Thinking about making a change? Unsure who to ask? Check here!

How, what and why to code in BYOND.

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Thinking about making a change? Unsure who to ask? Check here!

Unread postby oranges » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:52 am #425707

Below this post is a list of active maintainers and their areas of interest.

You are recommended to consult them before making a change that would touch that affected area of interest.

This will prevent you writing a lot of code only to have it denied for design or technical reasons.

If you can't find someone specific, hop into #coderbus and ask in general, but beware you may not get a response, in which case you should either proceed (if there's not much code) or try again later!


Discord: #8246

==Ask me about==

- Anything to do with tgstation-server, BSQL, MapDiffBot, or IconDiffBot
- Changes to game initialization such as things in, or the MC/SSticker startup code
- Game lobby stuff
- Changes to /mob/dead/new_player
- Configuration code changes
- Low level /atom code
- Map parsing and loading
- Anything not python in the /tools folder
- Code/server security/elevation exploits
- Components

Preferred contact method: IRC


IRC: ninjanomnom
Discord: ninjanomnom-esskay#8610

==Ask me about==
- Shuttles
- Components
- Power generation and networks
- Atmospherics (If no one else can help)
- Modularity and maintainability rants

Preferred contact method: Ping or @memo me in #coderbus



==Ask me about==

- Maintainability problems (refactors, etc.)
- Asset cache (spritesheets)
- Technicalities of mapping
- HTML UIs (and tgui if nobody else can help)
- Multi-Z
- Away missions
- Map merger, icon merger, other Python scripts
- rust-g

Preferred contact method: Ping SpaceManiac in #coderbus


IRC: Joan

==Ask me about==
- Gamemodes & Antag Datums
- Mapping
- Game Balance & Design

Preferred contact method: Ping Joan in #coderbus


IRC: Jordie
Discord: Jordie0608#2942
Github: Jordie0608

==Ask me about==
- Anything with SQL
- and the feedback system
- Almost anything in /modules/admin
- Logging
- Persistent save files

Preferred contact method: Ping in discord or @memo in #coderbus


IRC: oranges
Discord: oranges#0001 but it may change a lot
Github: optimumtact

==Ask me about==
- Anything you didn't see from everybody above

Preferred contact method: Pick your poison


Edit this post and include yourself, above this template, which you should use. also leave oranges at the bottom please
Name on primary contact method
[github name if different]
[any other names you have]

==Ask me about==
- List
- Of
- Areas

Preferred contact method

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