[BAN] [HenriqueKill9576] Nikitosucc

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[BAN] [HenriqueKill9576] Nikitosucc

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BYOND account: Nikitosucc
Character name: Chad Coomer
Ban type: Server
Ban length: 24 hour.
Ban reason: Evading as Nikitosucc, last known ckey was toxici11i
Time ban was placed: 13:39:33, 2020-04-08
Round ID in which ban was placed: The round ID is 3276.
Your side of the story: Went TeraGov, played a round, marines lost. Kept playing, put PO on high, got PO. Greeted my comrade PO, went into the Ripley, got slept. Rejoined, played for around.. 6 minutes? God the ban.
Why you think you should be unbanned: A staple phrase in these kinds of bans, I literally don't know who toxici11i is. I don't know how to prove it.
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Re: [BAN] [HenriqueKill9576] Nikitosucc

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Wrong subforum, I'll move it to the TGMC section.
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Re: [BAN] [HenriqueKill9576] Nikitosucc

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Hello and thanks for taking time to actually making an appeal.

It seems like there was a mistake involving you and that toxici11i person that was permabanned a while ago.
You see, I tought you were actually them evading the ban, considering you both have the same character name standarts (Chad Coomer).

With that said, I'd also like you to change that name as it does not fit our IC standarts.

Appeal accepted.

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