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Git banned users

Post by oranges » #425914

Goof alts - goof alts
GAYNESSGOLEM - Posting porn
2farts - PR Spam
michnia - spam account
k-k-karma - helping MRTY evade a github block
FrostyFridge - rude, obnoxious person
Chesse20 - keeps leaving reviews all over the place again
SoupCode - abusing the review system too
VeryRealAccount - alt posting political nonsense
obscolene - doesn't know what a bimodal distribution is
sgtxrootbeer (hits) - making PR's in bad faith in an attempt to stir up hate against the coders (do not lift this ban without consulting oranges first)
belonex - constant negative feedback, lifted so they can contribute to TGMC, keep an eye on them
kk-k-karma - constant negative feedback
Soupcode - constant negative feedback
coolgansta2 - troll alt
assblastusafucktheai - troll alt
GeneralGoose - constant negative feedback
Theassistant - troll alt
gardenBanter - constant negative feedback
2farts - constant negative feedback
ErwinSnowden - troll and negative posts
RedFoxIV - troll comments and negative posts
zamolxius - ppstation troll
Difrit - Low quality troll comments, no obvious sign of good faith engagement
Anonymous583 - obvious alt
kennedude - tried to spam with the PR announcer for their first pr
karmaisblackandbluepilled - karma alt
TrickyDickRichard - redditor
jeffdome - redditor
TWaiK31 - single purpose alt,overuses brackets
FantasticFwoosh - continues to leave spammy comments that insult people, has never contributed anything of value.
AndrewSmart - showed up to complain on our ToS modification PR about a bunch of unrelated github repos
MortimerMcMire - abusive to contributors
BigGrease - abusive to maintainers
KingTerrytheTerrible - shitstirring hipipe dev
blurbo - low effort commentor
triplezeta - boomerstation coder shitstirring upstream
dee-dubya - it's fucking deedub, what more is there to say
oogtarded - Posting porn
ujiohiugyihljhujh - no contributions, obvious salt alt
sheldoniscool - Either an alt of Axanthic or helping them evade a month ban
UseArchiveDotOrgIfDeleted2047 - Opened a doxx PR against an admin
Chaznoodles - Toxic/Hostile behaviour on TGMC repo
sasparam - posting troll face ascii
maxymax13 - earned a 30 day block for posting baseless abuse on a PR, upgraded it to a perma by their behaviour in discord afterwards.
Squigger - Chaznoodles alt

On this list, want to appeal? PM ninjanomnom or oranges in discord with your apologies/explanations

Dev Subforum Mod Approval
Zarniwoop - insulting antagonistic comments
severpwnage - insulting and angry posts
JamalGinsberg - Antagnostic behaviour over Botany changes
Timonk - was banned, but has been promoted to post approval
Dev subforum banned list
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