Bounty Hunter Event

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Bounty Hunter Event

Unread postby BeeSting12 » Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:57 am #442561

This actually has potential to be a gamemode imo, but I'm putting it under events for now since I want to run a more refined version of this in the future.

I made a person in a Syndicate loadout, except with an anyone agent ID, sniper rifle kit, penetrator/regular magazines, and thermals. I gave him the objective to kill someone and a custom antag name called "Bounty Hunter". I made his target a "Bounty" with an objective to stay alive.

I then added more instructions in his notes, basically telling him to get as much money as possible by killing targets and that he can buy ammo from admins. Original bounty hunter got caught pretty fast so I added two more with similar objectives and gear.

The event was a good idea in theory, but it needs a lot of work to make it good. The biggest issue is it requires too much admin intervention to make it work. Adding targets, spawning ammo, spawning credits, setting objectives for the targets, all of it really.

To fix that, I'm thinking about mapping a small ship with a handler onboard. The handler will have a near infinite supply of money, a Syndicate uplink with 1000 telecrystals, and an advanced camera console/other surveillance oriented gadgets. He can set the prices on ammunition, guns, gadgets, etc. The uplink and money allows the handler to work independently from the admins.

The handler can also act as surveillance for the bounty hunters, tracking down targets and giving radio callouts. The shuttle would be able to be moved of course to prevent people from finding it and getting 99999999 credits and 1000 TCs worth of Syndicate gear for free.

Admins will still need to add target objectives of course, but other than that the handler's player can manage the credits and gear.

There would be three bounty hunters spawned on the ship. They'd have a similar loadout to the original event, but maybe with less ammo. Possibly give them a choice between three loadouts, each with different styles. Default would be sniper, add a stealth loadout with chameleon gear and a suppressed pistol, and add another one. I don't want to make them too good against groups at the start though, focus more on stealthy kills.

Similar to the first event, they'd have an objective to make as much money as possible by killing targets. I haven't decided whether to put them in competition with each other or have them work as a team. I'm thinking about making it a competition for who can earn the most money, but disallowing open warfare between them. More of a friendly competition than a backstabby type thing. The handler would be a neutral party in all this- helping all the bounty hunters equally.

To confirm kills, bounty hunters would bring the body back to the ship, where the handler will have morgue trays for them. Once the body is on the ship, the bounty hunter receives his 5000 dollars for the kill, and he can use it for more gear or to count towards the competition. Could have a variant of the event where there's capture objectives instead, or make capturing a live target worth more money (7500?) than killing them.

Since the bounty hunter's objectives are more towards getting money than getting kills, he could even take bribes or ransoms worth more than he'd get from the handler to get a leg up in the competition.

I'm considering giving the targets some sort of advance warning. A Centcomm announcement to the whole crew might cause them to prepare like it's war ops or some shit which kinda goes against the stealth aspect of it. Maybe a classified announcement like:
"Bounty hunters have been caught on scanners in your sectors. Current high value targets on your station include:
George Melons- $5000
Fucks-The-Lizards- $5000
Cup Cake- $5000

Updates will come in as we receive word of more high value targets."

Then just send in updates with targets as they're assigned.

Thoughts? I'll work on the shuttle over the weekend and into next week if I have time.
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Re: Bounty Hunter Event

Unread postby Nilons » Sun Sep 30, 2018 3:05 am #442563

If they had to bring them in alive it would probably be more fun for the target and more challenging than making someone go sideways for the bounty hunter
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Re: Bounty Hunter Event

Unread postby Hathkar » Sun Sep 30, 2018 3:31 am #442571

Just some minor feedback, as I was one of the people being hunted

My hunter just came in shooting; I didn't even get a chance to offer then a bribe.

Also, I'd recommend against an advanced warning on the comms console or an announcement. That way the targets can't just rush straight to security and be protected. They'll have to convince people they're being hunted, or maybe pay for protection. Might lend more chances for the economy to shine, and some RP as well.

I did have quite a bit of fun in the event though. Since I knew I was being hunted, the extra layer of paranoia was very enjoyable.
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Re: Bounty Hunter Event

Unread postby bman » Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:42 am #442643

call it "the real folk blues"
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Re: Bounty Hunter Event

Unread postby Steelpoint » Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:00 am #442656

Perhaps an idea, for the 'warning' aspect, is to give the Station a larger list of people, most of whom are 'false alarms' and are not actually a Bounty Hunter target.

So the station might get a list of eight people, of which only three are being hunted.

It'd at least offer some ambiguity and make it harder for the station while still being a bit fair on the Hunters.

Alternatively, don't tell the station who is being hunted.

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Re: Bounty Hunter Event

Unread postby NikNakFlak » Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:40 am #442660

I think that's a great idea but only if the list was slightly longer. Eight people seems like a bit low. Those eight people might just super armor up and get ready for the strike. Powergamers and hardcore gamers will do that anyway, but you need just enough people that there's a false sense of security, enough so that maybe someone is too lazy to worry about really arming up depending on their round goals. It sounds like a great paranoia aspect actually, great idea steelpoint.

Now bounty hunters get an added challenge depending on ends up on that list, adds to the gamemode honestly. List could even scale by pop, ie: 15 players total, 4-5 on the list vs say 45 players with like 11-13 and then if things ever got crazy, and there's a 100 player station, you could have like literally 20ish people on that list and like 10+ bounty hunters. Can you imagine? This is kinda thinking ahead to if this was coded as an actual gamemode but damn this is a good idea.

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Re: Bounty Hunter Event

Unread postby darkpaladin109 » Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:58 pm #442689

Nilons wrote:If they had to bring them in alive it would probably be more fun for the target and more challenging than making someone go sideways for the bounty hunter

Sounds cool, but what'd happen to the people who get captured?

Also, I feel like it'd be more interesting if it was an alternative, offering more money (or some valuable gear on top of the money) than just killing the target.

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Re: Bounty Hunter Event

Unread postby Zarniwoop » Sun Sep 30, 2018 4:10 pm #442707

Hathkar wrote:Just some minor feedback, as I was one of the people being hunted

My hunter just came in shooting; I didn't even get a chance to offer then a bribe.

Well yeah, this is a low-RP server. Why would I care about your bribe? What am I gonna do, go RP with it? I'd be at one of the shit RP servers if I wanted that gameplay.

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