Lets talk about random event ideas

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Lets talk about random event ideas

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"Space Station 13" is a paradoxically broad term. While it encompasses so many different ideas and experiences, they exist divided amongst codebases and "roleplay levels" and expectations held by each and every player. Some people don't want clowns in their game. Some people think stationside gameplay is lame. Between forks and downstreams of primordial code, "the game" has been molded into an immersive roleplay simulation for some, and an asymmetric team deathmatch for others. People enjoy this game in many different ways, and the array of preferences between each individual player is so diverse that there remain few ideas that overlap in the minds of everyone who plays Space Station 13. Ideas that aren't just aspects of a given server, but are inherent to the shared experience of the game we all play.

I guess what I'm trying to say is -- There are few things we all think constitute an essential part of SS13, and I am a firm believer that one of those things is what us Space Station 13 players refer to as the "Random Event".

We already have events that introduce hostile/friendly/ambivalent mobs, dispense helpful/contraband loot, or do mundane structural damage to some part of the station. What we need are more random events that people will act around. Ones that throw a uniquely dynamic curve-ball at the crew and leaves them to respond however they can, without the need for a player to be the Antagonist (and have to deal with BORING antagonist policy/restraints) or implement any fancy new AI.

Simplicity is key, and random events work best when the focus isn't on the reward it may present when it arises! That being said, I love hearing people spitball ideas. Contribute ANYTHING, no matter how outlandish.

So, I'd like to hear you (Yes, you, reading this!) share whatever wacky random event ideas have drifted through your mind while playing this game.

If you think random events are not good for the game, or should be removed entirely, you are not only wrong but I also don't believe you.

I've made all of your favorite PRs. Check 'em out!
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