[naolac] Darek143 ban evasion

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[naolac] Darek143 ban evasion

Postby Darek143 » Mon Jul 06, 2020 3:40 pm #568480

BYOND account: Darek143
Character name: ?
Ban type: Server
Ban length: perma?
Ban reason:
Ban evasion using Racism23 and Israelepic This ban was applied by naolac This is a BanEvasion Detection system ban, if you think this ban is a mistake, please wait EXACTLY 6 seconds before filling appeal
Time ban was placed: ?
Round ID in which ban was placed: ?
Your side of the story: i didnt do that? i was banned for like 3 moths and came back to this

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Re: [naolac] Darek143 ban evasion

Postby skoglol » Tue Jul 07, 2020 6:29 am #568536

Since you were accused of evading my initial metacomms ban and I remember the initial evasion incident, Ill take over this one.

There was some suspicion of the racism23 account being you, but looking at it again and considering the stickyban on you havent caught anything else its not very likely. I've lifted the ban on your ckey, you should be able to log in now.

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