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Unread postby PKPenguin321 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:35 am #425321

This might be a stupid idea but what if there was a board you didn't need a linked byond account to post to, and if you post there then the site would check your total posts and instantly permaban you if you had less than, say, 10? Bots seem to just post to whatever board they possibly can and almost invariably have very very very few total posts so I don't see why this wouldn't work. It could even hide/delete any other posts you've made on the forums automatically if you get caught in it, which would allow this system to also remove spam posts made by the bot in FNR automatically. Just make sure you clearly place a label on the board saying not to post in it if you're a human.
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obscolene wrote:Still entranced in a powergaming haze, I don't notice what the reset phrase is. But when I look in chat, I see that Johnathan TALIST has already set one!!! "Fuck me harder!" I lay my eyes upon!!! Can you believe this!? Disgracing my name in multiple ways within the mere span of a few MINUTES!!!! I tell him "NO NI[B][B]A," he laughs. I inform him, "I'M GOING TO GET BWOINKED FOR THIS," as a joke referencing rule 8. To which PEE KAY PENGUIN, THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SECOND OF HIS CLASS, immediately bwoinks me, informing me "Yes, that is correct. You are currently being private messaged by me, PKPenguin, mastermind behind the /tg/station headmin triumvirate. Prepare to be banned, plebian. *smirks* ...and it looks like you've already had your final warning. *begins booting up ban cannon* Any last words...?" I am shocked by this statement. I voted for this man in the headmin election, I'm supposed to have ban immunity from him!!! The power has gone to his head!!! After a few seconds that feel as if they last forever, I remain silent -- frozen under the prowess of extreme shock and awe. "No...? Heh, well then... *eye glows blue* Into the trash it goes!" Not even 5 seconds after I read this final message, my PC shuts off. I'm literally shaking at this point, not knowing whether I am going to live to see tomorrow. I just got off the phone with my mom, informing her that we may not see each other for a while. She was confused, and starting to get scared -- so I just had to hang up on her. I didn't want to put her through what you put me through today, PKPenguin321. You are a disgusting, vile creature -- and if you ever talk to me or my mom ever again, I WILL bring you down. Back down to where you came.

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