[ivanissaccs]Lolman360 - suicided after brainwashing

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[ivanissaccs]Lolman360 - suicided after brainwashing

Unread postby lolman360 » Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:17 pm #424543

Byond account and character name: lolman360, character was Bob Robertson

Banning admin:ivanissaccs

Ban type (What are you banned from?):Server

Ban reason and length:Suicide after brain-washing surgery after a history of screwing over antags that subverted them in the past. AFK/Did not respond to ahelps. Ban is for 48 hours.

Time ban was placed (including time zone):2018-07-06 11:08:27 server time (GMT), round ID 90588

Server you were playing when banned (Sybil or Bagil)

Your side of the story: I'd been playing HoP at the time, giving people additional access, et cetera. After this, I'd headed to surgery (someone had called me there, don't remember the exact reason). After this, I was tazed and cuffed by Thomas Laser, who then proceeded to brainwash me. After this, I had to leave the game due to real life taking priority, and was going to leave the game via suicide. I'd made no mention of this to admins or the person who brainwashed me. After I left, I'd left the game open and my computer on, making it appear I was ignoring ahelps.

Why you think you should be unbanned:I have had a history of screwing over antags who subvert me in the past (as AI/Borg) and realize that this isn't the best attitude to have towards it. Losing is a part of the game, and I haven't been accepting it before, but I've realized if I continue with this I'll continue getting banned over easily-preventable situations that I get into.

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Re: [ivanissaccs]Lolman360 - suicided after brainwashing

Unread postby CitrusGender » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:57 pm #424623

We've had a large discussion about this. The problem is that this occurred multiple times and has become a trend for you. I understand that you want to play in the event round, and I can really respect that. Though you need to understand that there are consequences when stuff like this happens.

Additionally, I don't want to set a trend that you can get away with an unban because there is an event going on. I've decided to split it with you. The event will be starting in 10 hours and should be going on 8 hours. I'll make it so the ban is lifted in the middle of the event.

Take this a goodwill gesture. Please understand that if this happens again: the ban will be MUCH longer.
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