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The dagger shifts in your hand as you hold it, and you're not quite able to grip it hard enough to be sure you won't drop it. Little wisps of darkness float free from the blade.

The wraithdagger is a drop from legion.
It is a 19 damage brute weapon that injects heparin on hit for both the person being stabbed and the person using it.

When activated in hand via the use key, the dagger's blade will turn black, and using it on a person will stab them in the chest, severing their soul from their body.
They will become a black ghost, between the land of the living and the dead. They cannot hear the speech of the dead, but they can see ghosts, and they will be visible to crew. They have a limited range of roughly 10 tiles from their body. Everything will be grey and hopefully some awful dark ambient music will play to signify they are in a place where no soul should exist.

The body will heal quickly in this state, sustained by the blood magicks of the dagger. They cannot be harmed and for all intents and purposes, they are immovable and invincible. The dagger is occupying the host's body for it's own nefarious purposes, as of yet unknown.

To return the ghost to the body, the ghost must return to the top of the body, and after a lengthy attempt to pull out the dagger, the rescuer has a 50% chance to either fail to grip it hard enough to pull it out, and must try again, or will successfully pull the dagger from the body, reuniting the soul and sealing the wound cleanly. Using help intent on a daggered person will attempt to pull the dagger out.
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