Tell the admins how you think they're doing.
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Please post any positive or negative feedback for the administrator here.
This is not the place to discuss ban appeals, admin complaints, or ban requests.
This is for specific feedback for this administrator.
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Re: NamelessFairy

Post by WineAllWine » #578258

I spontaneously ran a round of Ice moths on ice box and NamelessFairly just helped make it so much smoother, looking after keeping factions in control and all the other standard ahelps while I ran my fun event. Not to mention all the other times they've been a helpful colleague and counsel on Terry :)

EDIT: I previously used the word advisor but that made me sound senior which I didn't like -> I've since changed to "colleague and counsel"
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Re: NamelessFairy

Post by capn_monkeypaw » #581331

Very impressed with them so far. Dedicated, professional, polite and careful. Unafraid to ask questions when they're uncertain of something. Everything you want to see in a trial admin.
They're doing a great job.
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Re: NamelessFairy

Post by Timonk » #582023

10/10 simp
joooks wrote:
Naloac wrote:
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Re: NamelessFairy

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Very helpful and friendly overall.

Always a massive help whenever I ask a question and very chill. Love em.
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Re: NamelessFairy

Post by kieth4 » #582080

Solid admin, is very nice. Gets a thumbs up from me. :shades:
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Re: NamelessFairy

Post by Jimmius » #595781

Very competent admintrainer that knows VV to an extent that makes me slightly concerned.
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Re: NamelessFairy

Post by Sylphet » #595909

I've seen them on Sybil more often recently, so I've had the opportunity to see them work - they're an excellent trainer and super knowledgeable about the game. I still learned things from just watching them teach candidates ! Very based and I like them.
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Re: NamelessFairy

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A considerate and just admin and the best trainer I could ever ask for :heart:
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Re: NamelessFairy

Post by chocolate_bickie » #603328

Fairly investigated a complaint I made and was very reasonable. Made sure to get their facts in order before taking action. A good admin.
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Re: NamelessFairy

Post by Kubisopplay » #608467

Notes. Down. Everything. Basedmin, with extremely good knowledge of the game. 10/10 pink catmin, if only a bit too stealthy
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Re: NamelessFairy

Post by Domitius » #615775

Continuing the trend of awesome people being chosen as the host vote.

Also incredibly dedicated to the server. They have a keen eye for spotting errors and the gumption to follow up and fix them when others(Like myself) would just leave it alone with a shrug.

Pretty great.
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Re: NamelessFairy

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A nice and compassionate admin who always has good advice when you need it. Has a vast knowledge of the rules, even some very obscure ones. I couldn't ask for a better trainer.
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