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Fiz Bump

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Your byond account: Feemjmeem
Your character name: Madison Fischer
Their character name: Fiz Bump
Their byond account(optional, but useful if you can provide it):
Server and time: sibyl, ~11:00PM Pacific
Logs and/or screenshots: Unfortunately none.
Description of what happened: Fiz Bump injected me against my will, while I was knocked down, with something which caused me to mutate into a slime person. The rest of the crew then felt that this meant I was a ghost, and since there were ghosts in this extended round, I was stabbed in the eyes, and lasered in the eyes, and knocked down, and punched and beaten, and etc, for the rest of the round. While this was actually pretty hilarious, it also ruined my round.
Why they should be banned: Fiz Bump was not an antag when he did this, and he did so knowing the outcome of the injection. He also waited until I was knocked down to do it. It then went on to pretty much crush any fun I was having in the round since the rest of the crew felt like I was valid.
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Re: Fiz Bump

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Dude was already banned for it.
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