Statbus 2: The re-statening of /tg/

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Statbus 2: The re-statening of /tg/

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As you may have noticed, I have returned with the express intent of working on tools for /tg/ and other /tg/ -flavored SS13 communities. With the benefit of something like 7 years of hindsight and experience gained, I'm taking some time to plan things out and do it up proper. Right out the gate, a few goals of this new Statbus are:
  • Build it in such a way that someone else can take over running/maintaining the project
  • Focus more on functionality for external tools, like ahelps, bans, and notes
  • Make it fast and as resource un-intensive on the game servers
  • Split out some of the other applications into their own standalone tools
I've started documenting the above and some other notes in a design document on hackmd. I'd like to invite everyone to take a look, leave feedback, and ask questions. Is there a feature or functionality you'd like to see? Something that didn't work as well as it should have?

(There's also a thread for this on Discord if you're more inclined)
Statbus! | Admin Feedback
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Re: Statbus 2: The re-statening of /tg/

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welcome back!!

couple thoughts:
Try not to use Bootstrap!
are you thinking of using something else for components and styling? i would worry that tossing on too much change from your norm might end up causing burnout or issues for you in development; though i think my concerns would moreso be if you wanted to roll everything from scratch... if you have just a different flavor of components and stuff it's probably a no brainer.
TG Forum OAuth
using forums auth is really nice because you can get the user groups, this is what powers stuff in scrubby to know who is an admin and who isn't, and mso is gonna use it for provisioning access to tgs panels on tgs5 servers soon
MSO can we have the user’s avatar URL in the OAuth response?
i'm pretty sure you can already get the avatar from the oauth response, it's included when you include the user details scope (details in the thread here)
Cache and expose round info with an API
one thing that would help a ton though i don't think it is stored in the db is if we could have an api that resolves a round id to a file path, i have this relation stored in scrubby but it only exists from crawling the /tg/station website... we should see if maybe that's something mso could provide even...

one thing that im just thinking now actually is that maybe we should use statbus as a way to provide a set of apis for /tg/ data in general, because one thing that i think would be a really useful api endpoint to have would be the admin roster. i used to get it from statbus parsed from the html of the page you had, but a json response would be a gazillion times better and could be cached and stuff... (this admittedly may fall under what you already planned by "Cache and expose round info with an API")
Previously, stats were generated dynamically, on request when you viewed a page. This was ultimately always a pain in the ass to collate and probably should be handled differently. So this time around, we’re going to periodically (daily?) copy down the most recent stats from the game DB and compile statistics.
this is a better approach not only for the fact that you do it less, but also you can do more!! with this approach you can do stats jobs that take a longer time to run which you could never provide on the fly but then provide it on a daily basis or hourly basis etc... very cool things could come from that!!

best wishes and seasons greetings,
bobbah 'bee' brown

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Re: Statbus 2: The re-statening of /tg/

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Awesome! Glad to have you back at the stathelm
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Re: Statbus 2: The re-statening of /tg/

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