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Event Staff Application Format

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Event Staff (henceforth referred to as Eventmins) are a staff position specifically tasked with making events. They’re tasked with the efforts of making events every now and then, that keep our players engaged and add some spice to our rounds.

What is expected of an eventmin?
Eventmins are expected to put forth time and dedication, as well as careful planning, to make well-thought events that stray from the simple cookie cutter events (spamming mobs, and calling it an event). Eventmins are also expected to get familiar with the tools provided to them, which will undoubtedly assist them in their endeavors, including but not limited to admin verbs and mapping tools.

Application Format
Copy this template into your post. Failure to follow this template may result in denial.

Post title/subject:

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[EVENT STAFF] <Your Name>
Post contents:

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[b]Current ckey and any previous ckeys:[/b]
[b]Character name(s):[/b]
[b]Time Zone:[/b]
[b]Discord tag:[/b]

[b]Any previous experience administrating? Where and in what manner:[/b]

[b]How long have you been playing TGMC and other servers in general:[/b]

[b]Please attach a screenshot of your tracked playtime. You can find it in-game in the OOC tab > View Tracked Playtime.[/b]

[b]Have you been banned from any SS13 servers within the past 6 months? If so, what server, and for what reason:[/b]

[b]Have you ever received a permanent ban from a server? If so, what server, and for what reason:[/b]

[b]Why do you believe that you would make a good event admin?[/b]

[b]What is a good metric or standard to go by when doing events?[/b]

[b]What would you try to consider when doing an event?[/b]

[b]How often do you think you'd run events?[/b]

[b]What do you think you'll find most enjoyable about being an event admin?[/b]

[b]What do you think you'll find least enjoyable?[/b]

[b]For what reason or how do you think you will stop doing events? Do you think you'll be able to call it quits when you've had enough?[/b]

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