[BAN] The Secret Slav Banned By Darkplasmaray

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The Secret Slav
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Byond Username: The Secret Slav

[BAN] The Secret Slav Banned By Darkplasmaray

Postby The Secret Slav » Tue Jun 30, 2020 6:36 pm #567674

BYOND account: The Secret Slav
Character name: Abduul 'Haraam' Shaddan
Ban type: Server
Ban length: 48 hours
Ban reason: Reason: He said "I'm raping the CMO", which some people didn't like and ahelped about. So I said to him "Please don't say you're raping people, it's weird and people don't like it" to which he said "putting alchocol in a healing autoinjector is also weird and people don't like it". I was going to give him a note, when I checked his note history, and he's got lots of notes for joking and talking about rape, and a ban for the same thing already.
Time ban was placed: 2020-06-30 16:31
Round ID in which ban was placed: 4099
Your side of the story: After getting attacked without me starting it, I got on DS after I healed myself of the damage, after DS landing I noticed that I had IB and had earlier heard that the CMO had made healing medipens and put them on the DS, I took one thinking it had oxi healing chems and other stuff but it was just alchocol so I said "I'm raping the CMO" in a metaphorical sense and not a ERP sense, because what kind of medic puts useless chems on DS instead of actual medicine. I later got medevacced and got put in an autodoc by the CMO and went meh about it.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I assume I did not break any rules as I think rule 8 covers actual ERP and a word is not ERP when used as an insult, atleast I presume so, due to marines often yelling "Fuck xenos" not being counted as ERP, even though containing erotic content, the same could be said as I saw two players talking about cumming and how one of them was gonna have their babies, I cannot player report due to me forgetting the round. Also not forgetting I only have 2 notes and not 50 for saying rape, one was for calling a temporary hive a rape shack because we very easily won over the marines who went out of the fob when we were getting demolished and I forgot the other one and cannot check, I do not remember if I have a ban for talking about rape.
Additional information: I saw the CMO immediatelly stop before me getting bwoinked, and standing still after which leads me to believe this may have been the banning admin self-ticketting, due to the CMO not moving even after I left the autodoc and went for DS, due to the admin either checking note history, ban panel or writing a response.

TGMC Administrator
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Byond Username: Darkplasmaray

Re: [BAN] The Secret Slav Banned By Darkplasmaray

Postby darkplasmaray » Tue Jun 30, 2020 9:40 pm #567708

Hello. I was not the CMO, I was observing, however I did not see the incident unfold, I was ahelped about you saying "I'm going to rape the CMO", I then checked your logs and it was so. I sent you a pm asking you not to say that sort of thing in the future, because a couple of players were complaining about it in ahelps. When you responded with "putting alcohol in the auto injectors is weird and people don't like it" I assumed you were being cocky, I did not know that had actually happened and that was what caused you to say "I'm going to rape the CMO". You should have been more specific and said "the reason I said that was because..." I was just going to give you a note about it, but after checking your note history, you have 10+ notes. Your last note was about how you were the queen and started a "rape shack" and you were asked to stop calling it that by QM, you didn't, when confronted about it you said it was a poop shack and asked if the admin was joking. You have also been banned in the past for 15 minutes about making excessive rape jokes. You have other notes regarding rape too. You have been warned several tiems by several members of staff about doing this, you've even been OOC banned, but it's just not seeming to get through to you. Don't make distastful jokes about raping people, because in the "public" i.e: our server, there are people there who do not like those jokes, because it is a touchy topic for some.

Secondly, the other issue is your lack of compliance with admins. When we warn you about doing something, i.e: saying "I'm going to rape the CMO" we will get along better if you co-operate with us, instead of seeming aggressive towards us. In this case, it seems to have been due to confusion and you not explaining yourself properly. What was as said by you, your reasoning for saying what you said, seemed to me like something completely un-related from the incident. The reason I didn't bother replying to you was because in the past you have not co-operated with admins, but been aggressive towards them, so I assumed you were just trying to wind me up.

In short, stop "joking" about raping people, don't say you're going to rape people, don't have "rape shacks". Essentially, be more mature. And co-operate with admins when they PM you so that they don't think you're being aggressive towards them, dodging the question, or pretending like the thing they asked you about is something else, i.e: "rape shack" --> "how the fuck is poop shack breaking RP I am pooping out eggs to infect hosts with are you joking bro".

You are a good xeno player, and a good marine player, you just need to stop being edgy and aggressive.

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