[Ivanissaccs] Banned for powergaming/metagaming(???)

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[Ivanissaccs] Banned for powergaming/metagaming(???)

Postby CastorTroy23 » Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:01 pm #443871

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Byond account and character name: CastorTroy23, John Irish
Banning admin: IvanIssaccs
Ban type (What are you banned from?): Temporary, banned on Terry
Ban reason and length: Reason: Power/metagaming issue. Pre-emptively searching for and instigating conflicts to find antagonists. Lied in investigation. Insulting when informed of what rules he has been breaking. Take a break.
Time ban was placed (including time zone): approx. 20:30, GMT+1
Server you were playing when banned (Sybil or Bagil): Terry
Your side of the story: I follow two suspicious fellows into the dorms who bolt themselves into 2 separate cabins. I ask AI to unbolt, and the two proceed to unbolt them themselves and come out. They start disarming me continuously, and I continuously fall and get chased even when I get away. To make them bugger off, I hit one of them once, and it eventually degenerates into a fight. After a long brawl, I manage to get them both down and I crit them. I strip them and I find traitor items. I find an open uplink and the HoS assists me in finishing off the two traitors.
I then get bwoinked by Ivanissaccs under the accusation of "metagaming and powergaming". The only thing I assume I did wrong was not remember correctly that I attacked first, while I told him that they attacked me first (what he defined as "lying". Insulting because he seemed hellbent and rude when he pinged me about the matter. Rudest thing I did was tell him to ban me if he wants to stroke his willy on it so bad along some "lmao"'s at the accusations. He also brings me up fortifying armory as HoS as being "powergaming" when no other admin has EVER told me anything about this.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I'm right and he's wrong and also because I was straight off banned instead of just warned.

Ivan Issaccs
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Re: [Ivanissaccs] Banned for powergaming/metagaming(???)

Postby Ivan Issaccs » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:36 am #443993

Denied unless a headmin wants to get involved.
You don't get a warning when you are arguing that you should be able to continue breaking the rules.
Beyond that you have just reinforced every issue that I brought to your attention in this ban and doubled down. Well done.

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Re: [Ivanissaccs] Banned for powergaming/metagaming(???)

Postby Arianya » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:56 am #443994

Denied on my end too.

We allow people a lot of leniency to prepare and deal with antagonists but at the point where you're pre-emptively searching dorms rooms just because you saw someone go into them you're going too far.

Warnings are given for minor cases where we believe a person genuinely made a mistake and now knows better. They are not a right and a ban was appropriate in this case.

I can't find anything in the logs that indicate that the admin in question was "rude" or jumped to accusations. Additionally, reinforcing the armory at round start for no better reason then "code blue", as you seem to think is permissible, is not something we allow.

Any other headmin may post.
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