤̜̪̅̔͛͘͠͞r̪̝̻̗̔ͩ̀ͯͨ͠b̵̴̶͖̟̖͈̠ͮ̀͑i̦͋ͤ̿ͮ̿̚ṯ̤͎̜͉ͧ̅̾̚r̯̳͍̙̺̉̽ͦ̒ͦ́a̜̘͈ͬr̄ͧ̾̌̄҉͎̲̲̭͠y̑̄͏̠̖̥̦̻̹̜͎̜ , and chinese looks like this : 我特别喜欢玩这个电脑游戏. They do not look similar. The text did not render as zalgo on my screen as well, just as normal chinese characters. The second and more major part is that I had no chance to read the admin messages that I presume were sent to me; as I was AFK and also did not reply to the admin messages sent to me, fatalx1 could have interpreted this as dodging the pm or pretending to be AFK, but I was doing neither; I was eating my dinner that had just finished cooking. As I was a mere lawyer I believed it OK to go AFK. 3rd off, what I did (speaking a foreign language in OOC) broke no posted rule nor headmin ruling. I acknowledge this admin probably thought I was breaking his rule 1 tempoary ruling, but as previously iterated, I did not see his presumed PMs. >
References of good conduct: <n/a>

So that's the appeal. The ban has finished by time of posting this but I would still like the note to be removed, as it does not communicate the situation that happened accurately and the ban was also unfair.

I hope that fatalx1 understands the situation that happened here, and I apologise for any undue stress etc caused.

Edit : fixing byond name as there is no underscore in it, as I had previously thought.

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Re: [fatalx1] stanalbatross - afk? not an excuse

Postby Fatal » Wed Mar 25, 2020 9:25 am #551341

I already edited the note to reflect that it wasn't zalgo text yesterday

As for the 5 minute ban, I asked players to not use annoying text in OOC, 2 people continued and got a 5 minute ban each for it, you were one of those people

As for speaking a foreign language, this is an English speaking server and players have been banned before for not following this

All that happened is that you missed the start of the round and the time you lost was probably less than you lost making this appeal

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Re: [fatalx1] stanalbatross - afk? not an excuse

Postby capn_monkeypaw » Wed Mar 25, 2020 11:50 am #551359

Fatal wrote:
As for speaking a foreign language, this is an English speaking server and players have been banned before for not following this

I'll take this opportunity to post a definitive headmin ruling on this issue: Players are required to communicate exclusively in English when playing on /tg/ servers. This includes both IC and OOC means of communication.

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Re: [fatalx1] stanalbatross - afk? not an excuse

Postby Vekter » Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:33 pm #551364

This ban has expired (and had been expired when you made the thread).

As such, I am locking this thread.

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