TrialAdmin Doctor Brutality - Brutal Ahelp

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TrialAdmin Doctor Brutality - Brutal Ahelp

Postby TheITGuy101 » Thu Mar 19, 2020 3:11 pm #550314

BYOND UserName: ITGuy101 (InGame UserName: Eikichi Onizuka)
Admin Name: [Doctor Brutality - TrialAdmin]

Incident Took Place In: Game Server
Round ID: 132580
Incident Description:

1) I had made hygienebots for the last 15 minutes of the past round, and a lot of people got angry. Then, they started talking about it on OOC before the round was over.

2) NEXT ROUND* I ahelped, "Tet O'Weenie told others to kill me! Is he an AI/borg?" when a user named Tet O'Weenie told others, "Eikichi Onizuka is making hygienebots, kill him!" in Commons. Because Tet O'Weenie was speaking like a cyborg.

3) Dr Brutality responded with, "You're the guy spamming hygiene bots right?", and I answered with, "Yes." upon which he marked the ticket as IC without any reason or warning about what was going on.

4) I asked in OOC, "Does hygienebots make you valid?" upon which Dr Brutality immediately OOC muted me.
4)a: He should have told me, "Making hygienebots makes you valid because it slips people" when I ahelped before, but he is entrapping players into making such mistakes so he can punish them. A teenager with angst like this is not fit to be an admin.

5) When I asked, "Why was I OOC muted? I only asked about a rule?", he replied, "You're asking because of actions in the round. The question is also related to the round. Fairly self explanatory if you ask me. You're using your job to spam loud annoying bots that spam radio channels and slip people so honestly I'd treat it akin to how people treat people who lube the halls, if anyone kills you whatever."
5)a: What kind of an admin is this? He didn't say this at my first ahelp, but waited the player to ask other players because he chose not to tell the player about it himself... The very definition of entrapment.

6) I mentioned that other players were having a lengthy conversation about hygienebots last round, and I was reporting it. He chose to ignore this, and said, "I am not going to go to a spergfest with you, you do this every round." Then immediately ahelp-muted me. I literally built my first hygienebot EVER in this game last round...
6)b: How come I do this every round? That's a blatant lie, and him taking his anger out on players while not properly guiding them is fucky. Completely unfit to be an admin.

Not only is he entrapping players into asking other players, he is denying ahelps about recent events about the exact same issue he is passing judgment about. Then, he is insulting the player while lying about him "doing this every round" when they had built their first hygienebot 20-30 minutes ago. Lying, ignoring, and not guiding players because passing punishment feeds his power-fantasy. I made an account just to report this guy.

*: Edit

PS*: Want me to tell the most favorable ahelp reply to this? "Don't make hygienebots anymore, it makes people slip. We are reconsidering adding a new subrule/whatever about it." instead of actually sperging out at players for asking you a question, which you chose to take it upon yourself to answer in the presence of a GameAdmin and HeadAdmin, while telling the player "you do this every round" (lie, I made my first hygienebot ever at last round, I even ahelped about how to make those) and "I am not going to sperg with you", and muting the player from ahelping/asking about rules (without ick ock) in OOC.

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Re: TrialAdmin Doctor Brutality - Brutal Ahelp

Postby Vekter » Fri Mar 20, 2020 8:07 am #550467

Now I'm not 100% sure about the exact timing of this, but I do recall asking you either one or two rounds before to stop abusing this bug and to report it on the Github, which you still haven't done btw. I'm not defending anything the admin did, however, I certainly do agree that this was an IC issue and not something admins needed to be involved in.

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Re: TrialAdmin Doctor Brutality - Brutal Ahelp

Postby pugie » Fri Mar 20, 2020 4:29 pm #550521

The fact I IC issued you as soon as you verified it was you making hygiene bots should have given you the answer that spamming hygiene bots made you valid, I don't see how you could interpret this any differently. This was a high-pop events hall shift with about 50 tickets, and I didn't feel like wasting time on an IC issue ticket when there was a lot of other stuff that I had to keep an eye on.

You then proceeded to ask in OOC about whether spamming hygiene bots makes you valid as you say, I consider this IC in OOC, so I OOC mute you, pretty self explanatory & I'd say on the fair side too because you didn't receive a note.

You never explicitly asked whether hygiene bots makes you valid, & IC issuing your ticket should have made it clear anyways, you seem to think that I should have told you this before, despite you never asking explicitly but you think I did this to "entrap you" (???). Please, I muted you from OOC because you made a dumbass IC in OOC comment, you didn't even get noted - I'm not baiting you into reasons to punish you.
but waited the player to ask other players because he chose not to tell the player about it himself...

You didn't ask me about it explicitly, so whatever.

This is what you next said in your ticket:

Then why didn't you OOC mute all the people talking about hygienebots last round? There were at least 5. This is hypocrisy. Mute them all.

I only joined on the tail end of last shift, so what other admins made of it is their choice, I wasn't there. There isn't any hypocrisy here, if they were doing what you did that led to you being OOC muted, I would have OOC muted them. You're acting like you got majorly punished, you got OOC muted for a round, grow up.

I reiterated that I'm not unmuting you from OOC, this was your next reply:

Okay. If you aren't changing that, then as the person who built hygienebots last round, I ask you to DO THE VERY SAME THING to other people (ICK OCKING HYGIENEBOTs) last round. Or are you going to be hypocritical?

You do this a lot, you complain for entire minutes when an admin ruling doesn't go your way, hell you have a note for that exact thing.
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The last ahelp I remember seeing from you was complaining and being an asshole to unit2e in ahelps & threatening to report them because they said you couldn't maxcap security as a nonantag, then outlining how you're gonna try break rules as security in the future. I'd rather not get into that with you on a shift where there are actual valid ahelp tickets, so I decided that I'd just mute you from ahelps instead. I stand by this decision because it saved me what would have likely been an extremely painful migraine, to clarify though the sperge fest comment was in relation to your annoying ahelp tickets, not the hygiene bots.

This complaint seems to be constructed on the basis that I admin to bait people into being punished. I personally don't see this myself, & this whole situation that consists of being muted from OOC and ahelps for a whole round for being generally unbearable seems like a really dumb basis for a complaint.

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Re: TrialAdmin Doctor Brutality - Brutal Ahelp

Postby MrStonedOne » Mon Mar 30, 2020 9:34 pm #552250

Alright, either the headmins need to approve mentors or admins need to stop forgetting that admin helps come in with gameplay/rule questions and not just "ban this person" administrative questions.

Making any sort of reasonable attempt to understand the player's question would lead you to realize they were wondering about the legalities of what they thought to be an asimov borg calling for a player to be harmed. From what i gathered in this thread, you did not answer their question and left them frustrated.
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Re: TrialAdmin Doctor Brutality - Brutal Ahelp

Postby TheITGuy101 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 11:40 pm #552566

I've had a few more rounds with DrBrutality as an Admin. He's a pretty fair guy. I'll own up to dying due to me making lots of hygienebots. That's just being shitty.

Can we close this ahelp?

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Re: TrialAdmin Doctor Brutality - Brutal Ahelp

Postby TWATICUS » Sat Apr 04, 2020 10:29 pm #553264

Closing per request but I'd like to note that we did talk about how the initial ahelp could have had a better resolution which would have most likely avoided the situation that followed.

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