Ideas Subforum Rules and Notices [UPDATED May 30 2020]

A place to record your ideas for the game.

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Ideas Subforum Rules and Notices [UPDATED May 30 2020]

Postby Rockdtben » Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:43 pm #986

TGStation13 Ideas Subforum Rules
When in doubt about any of these rules, ask the mods.
1.) Global Forum rules apply
2.) This is not a political platform. That being said, this is not the place to discuss past or current concerns about the code.
3.) Following the above rule, this is not the place to discuss how to improve TGStation13's coding process. Go to our Discord channel instead.
4.) This is a place to develop ideas for the game.
5.) Do not post bug reports here, create a report on the Github issue tracker

1.) Most ideas posted here do get read by at least one coder, discussion however usually happens in #coding-general on Discord however.
2.) If you want immediate response and discussion about your idea you should bring it up in #coding-general as any question you have will be answered a lot quicker that way.
3.) Just because you post an idea here doesn't mean it will be implemented in the game, coders are busy volunteer people and often are already working on things.
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