[BrotherBeyond] KayakBurn - Permaban Appeal

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[BrotherBeyond] KayakBurn - Permaban Appeal

Postby KayakBurn » Fri Oct 16, 2020 12:12 am #579293

BYOND account: KayakBurn
Character name: Payton Biery
Ban type: Server Ban
Ban length: Permanent
Ban reason: Is an alt and has stated that "OOC: KayakBurn: i'm only here to grief.". Refused to properly reply until I stated they were getting perma'd.
Time ban was placed: 2020-10-15 23:56:49
Server you were playing on when banned: Sybil
Round ID in which ban was placed: 148377
Your side of the story: Wow. Just wow. Where do you guys find these people? BrotherBeyond, this fucking snaggletooth, somehow decided that making a joke in OOC was grounds for a permanent ban. Why is this guy taking things here so seriously? I made a topical joke about my motivations for playing on the server, since the discussion in OOC was about the current state of the game, and BrotherBeyond is immediately on my ass for the comment. He's asking me about my "alts", as if that's even fucking necessary or relevant, so I throw it back in his face, because I can tell right from the get-go that he's going to be a twat. Sure enough, after I refuse to give him the time of day, he immediately starts threatening me with a ban and makes fun of my hobbies, and so I engage with him because I don't want to get banned and was obviously fucking joking. After a bit more back-and-forth, he cites Rule 1, like the sovereign citizen that he is, and issues the ban.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Check the logs. What have I done that warrants a permanent ban? You guys have more fucking faggot admins than you do players, and half of them I can guarantee are here to exert themselves on their underlings. Alt accounts aren't a bannable offense, and it's not as if "failure to engage in admin-pms" is a valid excuse for this ban, seeing as 1. I did engage with him after the fact, and 2. fuck you.
References of good conduct: I think I won a server-wide Thunderdome brawl sometime back in 2014.

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Re: [BrotherBeyond] KayakBurn - Permaban Appeal

Postby bobbahbrown » Fri Oct 16, 2020 1:18 am #579297

KayakBurn wrote:...He's asking me about my "alts", as if that's even fucking necessary or relevant, so I throw it back in his face, because I can tell right from the get-go that he's going to be a twat ... What have I done that warrants a permanent ban? ... Alt accounts aren't a bannable offense...

A precedent of rule 0, as found here on the wiki, is that 'Admins may ask players in possession of multiple alt accounts to choose one to play on and ban the other accounts.' - You seemingly refused to cooperate with the administrator who was investigating presumably to require you to stick to one account.

Your BYOND account was created yesterday, and despite this you seem like a very experienced player. Presumably this is why administrators would like to know who you are and ask you to stick to one account.

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Re: [BrotherBeyond] KayakBurn - Permaban Appeal

Postby Domitius » Fri Oct 16, 2020 2:25 am #579299

Hi! Since I gave Brotherbeyond the go ahead for this specific ban I will be taking over this appeal.

You declared in OOC that you've been playing since 2011 and you earnestly shared many seasoned opinions toward our server. While normally this would be whatever you then posted in OOC that you were only here to grief and that is when BrotherBeyond stepped in and asked you about potential alt accounts. After you replied back with just "No" he asked myself what the best course of action to take was and I directed him to permaban you so you could explain further on the forums. I have pasted your full OOC log below to provide context. You may find the full OOC logs for the round here.

Code: Select all
[2020-10-15 23:14:10.321] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "why is the server so fucking laggy" (Medbay Central (99,111,2))
[2020-10-15 23:20:58.534] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "this lag is unforgivable" (Central Primary Bomb Testing Range (125,132,2))
[2020-10-15 23:29:50.903] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "dude you're such a fucking faggot holy shit" (Medbay Treatment Center (85,104,2))
[2020-10-15 23:30:03.153] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "imagine actually thinking that is funny" (Medbay Treatment Center (85,104,2))
[2020-10-15 23:30:12.177] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "fucking fifteen year olds man" (Medbay Treatment Center (85,104,2))
[2020-10-15 23:31:16.855] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "they watch their favorite jewtubers like epic SETH and admiral hippie!!" (Medbay Treatment Center (85,104,2))
[2020-10-15 23:31:46.900] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "how should i know i'm not a middle schooler" (Medbay Treatment Center (85,104,2))
[2020-10-15 23:40:14.967] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "game has been turning to shit for a long time now" (Central Primary Bomb Testing Range (97,113,2))
[2020-10-15 23:40:37.968] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "coders have been focused on making a balanced gaming experience as if the appeal for this game was ever about its merit as a video game" (Central Primary Bomb Testing Range (98,113,2))
[2020-10-15 23:41:15.505] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "the adults are talking, banana, kindly keep your juvenile comments to yourself" (Departure Lounge (108,71,2))
[2020-10-15 23:41:26.456] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "it's so funny to see the little children act like the adults" (Departure Lounge (108,71,2))
[2020-10-15 23:43:41.493] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "the problem is that people don't rp enough lmao" (Brig (103,169,2))
[2020-10-15 23:44:10.247] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "all the retards that have flooded in over the years have wanted to make it a gameplay-focused game, which it never was, and that's when the quality started to dip" (Brig (103,167,2))
[2020-10-15 23:45:25.375] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "NEW AND EXCITING gameplay features have taken precedent over player agency" (Brig (99,162,2))
[2020-10-15 23:45:52.073] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "nobody has to be creative, push the limits, etc. because there's enough fun little toys with the depth of a puddle to keep you amused over the course of a round" (Brig (99,162,2))
[2020-10-15 23:46:40.722] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "tack that on with people like banana, ie, fifteen year olds with a smaller frontal lobe, and you get the game as it is today" (Brig (99,162,2))
[2020-10-15 23:47:24.252] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "people shit on hrp, but it's the only server environment where player agency still takes precedent over gameplay" (Brig (99,162,2))
[2020-10-15 23:47:36.597] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "i've been playing since 2011" (Brig (99,162,2))
[2020-10-15 23:47:46.833] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "i do" (Brig (99,162,2))
[2020-10-15 23:47:50.197] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "i'm only here to grief" (Brig (99,162,2))
[2020-10-15 23:54:37.654] OOC: KayakBurn/(Payton Biery) "brotherbeyond is going to ban me permanently because i made a joke in ooc about being here to grief guys" (Central Primary Bomb Testing Range (91,144,2))

All players must stick to one account so yes, alt accounts are not allowed and can be a bannable issue if not resolved(Rule 0, precedent 5). On a side note we do not allow bigotry on our servers and you've made a couple intentionally racist comments in OOC(Rule 11) and you've also chosen to continue to violate them in your reason to be unbanned(viewtopic.php?f=7&t=336). While not related to this ban I wanted to bring that to your attention so you may better comply with our server rules in the future.

Sadly your reference of good conduct has been difficult to verify by anybody on staff or to anybody we've reached out to.

As Bobbah has thankfully laid out your account was made yesterday and your declarations of being a experienced player has made us question your account. Since you didn't believe we were serious earlier please understand we are serious now, if you have other accounts that you play on /tg/station with or have played on at anytime in the past please let us know before we can continue with the ban appeal.

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