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Note Appeal Format & Rules

Unread postby LaKiller8 » Wed Oct 31, 2018 2:23 pm #450798

Rules regarding note appeals:

1. Do not post in a note appeal if you are not directly involved (the noted player or the administrator handling it), contributing as a direct witness, pointing out a precedent/relevant ruling/part of the rules, posting as a character witness or providing relevant information from the logs.
2. You must wait until the end of the round, to avoid breaking the IC in OOC rule. It is recommended you wait a bit longer so all parties have time to cool down.
3. Use the template. Failure to use the template will cause your note appeal to take longer to be resolved, and any admin can request you to edit your post to include the template before giving a response.
4. Try to keep your note appeal calm, concise, to the point, and properly formatted. No one likes to read a wall of text, or an angry ragey post.
5. If you are going to post as a character witness (for or against), keep it simple and easy to read.

Character witness
A character witness is your overall impression about the person in general and their character. For example, you may say that you think they are a great roleplayer that handles any kind of situation well or a complete shitter that you've seen soft-griefing on several occasions. These posts help us make an overall picture about said person and their place in the community.


Notes are remarks about players added to player's files in order to help keep track of player behavior, trends, as well as administrator interactions with players. Notes have many uses and are not exclusively used to record rule breaking behavior, but we do recognize that their existence can seem like a black mark on the player. Some of them may be even positive. Notes should generally contain your role (if relevant), a short but accurate and relevant description of the rules you broke and how you broke them and optionally the admin's impression (if you were apologetic or didn't admit any sort of mistake at all). You may view your notes in the OOC tab with the View Admin Remarks verb.

Notes can be appealed if they match one of the following two cases:

The note is factually or materially incorrect.
1. There will always be a difference between how an admin who knew all the facts would view the situation compared to how an admin who only had the note to go on would view it. If you were breaking a rule but the note didn't correctly fill in every detail exactly how you were breaking said rule, an appeal nitpicking this detail is unlikely to be granted.
2. Statements that are clearly pure opinion on the admins part can not be incorrect (because that is what the admin actually believes), but may be appealed under case 2 below.
3. Appealed bans are only factually incorrect if the conditions around ban itself was incorrect. Getting unbanned because you apologized or similar reasons is not grounds to have the auto-generated note about the ban removed. Likewise: getting unbanned because you broke the rules but the admin or a headmin later determined that a ban was "too much" is not grounds to remove the ban's note.
4. Notes appealed under this rule may be amended rather than removed.
5. Notes appealed under this rule will generally be more successful if appealing players offers suggested rewording that they feel properly accounts for nuances without minimizing what the note is trying to highlight. Understand that we have to balance keeping notes short and succinct with accurately reflecting the situation.

The note's contents or existence is unjustifiably harsh to the player's standing in the eyes of admins reading the notes.
1. Notes that contain admin opinions that unfairly paint the player in a bad light.
2. Emphasis on the phrase "unfairly". If you're repeatedly breaking a rule and are constantly very argumentative in ahelps and an admin mentions that in a note just take the hint and try to improve.

The process itself:

After you post your note appeal, the administrator that noted you will respond at most within 7 days (usually much sooner) posting your notes and the logs from that round. If said administrator is retired or unavailable for any other reason, another one will take over the appeal. The logs will include both a parsed version that anyone can dive through for transparency or in case we miss something, and specific logs from the situation described in the note. During this entire time anyone is free to contribute according to the posting rules described above. After either everything has been said, or 7 days have passed from the date of the notes and logs being posted, a ruling will be made by the administrator handling it to determine if said note will be removed, modified/appended or if it will stay as it is. The headmin can overrule this decision if they think the decision was incorrect or to set a new rule or a precedent.

Your post:

[Note Appeal][admin name] player name - description

[Note Appeal][LaKiller8] mcgriffon - Unfair note
[Note Appeal][subject217] blindinggriffin - Note missing relevant information
[Note Appeal][Rohesie] griff4eva - Noted by mistake

Post Content:
Byond Ckey:
Character name:
Admin who noted you:
The note itself:
Your side of the story:
Why do you think this note should be removed:

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