[analbifida] Bad Ruling - Shitsec edition

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[analbifida] Bad Ruling - Shitsec edition

Postby Zybwivcz » Thu Aug 27, 2020 2:56 am #573895

When and where this incident occured (Game Server, forums, Discord): Basil, ~2:00 GMT
Byond account and character name OR Discord name: Zybwivcz/(Kale Wallick)
Admin: Analbifida

Detailed summary: Immediately after roundstart, I'm (as atmosian) in the small room to the west of the protolathe room in Delta engineering. Kaitlyn Fleming, who is SEC, comes in and immediately shoves me onto a table and kicks me a few times. Zero interaction of any sort before that, verbal or otherwise. Some other engineering personnel are in the room, one or two of them shove Kaitlyn into the small glass enclosure in the north of the room we're in. The door which had been open closes before she can get up, she winds up stuck inside the room because she doesn't have access. I see she's uninjured, has a headset, isn't in any danger. At this point there's been no declaration of war or other signs of antags. I weld the door shut, since it's about 10 seconds inconvenience if she's got tools on her to perhaps a minute if she has to get the AI or SEC to help get her out and it seems a proportionate response to what was just some random greytide bullshit. At no point do I even do so much as push her.

Several minutes later, after war ops has been announced, Kaitlyn disablers me and drags me off to perma. Doesn't give any reason other than complaining about getting welded in briefly, no explanation for attacking me prior to that, no attempt to ok it with HoS or captain despite it being the middle of a warops round. Kaitlyn brings me into perma, waits until the other SEC in the area leaves, then comes back to drag me out of the larger permabrig and sticks me in the isolation cell with nothing and then welds the door shut.

I ahelp, analbifida's eventual resolution is to teleport me out of perma and tell me not to grudge Kaitlyn, I respond that I think it should be at least a job ban given how egregious it was, zero further communication.

In summation: Greytiding SEC attacks me without reason, gets temporarily inconvenienced, decides to retaliate by doing their best to take me out of the round with zero IC rationale. Admin's response is to teleport me out of the cell, which seems an implicit admission that what Fleming did was a rules violation seriously enough to merit admin intervention, and then tells me to just forget about it.

Permabrigging someone in an attempt to effectively remove them from the round because you were temporarily and nonviolently inconvenienced as a consequence of attacking someone randomly at round start seems like a pretty clear and egregious violation of several rules and should result in a SEC job ban, or at least more than nothing.

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Re: [analbifida] Bad Ruling - Shitsec edition

Postby Analbifida » Sun Aug 30, 2020 3:14 pm #574350

I don't have a whole lot to say about this, the entire situation was fairly petty and neither side should have welded eachother into rooms they can't escape from. I looked at what happened and decided to just release you so you could play what was left of the round, and left it at that. I didn't feel that a ban was needed, but I will agree that at a minimum I should have warned and noted Kaitlyn.

Rules were broken, but not all issues have to result in a punishment, and enforcement of the rules are done at my discrection as per rule 0. If a head admin agrees that I am in the wrong then I will gladly accept this complaint, but until that happens I stand by my decision.

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Re: [analbifida] Bad Ruling - Shitsec edition

Postby Coconutwarrior97 » Sat Sep 12, 2020 11:14 pm #576101

Analbifida has already pointed out that they should have provided a stronger warning and/or a note related to this incident towards the security officer which we also believe should have been done.
However during the rest of this incident they conducted themselves well and we have no issue beyond what was mentioned with how they chose to resolve this ticket. This complaint will not be upheld.

Headmin Votes:
Coconutwarrior97: Do not uphold.
Phuzzylodgik: Do not uphold.
TWATICUS: Do not uphold.

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