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Postby MrStonedOne » Wed May 08, 2019 2:45 am #492705

Please post any positive or negative feedback for the administrator here.
This is not the place to discuss ban appeals, admin complaints, or ban requests.
This is for specific feedback for this administrator.
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Reason: Shitpost

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Re: Kiteme

Postby Scrumbledinks » Wed May 08, 2019 8:33 am #492760

Leader of observe gang. Super active and very friendly. Stay that way!

Literally Trash
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Re: Kiteme

Postby Literally Trash » Wed May 08, 2019 10:11 am #492768

strong observer main with good taste in admin sounds

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Re: Kiteme

Postby pointlesswaste » Thu May 09, 2019 2:40 pm #492899

thirding what's already been said. kiteme is a really chill and knowledgeable person.

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Re: Kiteme

Postby Jimmius » Fri May 17, 2019 7:48 pm #494318

someone stop this lunatic. he keeps changing the names of my comrades, my brothers in arms. "it was a goof" "it was just thunderdome antics" he says. not an excuse. do better.

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Re: Kiteme

Postby Shaps-cloud » Fri May 31, 2019 2:36 pm #496212

Knowledgable, active, nice, fun, good. Keep your eyes on this one.
P.S. Shoot Dr. Allen on sight and dissolve his body in acid. Don't burn it.


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