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[BAN] [Jroinc1] [Ipagliacci]

Postby ipagliacci » Wed May 06, 2020 11:39 pm #560885

BYOND account: Ipagliacci.
Character name: Toni Hurtman.
Ban type: Server.
Ban length: Permanent.
Ban reason: harass other players in IC with creepy language.
Time ban was placed: <2020.-05-04 01:27:50 UTC.
Round ID in which ban was placed: 3528.
Your side of the story: Me and other friends were showing the game to a friend of ours. And I was roleplaying along with my newbie friend, like I was your veteran aka daddy. I didn't want to harras or be creepy but to be funny.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I really like the game itself, being able to play and interact with different people and even make friends. I always work hard and am willing to help. I understand that, although it was not my intention, aggressive and sexual conduct may not be accepted and is free for the judgment of the admins. I may even have exceeded it in a few moments and I regret it. But I was only an idiot, I don't think it deserves a permanent ban. I wouldn't make the same mistake if I was accepted back. Returning or not, thanks for the good times. Sorry!

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Re: [BAN] [Jroinc1] [Ipagliacci]

Postby JPR » Tue May 12, 2020 6:22 pm #561570

Here's your entire comms log for the round-

Are u ready boys ?

Here's most of your SAY log for the round, dismissing single-word statements of zero relevance-

sorry bro
i was joininh in the room
i&#39;m a smartgunner
oh ok
how about u boys
u use progaming socks ?
bro, i do this only 30 times
because the progammers are trans girls
i think u are wrong
u are my fucking bitch now
go prepare yourself, disgusting whore
u area m
say sorry daddy
take me to the infirmary
howdy sexy
nice butt
REPLY FROM TARGET OF LAST 2 STATEMENTS- Please, don&#39;t be a crep
but u can answer me ?
do u have a pp ?
food for u
fucking women
say sorry again bitch

Here are some relevant say logs from your "friend" that round (about half of them)-

i&#39;m you little whore
you little onahole
no, i&#39;m the maide shoujo type
sowry master daddy

Here are some Say logs from you the last round you played in before that-

kill the jew
are u jewish ?
it looks like something a Jew would say
u are a nig ?
but i don&#39;t lige black people
bros, is okay to fuck black ape people ?
god was punishing us white people ?
i only rape woman

Have you read the rules, and do you have any justification for why you would benefit the server in any way?

I'm not lifting this regardless. If a headmin wants to, he can do so at his leisure.

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