[kiteme and nervere] Nyaakuza Permanent hard-coded stickyban and complete and utter exile

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[kiteme and nervere] Nyaakuza Permanent hard-coded stickyban and complete and utter exile

Postby nyaakuza » Fri Feb 21, 2020 2:54 am #544196

BYOND Account: Nyaakuza
Ban type: Rule 0
Ban length: Permanent
Ban reason: At first, too many small bans in a short timespan which resulted in a rule 0. Then, my emotionally loaded ban appeals made it worse. Then attempting to ban dodge.
Time ban was placed: 2019-06-13
Server you were playing on when banned: I think basil?
Round ID in which ban was placed: 110475
Ban ID: 40230
Your side of the story:
I was a brand new player and behaving like a shitter. After that ban I tried to move on to a new server, but this ban followed me. Admins here advised "playing on another server," but no matter what server I joined this ban was brought up and I was consequently hunted down by admins. A combination of discord shitposting and emotionally-charged ban appeals got me an even worse reputation.

I would really desperately like to start completely over. The only way I could conceivably do that at this point is to actually physically move in real life, but I'm not in that kind of financial situation right now. I play video games all day.

Yes, I tried to ban dodge. But it was never with the intention to grief and I was always caught within a few seconds. All I've ever wanted to do was shake off a bad reputation, lay low, and enjoy playing a video game but this has snowballed so far out of control it's actually unbelievable.

It's not just a ban here, either. I know hostchat has put me on some kind of SS13 no-fly list with a rap sheet full of every less-than-stellar thing I've ever done and, apparently, a bullet point list of reasons I deserve to be completely and utterly exiled and excommunicated from an entire community.

At this point I've been pre-banned from every major SS13 server, accused of a wide range of things including but not limited to pedophilia (which is not true, mind, I was just making an edgy shitposty joke) that got me nuked from orbit from the entire SS13 community, and have my entire IP range permanently sticky banned on at least this server and Yog if not more than that (I haven't tried). I've been profiled, harassed, attacked, and put through all kinds of hell because of this.

I just want a new start, please. I'm begging.

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Re: [kiteme and nervere] Nyaakuza Permanent hard-coded stickyban and complete and utter exile

Postby Vekter » Fri Feb 21, 2020 7:23 am #544239

Your last appeal was less than a year from now (on May 20th, 2019). That appeal was denied.

Come back after 5/20/20.

And from a personal standpoint? I think the server is better off without you.

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