[Cedarbridge] chodesly - Chef killed guy for trespassing in kitchen

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[Cedarbridge] chodesly - Chef killed guy for trespassing in kitchen

Postby stevekirby » Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:09 pm #497241

Byond account and character name: chodesly, steve kirby
Banning admin: Cedarbridge
Ban type: Server ban
Ban reason and length: "Killed one person for trespassing in their department before they arrived on station. Proceeded to attack other in medbay who attempted to heal the first victim. Unresponsive in ahelps. "1440 minutes
Time ban was placed: 2:42 PM PST
Server: /tg/ Station Event Hall
Your side of the story: The Chaplain climbed over the counters as another chef and I were making food. I beat him up pretty good, and I let him go as he scrambled back over the counter. Maybe 30 seconds later he climbs over the counter again, and I think I walked out of the meat cellar to see him and the other chef tripping on the ground. This time we beat him to an inch of his life, but I decided not to execute him as I began dragging him to the medbay. I didn't think I completely killed him there but I do know the other chef whacked him with a rolling pin two or three times on the way out. Halfway to the medbay I figure he probably died anyways so I might as well take the sword off of him and see what thats all about. Another guy came down the hallway and knocked me before I could finish taking the sword then dragged the corpse into the hospital. I followed him in to get the sword back off the corpse and we fought for a bit.

The admin messaged me in the hospital's chaos. I wasn't paying attention to colored text during all of this because its too hard for me to keep up with all the spam. I was also focused on telling an officer who was trying to get my story before he made any arrests. I don't know what "before they arrived on station" is supposed to mean. I didn't spawn kill him, this all happened in the kitchen.

Why I think I should be unbanned: The Chaplain should have known better after I had already beat him up once. I had every reason to butcher him right there the second time but I decided to drag him to the medbay.

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Re: [Cedarbridge] chodesly - Chef killed guy for trespassing in kitchen

Postby Malkraz » Sun Jun 09, 2019 9:04 am #497267

Relevant policy discussion

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Re: [Cedarbridge] chodesly - Chef killed guy for trespassing in kitchen

Postby cedarbridge » Sun Jun 09, 2019 5:19 pm #497283


The ban was placed because you refused to respond when questioned about the events that took place. I'm aware of the "chaos" and "spam" in medbay and in the multiple attempts I made to contact you I got no response. This included several attempts when you were in custody with a sec offficer and very little actual chatlog movement was taking place. Remember that admin messages are not only intentionally very visible, they make a distinct sound to alert you that a message has been sent to you.

That said, and now after the fact, the story you give more or less aligns with the logs as I have them (though I still can't wait to get proper parsed logs back so I don't have to dig through a line-break-less mess every time.) I see your first contact with them was a few scant minutes before you put them into crit and subsequently dragged them towards medbay. Enroute somebody saw you dragging them and looting their crit body and hit you with a bat to stop you. You pursued into medbay and proceeded to attack several people who were not that person before being arrested by sec. So while I find that the majority of the "medbay chaos" was of your own making, there's nothing I can find here that does not align with the alowable defense of your department. The other player was spoken to about that policy and the time and it was their assertion that neither chef was present at the time and thus it is reflected in the note. As it appears this was untrue, notes will be amended to reflect the acurate state of events.

Summary: This ban will be removed and it's subsequent note will be amended to reflect only that you were unresponsive at the time questioned.

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