Trialmin review: starlordgwyn

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Trialmin review: starlordgwyn

Post by kieth4 » #686656

Starlordgwyn has been a trial admin for approximately two months.

Please use this thread as public review; it's encouraged for players to comment on how well/badly the trial admin has done and whether or not they think the trial admin should be made a full admin, if they should be removed from the DB or if their promotion should be delayed.
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Re: Trialmin review: starlordgwyn

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listen, if their activity is worse than mine there's something wrong
I know they willingly dropped themselves back to TA, but maybe they could spend a bit more time on the servers?
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Re: Trialmin review: starlordgwyn

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Contextually, Gwyn asked to be demoted to trial in order to receive additional training.

Not wanting this to be a trial fail on technical grounds like activity when they volunteered their own demotion, we have elected to re-promote Starlord_Gwyn back to Game Admin - having spoken to them about their activity. The chat was productive.
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